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Earliest Known McNeill Ancestors
and Their
American Lineal Descent

Generation No. 1

I.      UNKNOWN MCNEILL [1] was b. in prob. Scotland, and  prob. d. in Scotland.
Sources:  "The Old United Empire Loyalist List"; "Scottish Emigrants to the USA" included: Archibald McNeil aged 23 from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to New York on Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774, weaver (T.47/12) AND McNeil, Christian, aged 20 from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to New York on Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774, spinster (T.47/12) AND McNeill, William aged 17 from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to New York on Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774, weaver (T.47/12)
        Children of UNKNOWN MCNEILL are:
         1.     ARCHIBALD MCNEILL, b. ca. 1751, prob. Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland; d. prob. Ontario, Canada; m. ELIZABETH ADAMS.
 Sun, 5 Mar 2000 16:05:52 -0000
 From:  "Ken McNeil" <>
    Hello, Ruby.  I think we might be related. I think I descend from Archibald McNeil and Elizabeth Adams as well.
I have just started this, though and have taken over the (incomplete) notes so I don't have documentation. Many things match well with what my Mom had discovered. My Mom did tell me that she thought Arch. was a Barra McNeil (vs Colonsay) and  thought he had been an NCO on the losing side of the American Revolutionary war, and from the Mohawk Valley, maybe near Johnstown before he came to Canada, which seems to match (sort of) with your notes. I am not sure how thorough her research was, as she started it after I moved away, and she had many other interests as well.
    My info has William (Mar.22 1788 - Mar 7 1855) , (son of Arch and Eliz) marrying Rebecca Biccum and having eleven children at Shanly, Edwardsburg County, Ontario, (no longer exists, flooded by the Seaway in late fifties,  was near prescott/brockville, though, alright enough ... stones from the cemetery were moved, but the graves were not disturbed) ... lore is that many of this family  "went west" and to the States.  .... (Martha married John Allen moved to Illinois? ...Carol Funk (descendant) told me of your site)  Allen McNeil was one of William and Rebecca's sons and he traded with a Mr Murdock ...  50 acres or so, cleared, at Shanly,  for 100 acres raw land in the South end of Nepean Township, 2 miles west of Manotick (south of Ottawa) ... "closer to markets" in 1871 ... Allen married Margaret Brown, son James Stewart, and so on.  If we are of the same line, you have relatives there ... Uncle Jim and his three boys have a Chev/Olds dealership in Manotick, and now owns the 100 acres Allen traded for.  (Cousin Bruce and Mom used to collaborate in their research, but I haven't been back lately to see what he has come up with, I will ask when I do). My Dad bought a farm 2 miles north of the home farm after his army release in WW2,.where I grew up.
     My Aunt Harriet copied ( part of???) the family register into one of her old school books that I have, and indeed, the earlier McNeil's in my line used double L's if she copied correctly, but all she wrote on Archibald was  " wife Adams"
    I am not at all sure if we really are of the same line, but it is an interesting hobby.     Sites like yours, with its good lists of referrences, documentation and notes make it a lot easier. I would be pleased if you pass along anything further that you learn, and if you think we have a match, I will provide quite a list of "cousins" at your request.)
         2.     CHRISTIAN MCNEILL, b. ca. 1754.
         3.   WILLIAM MCNEILL, b. ca. 1757, prob. Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
                 [See Generation No. 2 below]

