O'Daniel Lineage

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#324 on Ahnentafel Chart:     William O'Daniel (name sometimes found as 'Daniel') of Stafford Co., VA and Prince William Co., VA; b. ca. 1691, d. bef. 1757; m. Frances ____ of Truro Parish, Fairfax Co., VA, b. ca. 16y93, will dated 6 Feb 1755 and proved 21 Mar 1758 Farifax Co., VA.     Frances ___ O'Daniel m/2:  John Gladen.
Children of William O'Daniel and Frances ____:
     1.     James O'Daniel b. ca. 1730; m. 19 Oct 1755 Westmoreland Co., VA to
             Theodosia Congers
     2.     William O'Daniel b. ca. 1732
 *  3.     John O'Daniel (also found as O'Dannell) b. ca. 1734
     4.     Ann O'Daniel b. ca. 1736; m. ___ Jones
     5.     Catherine O'Daniel ca. 1738

#162 on Ahnentafel Chart:    John O'Daniel m/1: Elizabeth Moxley; m/2: Ann "Nancy" McIntosh
Children of first marriage:
1.     William O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA
2.     Margaret O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA; m. ____ Nelson
3.     Mary O'Daniel b. Fairfax County, Virginia; m. Samuel Talbott
4.     Elizabeth O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA
5.     Catherine O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA; m. John Hurst (1766-1850) Jefferson Co.,
6.     Stephen O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA; m. Nancy Ratcliffe, d/o Ricahrd Ratcliffe
        and Louisiana Bowling
7.     Frances O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA
[Details on #5, and 6 were provided from the book "William Moxley, Westmoreland Co., VA" by J. H. Sorensen.   However, I have not seen documentation for these details.]
Children of second marriage:
8.     Sarah O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA
9.     Levina Elizabeth O'Daniel b. Farifax Co., VA
10.   John O'Daniel b. Fairfax Co., VA

The following information was taken from the book: "William Moxley, Westmoreland Co., VA" by J. H. Sorensen. 1993.   Please contact Mr. Sorensen, 6544 Kerns Rd., Falls Church, VA 22044 for obtaining a copy of the book.   We cannot thank Mr. Sorensen enough for his generous research into these families.

     The findings of Fairfax Harrison, contributor to Tyler's Quarterly Magazine, in his article, 'A Group of Northern Neck Families', pages 162-171, and conclusion that Ann 'Nancy' Bowling, daughter of Gerrard Bowling, was the second wife of John O'Daniel (1718-1799) apparently is without consideration of the available record.   The record proves that the second wife of John O'Daniel more probably was Ann 'Nancy' McIntosh, the daughter of John McIntosh, whose will proved 20 June 1769, helped support the conclusion that Ann McIntosh was indeed the second wife of John O'Daniel.

     John O'Daniel, in his will dated 19 January 1798, devised unto his wife, Nancy O'Daniel, among other bequests, the Negro Grace and her two children, Charles and Jack.   John O'Daniel also named Lochlin McIntosh, brother of his wife, Nancy O'Daniel, to be one of the Executors of his will. (Will Book G, Page 423, Fairfax County, Virginia).

     The estate of John O'Daniel, was inventoried and valued on 25 January 1799, by John C. Hunter, Jesse Moore, and James L. Ferguson, however, 'When Negro Grace & her three Children Viz't, Charles, Jack and Osborn were Brought Fourth to be Appraised, the Executrix, Mrs. O'Daniel Objected thereto those Negroes being a part of her Father's Estate, Not Yet divided' (Will Book H-1, Page 64, Fairfax County, Virginia).

     Ann 'Nancy' Bowling married Peter Wise as proven by the will of Gerrard Bowling, written 9 December 1779, and was still married to Peter Wise on 17 January 1798, when settlement of the will of Gerrard Bowling was reached, and therefore could not have been the mother of Sara, Lavina Elizabeth and John O'Daniel, fathered by John O'Daniel and his second wife, Nancy.

