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Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia 1656-1692
Will dated 21 April 1685 - Proved 1 July 1685

WILL OF WILLIAM MOSS Sr.To son William Moss To daughter Frances Moss To daughter Elizabeth Moss To brother Robert Moss
Note: I believe that I have seen it mentioned that William Moss Sr. was the one who married Katherine who married William Talbott.   However, I believe that if, indeed, Katherine ___ Talbott was previously married to a William Moss, it must be William Moss Jr. - not Sr.   The daughters are unmarried and to live with their brother William Moss. No wife is mentioned. Although no wife for son, William, is mentioned it is possible that he was married. He was evidently older


Old Rappahannock county Orders 1687-1689
7th day of Mar 1687/8
(Present: Lt. Colnll Wm. Loyd, Mr. Henry Awbrey, Capt. Samll Blomfield, Mr. James Harison - Justices).   Ordered that Christopher Ascough, John Fennell, Tho:Newman Senr & Elias Wilson do on the 24th Instant March meet at the house late of Wm. Moss deced & then & there to Inventory & appraise all & singular the Estate of the sd Moss, having regard not to Invetory & appraise any part or parcell of the sd Estate as is already disposed of by the last Will Testament of Wm. Moss, Father of the aforesd Wm. Moss. Mr. Henry Awbrey & Mr. James Harison are requested to swear the aforesd appraisers for the appraisement as also Wm. Talbott & his Wife for a true discovery of the sd Estate & every part therof within their knowledge.   Capt. Geo Tayloer made suite that he be admitted to make proofe of the last will & testament of Wm. Moss of this county late deced…   Ordered that Cap. George Tayloer have the Guardianship & tuition of Elizabeth Moss, daughter of Wm. Moss Senr of the County last deced

Note: It would appear since William Talbott and his wife have part of the estate of Wm. Moss Jr. (and not being too willing to help get it settled) that the wife of William Talbott


Rappahannock County Court
2d of May 1688
Judgmt is granted to Edward Westbury against the estate of Wm. Moss Junr. for 1777 # of tobb…


Rappahannock County Court
4th of July 1688
Ordered that the Sheriff summons Wm. Talbott & Katherine his Wife personally to appeare at the next North side court held for this county to shew cause why they refuse to take an Oath for the true discovery of the Estate of Wm. Moss Junr deced within their possession or knowledge & not yet brought forth

Note: Again, it appears that there must he some reason why William and Katherine don’t want to devulge the estate of Wm. Moss Jr. that they have in their possession. I would say that there is strong circumstantial evidence that Katherine was married to Wm. Moss Jr but that there were no children of this union.


Rappahannock County Court
6th of September 1688
Order granted against the Sheriff to Capt. Geo: Tayler, Exr. of Wm. Moss, for the non-appearance of John Talbott according to Declaracon

Note:   This ties John Talbott to the est. of Wm. Moss (probably to make deposition regarding William Talbott having possession of Wm. Moss estate).    Believe this adds to the theory that William and John were brothers. Again - William having just married - what I assume is still a young - Katherine ___ Moss, would remain pretty convinced that William was born about 1655-60.    Now this becomes a little interesting.


Rappahannock county Court
3d of October 1688
Capt. Geo: Tayler as Gardian to Elizabeth Moss, one of the Daughters of Mr. Wm. Moss of this County late deced, made Complaint to this Court that Whereas the sd Wm. Moss did by his last Will & Testament Ordeyne that if his Son or either of his Daughters should die without Issue that their real Esate should be devided equally between the survivours, And representing yt: Wm. Moss, son of the sd Wm. Moss, lately dying without Issue,Wm. Browne, who marryed Frances, the other daughter of the sd Wm. Moss, doth refuse to make devision of the Estate Reall of the deced according to the intent of the last Will. The court have therefore ordered that John Fenner, Wm. Talbott, Thos: Newman…. 10 Inst. 8ber equally devide the lands bequeated unto the sd Wm. Moss by the last Will of his sd deced Father with house orchards & other conveniences thereto belonging according to Quantitie & Qualitie as neere as may be between the sd Wm. Browne as Marrying the sd Frances & the sd Capt. Geo: Taylor as Gardian to & int the behalfe of the sd Elizabeth& that they make report of their proceedings therein to the next Court held for this County.

For the purpose conjecture:

Katherine (Lewis?) m/1: William Moss Jr.
Katherine (Lewis?) m/2: William Talbott
Katherine (Lewis?) m/3: ____ Mews/Muse

    It may be important to see who the Henry Lewis is that was connected to John Talbott of this area and time.   It appears that John was involved with Henry Lewis' wife.   Could Henry be related to Katherine who married William Talbott thought to be the brother of this John?

See Talbott Page for details on the Talbott lineage

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