Generation No. 2

II.    WILLIAM MCNEILL [Unknown 1] was b. ca. 1757 prob. in  Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland; m. JANE QUAIL, possibly a widow.   It is possible that she was not the mother of our John McNeill.  However, the Baptismal Records state: "John MacNeil and Henry MacNeil sons of William MacNeil of Edwardsburg and Jane Quail his wife were baptised 7 March 1792"   Sources:  Presbyterian Baptismal Records, Glengary, Ontario; Emigration records shown in above generation.  "Early Settlers of New York State" by Janet Wethy Foley.  Ballston Center Presbyterian Church in Ballston Center, Saratoga Co., NY, Ballston Marriages:  McNeal, William, and Mrs. Jane Quale, both of Ballston, at  home of Thomas Armstrong, Apr. 27, 1784" - info   gratefully supplied by Marvin Johnson.  It would seem unlikely that John, if born in 1784, would have been baptised in 1792, when another child - Charles - was baptised three years earlier in 1789.   Logic would may me wonder if, indeed, the date in the Family Record may be wrong - it was transcribed from the original bible, of which the whereabouts is now unknown. I am anxious to get thoughts from others.
     Children of WILLIAM MCNEILL and JANE QUAIL are:
     1.     WILLIAM Q. MCNEILL.
     2.     JOHN MCNEILL, b. 07 May 1784, Prescott, Ontario, Canada; d. 10 Dec 1862, Canada. [See Generation No. 3 below]
     3.    HENRY MCNEILL, b. ca. 1787, Ontario, Canada; d. ca. 15 Mar 1867, IL; d. ca. 15 Mar 1867 in IL; m. SARAH ____.  Sarah was b. ca.
            1798, and d. ca. 25 Dec 1882 in IL. Henry McNeill's Will:  Winnebago Co., IL made 30 Jan 1854 at age 65 lists children:  Thomas McNeill
            land in Owen, Ogle Co., IL;  Henry W/William McNeill land in Winnebago Co., IL;  Mary F. Campbell, w/o John Campbell $300;
            Jane Q. Cunote, w/o John Cunote of Harwich, County Kent, Ontario,   Canada - $700.
            Executors:  son, Thomas McNeill and WIlliam Lathup.  Wife, Sarah acknowledges she has received full estate devised to her - dated
           9 Sept 1873.
                On Ownership Map of Owen, IL the property of H. McNeill touches on that of J. Campbell (prob. son-in-law)
           {Henry ae. 63 b. Canada and Sarah ae. 53 b. Canada appear in 1850 Federal Census of Winnebago Co., IL}
           Children of HENRY MCNEILL and SARAH ____ are:
            i.      WILLIAM HENRY MCNEILL.
            ii.      JANE Q. MCNEILL.
            iii.     THOMAS MCNEILL, b. ca. 1814 Canada; m. GRACE CAMPBELL b. Ireland.
                     {1850 Winnebago Co., IL Federal Census}
                    Their children:
                    1.    Maria b. ca. 1835 Canada
                    2.    Nancy b. ca. 1836 Canada
                    3.    Jane b. ca. 1838 Canada
                    4.    Margaret b. ca. 1840 IL
                    5.    Mary b. ca. 1842 IL
                    6.    Martha b. ca. 1844 IL
                    7.    Sarah b. ca. 1846 IL
                    8.    Thomas b. ca. 1848 IL
            iv.     MARY F. MCNEILL, b. ca. 1824; d. ca. 23 Mar 1865; m. JOHN CAMPBELL.
                    {1850 Winnebago Co., IL Federal Census}
                   Their children:
                    1.    Martha b. ca. 1840 Canada
                    2.    Sarah J. b. ca. 1842 Canada
                    3.    Margaret A. b. ca. 1844 Canada
                    4.    Mary M. b. ca. 1846 Canada
                    5.    Charles H. b. ca. 1849 IL
     4    CHARLES MCNEILL, b. ca. 1789.
     5.   CHRISTIAN MCNEILL, b. ca. 1793; m. THOMAS ROWLING.
     6.   CHARLES MCNEILL, b. 24 Feb 1796, Canada; m. JANE JACKSON,
           14 Feb 1817, Canada; b. 22 May 1800.  After the death of Charles, Jane married Francis Palmerton - when she was in her 70s.
            Their children:
            i.    NATHAN McNEILL b. ca. 1825 NY
     7.   WILLIAM MCNEILL, b. ca. 1796.
     8.   HUGH MCNEILL, b. 30 Mar 1798.

