ZIM: I put the fires out!
Red: You made them worse.
ZIM: Worse… or better?

GIR: I saw a squirrel!

The Letter M: What’s wrong with you?  All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seein’ Bigfoot in your garage.
Dib: He was using the belt sander.

ZIM: What are you doing, GIR?
GIR: Nothing.
ZIM: Nothing or something?
GIR: Oh, I can’t take it.  You’re too smart for me.  Keef is planning a surprise party for you after school.  He’s gonna bring all the kids, because he loves you.  That boy loves you so much….  I’m making the cake!
ZIM: He’s bringing all the children to our secret lair?  Do you realize what this means?
GIR: Yes… wait a minute… no.
ZIM: It means our mission is in jeopardy!
GIR: Aw man!  Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!

Gretchen: I’ve never been to a party before.
Melvin: Do they hurt?

ZIM: GIR! You left the door open, again!

ZIM: You left the window open, too?
GIR: Oh yeah…

Gaz: I’m only 13 levels away from finishing this game, so I either finish my game or make you wish I was never born.

ZIM: I never agreed to this Parent-Teacher Night!
Ms. Bitters: Oh, yes you did!
ZIM: No.  You lie!  You liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

GIR: This is my favorite show!  Wait, no, this is my favorite show!  Look!  It’s my favorite show!

Robot Dad: That was my squeezin’ arm.  They took my squeezin’ arm!  Why my squeezin’ arm!?  Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

GIR: Do we have to go right now?  I wanna watch the Scary Monkey Show!

ZIM: Okay, I think I've had my fill of these horrible stink-people things for today.  Now activate your guidance chip and lead the way to home.
GIR: Oh, I left that at home.
ZIM: You left what at home?
GIR: The guidey… chippy… thingy.
ZIM: What!? Why would you do that?
GIR: To make room for the cupcake!

GIR: Hooray for Earth!
ZIM: GIR!  Earth is our enemy!
GIR: Oooohhhhhhh, I understand.

ZIM: Clean, lemony-fresh victory is mine!

ZIM: Pitiful human organs….  Ow!  My squeedilyspooch!

Nurse: He’s missing his liver.  That’s how some kids react to the cafeteria food… the lucky ones.

Dib: I must show no fear.  This is me without fear… and a sixty-two pound hall pass.

GIR: I’m gonna make toast!

ZIM: Sweet, jumpin’ chili bean!

GIR: Where’s my mouth?

Dib: He’s unconscious!  Wait!  If I capture him now, no one will be able to stop the hamster.  But if I let him go to fight Peepi, he’ll just keep on trying to destroy mankind.  This stinks.  Okay, so if I save Zim, the hamster…
ZIM: GIR!  Come get me!
GIR: Yes, sir!
Dib: …but then if the hamster goes on to save mankind- Zim, wait!  Just promise me you’re on our side this time!
ZIM: I know not of sides, Earth-stink, but just this once, I agree with you.  The hamster must be stopped.
Dib: No!  Wait… okay.  Go on, then.

General: That boy’s crazy.  Put him in one of them crazy buckets.

ZIM: GIR, what did you do to the telescope?
GIR: Nothing.
ZIM: You didn’t touch it?  Something is broken and it’s not your fault?
GIR: I know, I’m scared, too.

Dib: Gaz!  There’s an alien in the house!
Gaz: You mean besides you?

ZIM: Why was there bacon in the soap?!
GIR: I made it myself!

Dib: You can’t make me look.  I’ll just shut my eyes.
ZIM: Oh, you’ll open them.  You have to breathe sometime.
Dib: No I- Wait… what do my eyes have to do with breathing?

GIR: I'm dancin' like a munkey!

ZIM: GIR, I’d like to take a look at your intelligence chip.  It seems to be… bad.

Shnooky: Get him!  Eat his feet off!

GIR: Aw, I wanted to explode.

