Rossís Antennas

Here are some of the antennas I have designed.

The Quadix.
The Quadix is a circularly polarized parasitic array, sort of a cross between a helix and a quad (or loop yagi). Detailed instructions are provided for the construction of a 4 element antenna for two meters. Also included are instructions for a 300 to 50 ohm quarter wave transformer and current balun.

The Grid Yagi.
The Grid Yagi is a two meter 6 element yagi made from galvanized welded wire fencing.

The next three antennas are multi-element omnidirectional collinears for two meters. The Simple Collinear is a vertically polarized omni. The Cycloid Collinear is a circularly polarized omni. The HO Collinear is a horizontal omni. All antennas are multi-element, but each has a single 50 ohm feedpoint. All have been modeled using mininec. All can be easily modified to increase gain and make taller to improve coverage.

The Simple Collinear.
The Simple Collinear is a high performance vertical omni for two meters that is simple to model, and simple and inexpensive to build, making it an improvement over the standard coax collinear antenna.

The Cycloid Collinear, a CP Omni.
The Cycloid Collinear is a right hand circularly polarized omni for two meters consisting of 2Ĺ elements (3 horizontal and 2 vertical).

The HO Collinear, a Horizontal Omni.
The HO Collinear is a 4 element horizontally polarized omni for two meters.

The next antenna is one that I have been working on for a long time, from first idea in about 1960, to making one in 1984 (and publishing in QST), to improving on it in 1994, to finally publishing it on my web site in 2007.

The Curtain Quad.
See also which is a Curtain Quad for 802.11 at 2.4GHz.

There are a number of antennas and topics related to antennas that I have worked on over the years. I will try to publish some of them here. The first one is a rhombic where the terminating resistor is replaced by a transmission line feeding back the energy to the input where it can be radiated instead of being dissipated.

Have you ever looked at some of the rooftop tv antennas and wonder how some of them worked? There was one in particular that I became interested in. The next two antennas are based on this antenna. The first one covers the 5 ham bands between 14 and 30 MHz, the second is a wire antenna that covers the 3.5 to 4.0 MHz ham band.

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