Deed Book A, No. 2, Page 18, Fairfax County, Virginia)
Fairfax County Sct.
     On this 17th day of January, MDCCXCVIII, We the Subscribers, Representatives & Legatees of Ger'd Bowling dec'd & those of his Children now deceased, on acc't of whose Estates etc, we had any claim, did meet at the house of Samuel Bowling, & then & there did make an amicable division etc of our claims, which being done to Satisfaction, We do for ourselves our Heirs etc, fully release & exonerate each other from all other Claims & Demands, respecting the premises, except that Samuel Bowling is to pay to Richard Ratcliffe, the sum of Ninety pounds, & Robert Bowling to pay to Peter Wise, the sum of Ninety pounds. Witness our hands the date above.'
     Peter Wise; R'd Ratcliffe; Sam'l Bowling; Robert Bowling
    Signed & acknowledged in the presence of Joseph Bowling

Fairfax County, Virginia
Drawer X
Fairfax County to Wit
     To all Persons to Whom these presents shall Come or Concern, be it Known that We Benjamin King, Nancy O'Daniel & Catherine McIntoush, all of the County aforesaid, for and in Consideration of the Sum of Two Hundred Dollars Current money, to us in hand Paid by Mordecai Miller, of the Town of Alexandria & County, aforesaid, the Receipt whereof, we do for ourselves our Heirs, etc, acknowledge & him the said Mordecai Miller his heirs etc Thereof and therefrom forever Acquit, an also for & in Consideration of the particular Covenants herein after Expressed & by & on the part of him the said Mordecai Miler to be done & performed, have bargained & Sold, and by these presents do for ourselves Our Heirs etc Bargain and Sell unto the Said Mordecai Miller, a Certain negro man Slave Named Jack, which Said Slave Jack, Decended to us by the Last Will etc of John McIntoush, Late of this county, Dec'd.   Which Said Slave we Sell on the Express Terms following, Viz: that he the Said Slave Jack is not to be Subjected to, or Compell'd to Serve the Said Miller for Any longer Time than four yars from the Date of these presents, And that from and after that period he the Said Slave Jack is to Stand Released, Acquited, & forever free, and fully Emancipated from the Claim of us Our Heirs etc, and also from the Said Miller do Acknowledge the Same on his part in due form According to the meaning & Intent of the Said Sale & as Expressly Agreed by & between the parties Contracting.   In Witness Whereof we the said King, O'Daniel & C. McIntoush have hereunto Set Our hands & Affixed Our Seals this 13th day of Janaury in the year Eighteen Hundred.
Benj. King {Seal}; Nancy O'Daniel {Seal}; Katherine McIntoush {Seal}
Signed & Acknowledged In presence of us - John McIntosh; Thomas McIntosh;
Thomas Botts as to Benj. King Wm. Moss as to do {Seal}

Fairfax Co., VA Will Book B #1
     IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN this sixth day Feruary [sic] in year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty five I Frances Gladin of ye Parris of Truro and County of Fairfax being very sick and week in body but of perfeck mind an d memory and ordain this my last will and Testament
     Imprimis I give and bequeath to my son James Dannell a feather Bed and furniture my chest and table too dishes and four plaits Young heffer if any cost or truble should happen everyone of my heirs shall bare an equill charge acordin to chares portion.
     I give and bequeath to my Dafter Ann Jones all my wearing cloughs
     to my William Dannell I give and Bequeath a Negero man named Joe
     I give and Bequeath to my Dafter Catheran a Tronk and a butter Pot one Earthen dish to earthen plats
     I give and Bequeath to my son John O Dannell Anthony Evary Uoll and all the remainder of my Estate to him and his hares for Likwise I constitute ordain and make John O Dannell to be my sole Executer and acknowledge this to be my last Will and Testament in Witness whareof I have hereunto set my hand and seale the day and year above written.
Frances {her mark} Gladen.
21 March 1758 this will was presented in court by John O Daniel the Executor therein and named.

John Gladin's Will dated 19 Aug 1749 and proved 26 Dec 1749 - Fairfax Co., VA
wife: Francis
legatees: Sarah Nelson (goddaughter-dau. of Ann Nelson); Ann Nelson
brother: Richard Gladin
Exrs: William Daniel; Richard Daniel
Wit: John Wybird Dainty; Simon French; Elizabeth Daniel

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