Dib: Don’t you care that Zim is trying to destroy all mankind?
Gaz: But, he’s so bad at it.

ZIM: Your pitiful rescue attempt is nothing but a pitiful failure.  Stupid, stinking humans.
Gaz: Doesn’t this station have escape pods?
ZIM:  Of course, they’re right over there.  Stupid, stupid hu-huh?  Wah!

Ms. Bitters: Spoo, you will be a veterinarian.
Spoo: But I’m allergic to animals!
Ms. Bitters: Silence!

Bill: The aliens must be controlling the cow somehow…
Dib: That is not a supernatural cow!

Gaz: Let is be known, that from this day, until the end of the day, vengeance will be mine.  Dib, you will not know the meaning of peace, for I shall rain misery down upon your pizza-stealing heart!

Gaz: Dib says he wants you to explode and your head is still big.
Shunk: Doctor say big head not mean anything bad!  Shunk not bad!  Shunk eat enemy!

ZIM: I told you, you would forever rue the day you messed with Zim!  Now, begin your ruing.  I’ll just sit here and watch.

ZIM: And then watch you transform, more and more, into what you really are, deep down in your heart.
Dib: Deep down I’m bologna?
ZIM: Yes.
Dib: That’s just dumb.
ZIM: Dumb like a moose, Dib.  Dumb like a moose!

Membrane: Where do you think your going at this hour?
Gaz: To the mall.  GameSlave 2 comes out at midnight.  I need one!
Membrane: Okay, but take your brother with you.  It could be dangerous out there.
Gaz: That’s what the bat’s for.

Gaz: Give me the vampire piggies!

GIR: Wait… if you destroy Dib in then past, then he won’t ever be your enemy.  Then, you won’t have to send a robot back to destroy him.  But, then he will be your enemy, so then you will have to send a robot back- BOOM!  *head explodes*

Dib: You can hide, Zim, but you can’t… hide!

GIR: My taquitos.  My taquitos!  TAQUITOS!

Dib: The only way out of here is through my head!
ZIM: Gah, curse yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Wait… I can still do stuff to your legs, right?
Dib: I guess- wait!  No!
Zim: Gah, curse yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

GIR: Greetings, children of Earth!  This is your new school announcer.  A special surprise mandatory field trip is happening for the following lucky children: Morla, Flan, Retch Rutchie, everyone in Ms. Bitters’ class, except for Zim.  And especially Dib.  All these children get to go to a special place made entirely of food.  I like food.

ZIM: Noooo!  The moose has failed me!

GIR: I am government man.  Come from the government.  The government has sent me.  Hahaha, this is not an alien life-form.  It is an experimental government aircraft.
Old Guy: That’s an aircraft?
ZIM: Fools!  What else would I be?
Trudy: What about that floating pig out there?
GIR: That’s a government pig.  Well, I have to take everything back to the home base, now.  Buh-bye.

ZIM: GIR, ride the pig!

Dib: What’s wrong, Zim?  Don’t they have rain on your planet?
ZIM: Of course!  We… oh, such rain we had!  It was delicious.

Gaz: I’m leaving with or without you, Dib.  Preferably, without you.

Host: What can you tell us about Dib?
GIR: Dib’s all mean to my master.  He not nice to Zim!  I seen it.  Dib is bad.  Yeeheehee!
Host: And about the night in question?
GIR: I was the chubby lady, hiding in the bushes.
Host: And what about Dib?
GIR: I’m on TV!
Host: Yes, then what happened?
GIR: That’s when the giant squirrel showed up!
Host: Let her talk.  Can’t you see she’s upset!?  Now, don’t you mean, Dib showed up?
GIR: No!  The squirrel showed up first, then Dib showed up.  …  And then the squirrel ate Dib’s greasy head!  And then the squirrel fleeeeeeeew away!  After that, he went back to his home planet to fight all the bad guys.
Host: What does that have to do with anything?
GIR: Me and the squirrel are friends!