Generation No. 3

III.JOHN MCNEILL [William 2, Unknown 1]  was b. 07 May 1784 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada, and d. 10 Dec 1862 in Canada; m/1: DRUSILLA BUNKER, d/o JOHN BUNKER and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN.  Drusilla was b. ca. 1792, and d. in Canada. John m/2: MARGARET O'PHEE BRADY 1831.  Margaret was b. in County Antrim,  IRELAND.
Sources:  Family Bible Record below
    Children of JOHN MCNEILL and DRUSILLA BUNKER are:
     3.     JANE MCNEILL, m. MICHAEL SHEPLEY, 14 Feb 1843.
     4.     DRUSILLA MCNEILL, m. NICOLAS BROWN, 23 Apr 1845, Raleigh, Ontario, Canada.
     5.     JOHN MCNEILL, b. Bet. 1812 - 1814, Canada; d. 13 Apr 1889, West Stayton, Marion Co., OR.
            Children of John McNeill and unknown spouse:
             i.      MINNIE MCNEILL, b. ca. 1875.
             ii.     GENEVIEVE "JENNIE" MCNEILL, b. ca. 1877.  Jennie, d/o John McNeill was adopted by E. E. McKinney and wife, Virginia C.
                    McKinney. In Adoption papers, it states that John McNeil is the only surviving parent of said Jenny McNeil.  The McKinneys were of
                    Marion Co., OR at time of adoption.  Her name was changed to Jennie McKinney - dated 24 May 1880.  filed 7 July 1880.   The papers
                    were signed by John McNeill (he signed with 2 'ls although all other papers in this action were spelled with 1 'l).  Evidently John McNeill felt
                    Jennie would be better in another home.  In the 1880 census of Marion Co., OR  (Lincoln Precinct), John and daughter, May D. are living
                    with Louis Darling and wife, Alice D.   Interesting, too, is that E. E. McKinney was the Executor of the Will of John McNeill.  Witness to the
                    will was Hugh McNeill, brother of John.
    6.     HUGH MCNEILL, b. 02 Jul 1815, Prescott, Ontario, Canada; d. 04 May 1906, Stayton, Marion Co., OR. [See Generation No. 4 below]
    Children of JOHN MCNEILL and 2nd wife,  MARGARET BRADY, are:
     7.     ANN MCNEILL, b. 1832; m. DAVID BOYES.
     8.     EMMA MCNEILL, b. 1834; m. WILLIAM SHELDRICH.
     9.     WILLIAM MCNEILL, b. 1836.
    10.    ARCHIBALD MCNEILL, b. 04 Jan 1836, Chatham, Ontario, CANADA; d. 1925, Albany, Linn Co., OR; m. HANNAH M. KING,
             05 Sep 1863.
    11.    MARGARET MCNEILL, b. 19 Apr 1841; m. LUKE KELLY, Sept 1863.

