Brim  Lineage

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Looking for parents of James Brim and Prudence Robertson below:    Believe the parents of James Brim may be Richard Brim and Patsy Drane of VA.


James Brim b. ca. 1782 VA, d. bet. Nov 1855-Feb 1856, m. 31 May 1821 Boone Co., MO to Prudence "Prudy" Robertson b. ca 1782-1795 MO/VA, d. aft. 1860
Their children:
1. Elizabeth Brim b. ca. 1823 m. Archie Jinkens/Jenkins
2. William Brim b. ca. 1825 MO; m. Jane Henderson
3. Martha "Patsy" Brim b. ca. 1829 MO; m. 26 Apr 1845 Washington Co., MO to James Cain
4. Sarah Brim b. ca. 1835 MO; m. ___ Jinkens
5. James Brim b. ca. 1837 MO
6. John M. Brim b. ca. 1840 MO; m. 1 Mar 1857 St. Francois Co., MO to Mary Finney
7. Richard Brim b. ca. 1843 MO

Will dated 26 Nov 1855 and proved 1 Feb 1856 St. Francois Co., MO

Will of James Brim

    Know all men by these presants that I James Brim of the County of St. Francois in the State of Missouri being weak in body but Sound in mind does on this the 26th day of November 1855 make my last will and dispose of my property in the following manner to wit I want all my Just debts paid, and then I want Elizabeth Jinkens, William Brim,  Patsy Cain and Sarah Jinkens my four oldest children to have three dollars apiece. I want James Brim John Brim and Richard Brim my three youngest children to have five dollars apiece. I want all the rest of my estate both personal and real estate to go to my wife Prudence Brim as long as She may live and then when She dies I want my three youngest children James Brim John Brim and Richard Brim to have her portion of my estate and in case of either of theire deaths I want the surviving one or ones of the three youngest children to have Said portion and I appoint John Bean to execute this my last will. Signed by James Brim Attest: John Bean - I signed James Brims name to this will at his request. Joseph Coleman

    List of Property: 18 Shoates; 3 Sows and pigs; 1 cow and calf; 1 Yoak of oxen; 1 cow and calf; 1 cow and calf; 2 hefers; 1 mare; 1 mare; 14 head of sheep; 1 card and bed; a lot of plows; 1 cuting box; 2 bands; 2 pare of harness(?) and 2 colors and chains; 50 bushels of corn; 1 wheate fan; 1 saddle; 1 sythe and cradle; a lot of bells; 1 hand saw and auger; one hundred dozen oats; 2 matocks and 2 hoes. Appraised: $387.75 by Joseph Coleman; George Carey; John C. Day

    80 acres of land of the following description the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter and the South west quartr of the South east quarter of Section 27 in township 37 north Rante 4 east. Said land was entered July the 22nd 1853 by a military land warrant no. 51.251 in the name of Unity Tumins for 80 acres. at home June the 4th 1861 - Mr. J. G.Beal Dear Sir - I want you to make that final settlement for me this court if you can - I will send you 2 more receipts they are all I can get there is 3 dollars apiece willed to Cains wife & Jenkens wife & Can & Jenkens both told me that they would not have it as they was allowed no more, I want you to credit Mrs. Brims note with 15 dollars as she paid the 3 boys 5 each, I never tried to collect her note as I thought I could get a long without it and all over paying the debts is to go to her any how. in making your Settlement if there is not money enough in my hands to pay expences without the remainder on that note when the money gives out iff does I will take the balance of my fees on her. please make out a statement and send it to me and if theire is expences ther I will fetch or send down the money I dont supose there will be much as I settled up everything that was allowed once and I think there was 57 dollars left against me and that note of the widows has to come out of that and 2 heirs 3 dollars apiece which will be 21 dollars including the 3 boys 5 each when you credit the note 15 dollars then I am entiteled to the 21 dollars credit as money paid out that is the way the matter stands now. Respectfully yours - John Bean



    LDS Film #913355 State of Missouri County of Boone "I do certify that on the 31st day of May Last I did solemnize the rights of matrimony between James Brim and Prudance Robertson of said County. Given under my hand this 6th day of August 1821. Peter Wright P.I.B. Recorded this 7th day of August 1821

1840 St. Francois Co., MO Census
James Brim Males: 3 (5 and under) 1 (5-10) 1 (10-15 1 (30-40) Females: 1 (5 and under) 1 (5-10) 1 (30-40)

1850 St. Francois Co., MO Census
p.378 BRIM, James 68 VA
                     Pruda 68 VA
                     Sarah 15 MO
                     James 12 MO
                     John 10 MO
                     Richard 7 MO
BRIM, Wm. S. 25 MO
                    Jane 30 MO
                    Joseph 5 MO
                    Jane 1 MO

1860 St. Francois Co., MO Census
p.95 629/632 BRIM, John M. 22 M MO Farmer
                                  Mary F. 23 F KY
                                  James 4 M MO
                                  John 3 M MO
                                  Francis M. 1 M MO
                                  Prudy 65 F MO [sic]