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Harry Herald - Vol. 10, #4 - December 1994.
Neil D. Thompson, Ph.D, C.G., F.A.S.G. of Salt Lake City has an article in this edition which disproves the "Purported Royal Descent" of Hugh Harry, Quaker Immigrant to Pennsylvania.   Inasmuch as Hugh and Daniel were brothers, this affects our ancestry as well.

According to this article (and I will just extract bits):
     .... false statement that Hugh Harry, Welsh Quaker immigrant to Chester county, Pennsylvan, was of royal descent by way of his alleged paternal grandfather, Thomas Owen of Machynlleth, county Montgomery... (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania)...     No specific refutation has apparently appeared in print, and it is high time for this fable to be laid to rest:
     HarryA Thomas Owen, weaver and father of the immigrant, made his first appearance on the scene on 12 October 1663 when he was presented for not attending church services. The parent of his residence was ommitted, but he was of the hundred of Llanfyllis (Montgomery Collections, hereafter Mont. Coll, 24[1890]:203). By 11 April 1681, he was presented for non-attendance and for being a Quaker; he was then residing in the parish of Machynlleth (mont.Coll, 26[1892':51). The two are not adjacent to one another. There is no evidence that Harry Thomas Owen ownded substantial property and no record of his birth or baptism.
     HarryA Thomas Owen's purported father, Thomas Owen of Llunllo in Machynlleth, was the eldest s/o Rowland Owen, Sheriff of county Montgomery in 1611 and at least twice mayor of Machynlleth (Mont.Coll., 6[1873]: 37-39), and his wife Elizabeth Pugh. ..........
     It would appear that Glenn, or someone who furnished the Owen famiy pedigree, simply decided (a) that the father of Harry Thomas Owen must have been named Thomas Owen and (b) since Harry Thomas Owen lived in Machynlleth, his father must have been the Anglican magistrate and landownere Thoams owen of that borough.
     (The article is extensive and I am leaving a large amount out. You may purchase this from the Harry Herald for complete article.)
    Extracted info from Article Continues:  "In any event, since it is the obligation of those who have proposed the Hugh Harry royal descent to support it with some documentary evidence, not with romance and speculation, the omission of Harry Thomas owen from the sons named in the will of Thomas Owen of Llunllo shifts the burden of proof to the proponents of the line, a burden which they cannot meet.  The grandfater of Hugh1 Harry the immigrant must, until further efforts are made to learn more about ihm, be recorded simply as a man probably named Thomas Owen, whose origin, status and occupation are unknown...."
     The above article is attributed to Neil D. Thompson, President of the American Society of Genealogists and editor of The Genealogist, specialized in colonial America and English origins.  His address is 255 North Second West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103-4545."

HarryA Thomas Owen, weaver (see above article);
  Their children:
*1.     Daniel Harry (2)
  2.     Hugh Harry (2); d. 1708; m. 1686 to Elizabeth Brinton (2)

Daniel Harry/Harris(1) b.             ;   [See #630 on Ahnentafel Chart];  Quaker; d.             ; m. 4th day of the 12mo 1690 to Sibyll Price.
  Their children:
  1.     Sybill/Sibyll Harry(3) b. 27 10mo 1691; will proved 1731 Chester Co., PA; unm.
  2.     Henry Harry (2)(3)
  3.     Mary Harry(3) ; m.      Pugh
  4.     Anne Harry(3) ; m.      Morris
  5.     Margaret Harry(3) ;
*6.     Elizabeth Harry; m. John David(3)[See #314 on Ahnentafel Chart]

Sources: Chester & Delaware Co., PA;
(1)   Radnor MM Records - FHL #20480 - Daniel Harry batchelor from Dolgelle 2da 5mo 1687 resided in parish of Machanlleth. signed by Hugh Rees; Rees Evan; John David; Rowland Ellis; Owen Humphrey; Lewis Owen; Humphrey Owen; Rowland Owen; Ellis David; Joseph Humphrey; David Evan; Evan William; William Humphrey

(2) Welsh Settlement of Pensylvania by Charles H. Browning, 1912 - p.230: Henry Harry, only son of Daniel Harry, grantee of 100 acres in Radnor, in 168_, asked confirmation by the Land Commissioners of this land to him, 25.9mo.1724 "From Macchinleth, in Montgomeryshire, Hugh Harris and Daniel Harris is recorded on the passenger list of the ship 'Vine of Liverpool', which arrived at Philadelphia 17.7mo.1684, and from the minutes of the Haverford, or Radnor Monthly Meeting, 8. 2mo. 1686, 'William Howell and George Painter are ordered to speak to Hugh and Daniel Harry concerning their Parents money', and in same, 10,4mo.1686, 'George Painter & William Howell according to former order did speak with Hugh and Daniel Harry, who have promised yt if any friends would lay out money in England upon their parents account they would out of the Product or growth of this Countrey make them satisfaction.'    Their surnames, as assumed, were variously Harry and Harris in different families.   Hugh Harris, a weaver and Elizabeth, daughter of William and Ann Brinton, of Birmingham tp., declared their intentions of marriage.....

(3) Chester Co., PA Wills and Administrations Book E - p.162- Sybil Harris Spinster Radnor - June 9, 1731 - June 26, 1731    To Bro Henry Harris £5   To sisters Mary Pugh & Anne Morris £1 each.   To sister Margaret Harris saddle.    To Bro in law John David £23.   £5 to be applied to use of his dau Rachel Also to said David & his wife all other Est. - - Ex. John David.   Test signed X Wits: Mary Roberts, Rich Richards, David Morgan

Haverford  - 4th day of the 12mo 1690 -
Daniel Harry resident at Radnor Township in the Welsh Tract, Batcheler and Sibyll Price Late of Waun povince, spinster.... marriage. Witnesses include: Evan Harry; David Price; Ellis Ellis; Rowland Ellis; Rees Johnes; James Pugh; Joan Price; Joan Price; Kathrin Price; Sarah Rees; Elizabeth Lewis; Rachel Ellis; Margaret Thomas; etc.

Abstracts of Philadelphia Wills 1682-1726
THOMAS, William - Radnor. Planter
7/18/1689. 9/4/1689 A. 152.
Estate fo wife Anne who is sole Executrix, with remainder to William Thomas, eldest son of my brother John Thomas, if he will come to this country.    Otherwise, the property is to be sold and the proceeds equaly divided between the children of my brother and of my sister whose name is not given.  Legacies to cozen Rees Petter, Ellis Ellis, Humphrey Ellis, David Lawrence, Kathrine Morgan, Ellis Pugh, Evan Harry, Hugh Harry and Daniell Harry. "I give to Owen Morgan one sow and his son to be released after my departure and, if my wife shall depart before the itme of his daughter be over, she also may be then released." My brother-in-law David Davies and sister-in-law Kathrine Davies.
Overseers: David Lawrence, Rees Petter, David Evan, John Humphrey
[Note: Does anyone know the relationships between these people in this will?]

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