Generation No. 4

IV.      HUGH MCNEILL [John 3; William 2; Unknown 1]  was b. 02 Jul 1815 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada, and d. 04 May 1906 in Stayton, Marion Co., OR; m. SARAH JANE TOMPKINS 1837 in Chatham, Ontario, CANADA.  She was b. 19 Jul 1818 in Canada, and d. 30 May 1893 in Stayton, Marion Co., OR.  Sources: 1900 Marion Co., OR Census; 1895 Marion Co., OR State Census; 1870 Marion Co., OR Census; 1860 California Gulch, Arapahoe Co., CO Census; 1850 Winnebago Co., IL Census; Obit of Hugh McNeill:  "Mr. Hugh McNeil was born at Prescott, Canada, July 2, 1815.  He died at Stayton, Oregon  May 4, 1906, aged 91.  He married Miss Sarah Tomkins of Chatham, Canada in 1817 [sic], who died 13 years ago.  To them was born 9 children of whom five survive.   He came to Pike's Peak in 1859 and thence to Oregon in 1862 where he has resided until his death.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Clark in the Pleasant Grove Church with interment nearby.   A large number attended to pay their last respects to an old and honored neighbor.  He was a brother to Mr. Archie McNeil the well known resident of Gervais" - Gervais Weekly Star - Gervais, Oregon - Friday, May 18, 1906.
        Children of HUGH MCNEILL and SARAH TOMPKINS are:
        1.      REBECCA MCNEILL, b. 12 Jan 1838, Canada; m. JONATHAN MILLER.
        2.      GEORGE MCNEILL, b. 22 Dec 1839, Canada.
        3.      JOHN MCNEILL, b. 10 Sep 1842, Canada; d. 05 Oct 1860.
        4.      ELIZABETH MCNEILL, b. 20 Sep 1844, Canada; m. (1) FRANCIS MARION DUNNING; m. (2) JACOB MILLER.
        5.      SARAH JANE MCNEILL, b. 17 Apr 1847, IL; d. 04 Feb 1876, Marion Co., OR; m. CALVIN NEAL, 09 Jul 1865, Marion Co., OR.
        6..     DRUCILLA MCNEILL, b. 25 Jun 1849 IL; d. 25 Mar 1928, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA; m. ALEXANDER NEAL, 26 Oct 1873,
                 Marion Co., OR.
        7.      HIRAM MCNEILL b. ca. 1849 IL {appears in 1850 census - prob. twin of  Drucilla - and must have died before the 1860 census}
        8.      NATHANIEL MCNEILL, b. 18 Oct 1853; d. Aft. 1915, OR or WA.
        9.      MARY ANN MCNEILL, b. 10 Jan 1856; d. 04 Oct 1859.
      10.      HUGH MCNEILL, b. 23 May 1858; d. 03 Nov 1859.
      11.     JAMES MCNEILL, b. 19 Mar 1861, Arapahoe Co., Colorado [See Generation No. 5 below]

Generation No. 5

V.    JAMES (no middle name) MCNEILL, b. 19 Mar 1861, Arapahoe Co., Colorado; d. 17 Nov 1940, Pomeroy, Garfield Co., WA; m. ELIZABETH WILHELMINA OLEMAN, 29 Oct 1896, Marion Co., OR; b. 29 Jul 1877, Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada; d. 28 May 1927, Hot Lake, Union Co., OR.
        1.    ROBERT ELMER McNEILL b. 9 Apr 1898 Eight Mile, OR
        2.    JOHN HUGH "HEWIE" McNEILL b. 11 Mar 1900 Dayton, Columbia Co., WA; d. 4 Feb 1917 Barlett, OR - unmarried
        3.    VIOLET W. McNEILL b. 16 Nov 1901 Bartlett, OR; d. Mar 1986 Milton-Freewater, OR; m. GILBERT BAKER
        4.    SARAH JANE "JENNIE" McNEILL b. 3 June 1904 Bartlett, OR; d. Aug 1935 LaGrande, OR; m. JOHN THOMPSON
        5.    GEORGE "EARL" McNEILL b. 31 Aug 1909 Bartlett, OR; d. 6 Oct 1978 Yakima, WA; m. ERMA CULBERTSON
        6.    SYLVIA MAY McNEILL b. 8 Oct 1911 Bartlett, OR; m. WESLEY DEDEKER

Generation No. 6

VI.    ROBERT ELMER McNEILL  b. 9 Apr 1898 Eight Miler, OR; d. 4 July 1975 Soap Lake, Grant Co., WA;  m. 8 Nov 1922 Walla Walla, WA to LEOTA JUNELLA SCHUMAN
        2.    RICHARD JAMES McNEILL (unmarried)

Sources for earlier generations:

