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This is Cobb Island...

Imagine a place of natural beauty, a place where swans stop by just to say hello. Envision a quiet place, where herons wade, ospreys hunt, and crabs and fish swim in sea green water at your feet. Picture a place where blazing sunsets signal the the end to another tranquil day. This is Cobb Island.

Think back to a small, quiet town where neighbors sit and watch the sunset together. A place where friends really do borrow cups of sugar from their neighbors. Can there be such a place, where folks still walk to the post office to pick up their mail? Where there are more boats than cars, and where neighbors discuss the number of duck eggs and hatchlings over the wooden fence? This is Cobb Island.

Discover a charming place where neighbors help out, volunteer, and can even save your life if needed. This is a place where visitors and newcomers alike are welcomed, and old friends look out for each other.  A place where people of all faiths and backgrounds look forward to church dinners, firehouse dances, and community fairs. This is Cobb Island.

This isn't an advertisement. This isn't some advertisement to buy property or a time-share. This is just a small peek into an extraordinary place -- a special place. This is Cobb Island.

Picturesque little Cobb Island is located in Southern Maryland, approximately 45 miles south of Washington, DC, in Charles County, Maryland.  Our beautiful island home is located in the Potomac River, where the river is nearly four miles wide. We are connected to the "mainland" by a small bridge spanning the narrow Neale Sound. Neale Sound is where our waterman keep their fishing boats and where our famous restaurants and crabhouses are to be found. On the Wicomico River side of our island, we look out to our historic lighthouse platform, and across to the wooded St. Mary's County shore. Looking further down the river, we can even see St. Clement's Island, where Maryland's first settlers landed in 1634.

Once primarily a weekend and summer retreat, today our small, but vibrant Cobb Island community is comprised of year-round residents who enjoy modern living amidst an unspoiled setting of stunning natural beauty. Fishing, gardening, water sports, bicycling, strolling, and other aspects of the good life are still found here on the Island.

Come learn more about Cobb Island and our community on these pages. If you are a resident, you'll find much useful information here. If you are a visitor, we hope you will learn about our friendly little Island, and hope it will entice you to come down and visit.


                                                                                      (photo courtesy Gene Davies, County Services Realtors)

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