Oleman Lineage
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Numbers before ancestors umbers denote Ahnentafel Numbers on Duane's Ahnentafel Chart.

Believe #20 to be correct but would like to have more proof/documentation.

20.    OLEMAN, Philip b. ca. 1815-20 Hanover, Germany d. aft. 1854; m. ca. 1843 to Marie W. Happe or Josephine Knapp b. ca. 1820, d. aft. 1854.
    Their children:
    1.    Charles Ignatz Oleman b. 13 Aug 1845 Hanover, Germany, d. 2 Aug 1910 Polk Co., OR;  m. Louise Pauline Dubois - 1900-10 Polk Co., OR Census.
           {In Polk Co., OR - the Circuit Court Journal - Vol. 11, p.75 is a naturalization record for Charles I. Oleman.}
    2.     poss. John Oleman b. Sept 1851 Germany, d. Oct 1901 Linn Co., OR; m. Mary or  Frances Baumstark
    3.     Henry Albert Oleman b. 5 Jan 1854 Germany, d. 20 Apr 1939 Longview, Cowlitz Co., WA to Elizabeth Baumstark b. Canada. - 1920 Benton Co., OR Census
             Believe that Mary/Frances Baumstark and Elizabeth Baumstark were sisters.

10.     OLEMAN, John b. Sept 1851 Germany; m/1: ca. 1875  Mary/Frances? BAUMSTARK  b. ca. 1853 Canada, prob. d. in childbirth or shortly after.  John Oleman d. October 1901 Linn Co., Oregon. He m/2: Louise (What was her maiden name?). {In Polk Co., OR - the Circuit Court Journal - Vol. 4, p.263, has a naturalization record for John August Olin.  I will attempt to get this and see if it could be Oleman rather than Olin.}
    Children of marriage to ??Mary/Frances?? Baumstark:
    1.     Elizabeth Wilhelmina Oleman b. 29 July 1877 Canada (See #5)below
    Children by marriage to Louise _____:
    2.     Henry Oleman b. Aug 1886 Indian Head, Canada
    3.     Lucy (Charlotte?) Oleman b. Dec 1887 Canada
    4.     Mary (May?) Oleman b. Apr 1889 Canada
    5.     James Oleman b. Dec 1890 Oregon
    6.     Ella Oleman b. Oct 1891 Oregon
    7.     Mable Oleman b. Jan 1893 Oregon
    8.     Bert (Albert) Oleman b. Sept 1894 Oregon
    9.     George Oleman b. Mar 1897 Oregon
  10.     Herby (Herbert) Oleman b. Apr 1900 Oregon

5.    OLEMAN, Elizabeth Wilhelmina b. 29 July 1877 Indian Head, Sask., Canada m. James  McNeill

2.    Duane L. McNeill b. 25 August 1937 Dayton, Columbia Co., WA, d. 4 March 1999 Napavine, WA; m. 8 March 1959 Bakersfield, Kern  Co., CA to Ruby L. Simonson


Saskatchewan Homestead Records dated 1888 -
Land Commissioner. Subject: John Oleman for Pat. for NE 1/4 14.20.12 W.2
Application of J. Oleman for a Patent for NE of Sec. 14, Twp. 20, Rge. 12 of 2 Meridian. Homestead NE Pre-emption SE.
Statement of Wm. Birrell for J. Oleman                            Occupation: Farmer
Has he had any other homestead entry?  Yes, he sold it
Perfect his entry to this homestead: Fall 1882
Witness: Wm. Birrell - dated 19 Apr 1889
Statement of C. I. Oleman of Sec. 14, Twp. 20, Rge 12 of E Meridian
Occupation: Farmer
How long have you known J. Oleman? Since ___
Witness: Charles I Oleman
Statement of John Oleman is support of his application for a Patent for NE of Section 14 Twp 20, Rge 12 of 2 Meridian.
Name, age and PO: John Oleman; 38; Forte Qu'Appelle - This would give him a birthdate of 1853
British Subject by birth/naturalization? yes             Trade: Farmer
Obtain Entry for Homestead:  27 Decr 83               Build house thereon: In 82
Family Consists of: Wife and 4 children - same residence
Had other Homestead Entry: __/14/20 - sold it Signed by John Oleman 19 April 1889---

You will note from the above that the Olemans were signing for each other in the Canadian homestead applications.

Oregon State Certificate of Death: #4071
County of Polk - Village of Airlie
Name:  Charles Ignace Oleman - Male - White - married
Date of Birth:  Aug. 21st 1846 Germany
Date of Death:  Aug. 2, 1910     ae. 63y, 11m, 19d     (Cancer of throat/mouth) -  buried:  Kings Valley
Father:  Philip Oleman b. Hanover
Mother:  Marie W. Napp b. Hanover
Informant:  Henry A. Oleman - Summit, Oregon
Washington State Certificate of Death #19
Place of Residence:  Kelso, Cowlitz Co. (Route 1, Box 5) Washington
Name:  Henry A. Oleman - male - white - married - b. 5 Jan 1854 Germany     Stone Mason
Died:  Apr. 20, 1939 - ae. 85y, 3m, 15d of Bronch. Pneumonia
Informant:  J. A. Meissner of Kelso, Washington
Buried Kings Valley, OR
Father:  Philip Oleman - b. Germany
Mother:  Josephine Knapp b. Germany
Wife:  Elizabeth A. Oleman
OregonCertificate of Death - #118
Died:  Summit, Benton County, Oregon Nov. 12, 1932 -  ae. 68y, 10m, 5d
Elizabeth Augusta Oleman - Female - White Married - b. Jan. 7, 1864 Guelp, Ontario, Canada
Husband:  Henry A. Oleman
Father: John A. Baumstark b. Germany
Mother:  Elizabeth Tarpplin b. England
Informant:  Oliver Oleman of Summit, OR
Burial: Kingsvalley, OR
In the 1871 Huron Co., Ontario, Canada Census:
[may be in household of others - need to get actual census copy]  [Huron County borders Perth and Wellington on the East]
Baumstock, John age 46 (b. ca. 1825) b. Germany - Church of England - Cooper (025 G 3 54 02)
Baumstock, Louisa age 79 (b. ca. 1792) b. Germany - Church of England             (025 G 3 54 02)
Cavalier county, ND, BLM Records
OLEMAN HENRY A                  05        162 N  059 W     014        160   272002   PA        10301   01/26/1888