Membrane: Now now, son.  Brush your teeth and don’t steal.  Daughter, feed the puppy.
Gaz: Oh yeah, we used to have a puppy, didn’t we?

Guard: Aren’t you excited, little boy?
Dib-bot: Of course, but not so much as to provoke my terrifying sibling!

GIR: Why is his head so big?  WHY is his head so big?

ZIM: GIR, don’t eat that filth!  It is the key to the mystery of the prize.
GIR: The mystery of the prize…

ZIM: GIR, that video is a government spying tool!  Quickly, eat it!

Underpants-Man: They only guy who ever escaped… never made it out.
ZIM: Eh?

ZIM: Whoever they were, they left no sign of what wiped then out.  They just left these stupid structures here to taunt me!  I hate them!  And, I hope they di- heh.  Oh, yeah.

Membrane: And where do you think you're going?
Dib: Oh… you know.
Membrane: To save the earth?
Dib: Yes.
Membrane: My poor insane son.

ZIM: GIR, remember with your brains.  You must behave like a human dog-monster!  Do you understand?
GIR: I really don’t!

ZIM: GIR, cast off your amazing doggy ruse and show them your mighty robot form!
GIR: Whooo!  Hi there!
ZIM: Ya see.
Blue: Wow!
Green: What a smart dog!

Membrane: This is my son, Dib, the future of the Membrane Empire!
Dib: Actually, I’m a paranormal investigator.
Membrane: He’s a bit insane at the moment, but he’ll get over it.

Dib: Chickenfoot, come back!  You’re not a freak, you’re just stupid!

ZIM: Now, face an enemy you cannot see!
Dib: But, you’re right there.
ZIM: What?
Dib: There!  Your mighty Irken cloaking device cloaks the robot, but not you!
ZIM: Lies!  Now, behold the Doom Cannon!
Dib: I can’t.  It’s invisible.
ZIM: But you can see me?
Dib: That’s what I said.
ZIM: Oh, that’s stupid!
Dib: Really stupid.
ZIM: You dare agree with me!?

Kid: Itching… in my brain!
Gaz: Psh, whiner.

ZIM: Ahhhhh, the pain!
Gaz: Whiner!

Purple: Okay, Zim.  Well… we have another call.
Red: Hey!  We really do have another call.

ZIM: I placed a tracking device on you.
Dib: A tracking device?  Where?
GIR: *latched to Dib’s head*  Your head smells like a puppy!

GIR: Cows are my friends!
ZIM: I don’t like you.

GIR: Hi, floor!  Make me a sammich!

ZIM: Sleep well, now, yes, for it will be the last peaceful sleep you will know!
Poonchy: But, we’re not asleep right now!

Dib: I’m talking out loud to myself in an unusual manner.  Oh, well!

GIR: TAQUITOS!  And a clown with no head!

ZIM: Skoodge?  I thought the Almighty Tallest killed you.
SKOODGE: Yeeeaah... but I’m okay now.

GIR: *pulls a puppy out of his head*  Look what I found!  He smells real bad!

ZIM: I don't pay you to contradict me!
Computer: ...  You don't pay me at all.

GIR: I wants me a barrel of floss.  And I wants me two balls of glue... TO BE MY FRIENDS!  And I wanna go dancing NAKED!  And I wants...  ...  And a chair made of cheese and a table made of cheese.  And a...
Mall Santa: Argh!  No more!  Get this kid off me!

ZIM: Merry Platypus, one and all.

ZIM: Wait!  Will you believe the evil robot boy who destroyed Santa, or will you believe... the Easter Platypus?  Easter Shrimp for all if you tackle the boy who destroyed Santa!
Crowd: Easter Platypus, we love yoouu!

Kid: I don't get it.  Why does he want to take over the Earth sooooo badly?  What does he have to gain?  Or to looooooooose?  And the mechanizations of this malfunctioning Santa suit compleeetely illuuuuuuude mee.

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