(1) "Scottish Emigrants to the USA"
1. William McNeil, aged 17 from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to NY on  Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774 (weaver)
2. Archibald McNeil, aged 23 from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to NY on  Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774 (weaver)
3. Christian McNeil, aged 20 - from Paisley, Renfrewshire - to NY on  Commerce, ex Greenock, 10 Feb 1774 (spinster)
Note:  I believe these to be siblings and records seem to confirm this - see below.
(2) "Old United Empire Loyalist List":
1. McNeal, Archibald - residence:  E. District, Elizabeth Town.   Descendants: from Vermont.  Lost property to the amount of & pound;3,000,  p. 1794
2. McNeill, John - residence:  E. District, Elizabeth Town.   Descendants: O/C. 1806, Feb. 26th.  Restored to USE., soldier in  macron's corps.  A son
     of WIlliam.  See Christian Hassock's  petition, 1797.
3. McNeill, Archibald - residence:  E. District, Edwardsburg.  Descendants:  Soldier Loyal  Rangers
4. McNeill, John - residence:  E. District, Edwardsburg.  Descendants.
5. McNeill, Wm. - residence:  E. District, Elizabeth Town.   Descendants:  Son of John McNeill
(3) "Sons and Daughters of United Empire Loyalists"
1. McNeill, Archibald of Elizabeth town, m. Elizabeth Adams
    Children: Christ, apt. 9 Mar 1792
    Martha, apt. 9 Mar 1792 m. John Allen
    Elizabeth, apt. 9 Mar 1792 m. Humphrey Barren of Edwardsburg
    William, of Edwardsburgh, apt. 9 Mar 1792
    James, of Edwardsburgh
2. McNeill, William of Edwardsburg, m. Jane Quail
    John, of Augusta apt. 7 Mar 1792 Christ, apt. 22 May 1793 m. Thomas Rowing
    William, of Edwardsburgh, apt. 3 June 1796
    Henry, of Augusta, apt. 7 Mar 1792
    Charles, apt. 12 Feb 1789
    Charles, of Edwardsburgh, apt. 3 June 1796
    Hugh, b. 30 Mar 1798
    William Q., of Augusta
(4) "Presbyterian Baptism Records - Glengary, Ontario, Canada"
    McNeil, Charles -  s/o William McNeil of Edwardsburg, and of Jane Quail, his wife, was baptised on the 12th of February 1789
    MacNeil, John and Henry - sons of William MacNeil of Edwardsburgh and Jane Quail his wife was baptised 22 May 1792
    McNeil, William and Charles - children of William McNeil of Edwardsburgh and of Jane Quail his wife were baptised 3 June 1796
    McNeil, Hugh - s/o William McNeil of Edwardsburg and of Jane his wife was b. 30 March and baptised on 8th June 1798   Adams, Elizabeth -
    wife of Archibald McNeil of Elizabeth Town was baptised 8 Mar 1792
    McNeil, Martha, Christian, William, Elizabeth - children of Archibald McNeil of Elizabeth Town and of Elizabeth Adams were baptised on
    the 9th of Mar 1792
(5) 1850 Winnebago Co., IL Federal Census

Record of the McNeil Family

[Note:  I, Ruby Simonson McNeill, visited Earl R. VanNuys at his home in Oregon.  He was wheelchair bound due to arthritis and living in the home where he was born.  He was a very gentle man and adamant that their "McNeil's" were not related to our "McNeill's" because of the spelling.  He said that his parents' marriage certificate was hanging in his bedroom and he had his caretaker go and get it.   As we sat their, he looked at it and was surprised to find that his mother, Elizabeth McNeil who married Rufus VanNuys, had spelled her name "McNeill".  At that point he accepted the possibility that all the information I had to prove the relationship may be right.    He stated that the above information had been copied from the family Bible but that he didn't know who now had the Bible.  He added to the record a typed note that stated:   "Archibald who married Hannah King was my mother's father-Elizabeth Ann McNeil.
Mrs. McNeill:  This is all the information that I have.  Hope that it will be of some help to you.  Yours truly, Earl R. VanNuys. "]

John McNeil was born in Prescott, Canada, May 7, 1784.  He was an officer in the war of 1812, he was of Scottish descent.  He died Dec. 10, 1862 at the age of 78.
John's wife was Drusilla Bunker.  They had 6 children, which were.
    (1)    Elizabeth
    (2)    Mary
    (3)    Jane
    (4)    Drusilla
    (5)    John
    (6)    Hugh
Elizabeth married James Mcgraw, they had 2 childen.
Jane married Michael Shepley, they had 5 children.
    (1)    Joe
    (2)    Ezra
    (3)    James
    (4)    Matilda
    (5)    Sarah
Drusilla married Nicolas Brown.  They had 6 children.
Mary married Edward Ventor.  They were childless.
John had three children by his first marriage, and two by the second marriage.
    (1)    Minnie
    (2)    Jennie
Hugh married Sarah Tomkins.  They had seven children.
    (1)    Rebecca
    (2)    Elizabeth
    (3)    Jane
    (4)    Drusilla
    (5)    George
    (6)    Nathan
    (7)    James
John McNeil Sr. remarried to Margaret O'Phee Brady about the year 1831.  She was born in Co. Entram, Ireland, 1799.  Her grandparents were Lord and Lady Jones.  Her mother married a fisherman and was disowned by her parents.
Margaret was married to Mr. Brady, who died leaving one child.
    (1)    Katy
Katy came to Prescott, Canada with her parents where she later married Hugh Roling.  They had six children.
    (1)    Henry
    (2)    Emma
    (3)    Joseph
    (4)    Albert
    (5)    Anna
    (6)    Matilda
Children born to Ann and Margaret McNeil were:
    (1)    Ann, 1832
    (2)    Emma, 1834
    (3)    Archibald, Jan. 4, 1836
    (4)    William, 1838
    (5)    Margaret, Apr. 19, 1841
William died in childhood
Ann married David Boyes.  They had six children.  A girl died in infancy.
    (1)    John
    (2)    David
    (3)    Henry
    (4)    Frank
    (5)    Wesley
Emma married William Sheldrich.  They were childless.
Margaret McNeil married Luke Kelly, Sept. 1863.  They had six children.
    (1)    John F.
    (2)    William
    (3)    Edward
    (4)    Frank
    (5)    Emma
    (6)    Catherine (Doll)
Archibald married Hannah M. King on Sept. 5, 1863.  They had seven children.  The five oldest were born near Chatham, Ontario and the two youngest were born near Turner, Oregon.
    (1)    Elizabeth Ann, Oct. 3, 1864 - Died June 25, 1946
    (2)    Emma Jane, Aug. 4, 1866
    (3)    William John July 30, 1868 - Died Sept. 5, 1896
    (4)    Ida Sarah - Aug. 21, 1870 - Died Sept. 11, 1962
    (5)    Alice Mary - Apr. 27, 1875
    (6)    Edward Leroy - June 15, 1877
    (7)    Ada Lucretia - Dec. 29, 1881
Elizabeth married Rufus VanNuys May 19, 1881.  They had five children.
    (1)    Ernest Edward, June 26, 1850 - Died July 25, 1951
    (2)    Myrtle Ida - July 26, 1884 - Died Dec. 17, 1970
    (3)    Archibald Clifford - Nov. 12, 1887 - Died July 8, 1962
    (4)    William Frank - April 22, 1891 - Died Sept. 18, 1972
    (5)    Earl Ralph - Nov. 26, 1895
Ida married Andrew Steele Oct 3, 1902.  They had two children.
    (1)    Harold Melvin
    (2)    Gerald Miles
Ada married Roy N. Blanch Oct. 30, 1902.  They had two children.
    (1)    Velma Alice - died in infancy
    (2)    Norma Geraldine
Roy passed away March 18, 1906 and Ada married Charles Medin in
              Nov. 1910
Edward married Lillian Fierstein Oct. 1908.  They had two children.
    (1)    Leroy Archibald
    (2)    Blanche Dorothy
Alice married John J. Walker June 8, 1911
One great grandson, Wallace Vernon Howard, son of Norma Geraldine

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