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    My Daniel Talbott m. Betsy Paris(h) 1798 Clark Co., KY.  Marriage bond was to Daniel Talbott and Moses Paris.  The son of Daniel and Betsy Talbott, Benjamin Talbott (my ancestor) was b. 1811 Bourbon County, KY.  I just found in the FTM CD#210 (National Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume 60) "Bourbon County, Kentucky, Apprentice Bonds, 1788-1914" the following:
    Parish, Hiram, about 15, orphan of Moses Parish, deceased, 2 April 1810,to Daniel Talbott, cooper.  (G-349).  This would be Deed Book G, p. 349.
    Does anyone know anything about Moses Parish/Paris?  He obviously died ca. 1810.  I always wondered why Benjamin Talbott named a son Hiram P.Talbott.  Now believe it was for Hiram Parish/Paris.
     This information was found 20 August 1998 so maybe you know something that would help me.

A letter received in December 1989 from Charles B. Paris of 47 Walden, Burnsville, MN 55337 states in part:
"Your inquiry on information about your ancestor Betsy Paris and a Moses Paris are very interesting but I don't know if I can make any correlation with our Paris family with so little information.  Yes, we had two Mose or Moses Paris' in my direct line of Paris'.  One, my Great Grandfather was born in 1814 so that lets him out; he was born too late to b the Moses you refer to.  The other one was a brother of my great Great Grandfather.  He was born in 1773 in Maryland.  He migrated with his family to Bourbon County, Kentucky in the late 1780's.  He would have been twenty five years old in 1798 and did have a sister named Elizabeth who woul dhave been about forty years old in 1798.  I have her married to a Bradly in 1814.
    It is interesting to note that a brother of our Mose, born in 1773, raised an orphan girl named Betsy Stivers.  He mentions her in his will....."

Another letter dated January 1990 from Mr. Paris states in part:
    "... The Elizabeth Paris that I mentioned was married to a Bradly in 1814 was meant to mean that at that time she was married to a Bradly.  I don't know what date they were married.  That was her second marriage, she first married a man named Tooks (Rooks), then Bradly.  I don't have dates for any of the events.
    Enclosed is a group sheet for my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Paris.   I do not have group sheets for his brother Mose.  All I know about him is that he was born in 1773, went to Kentucky, probably with his Father and his family in early 1790's.  About 1814 he was living in Bourbon County, Ky, and in 1818 he was living in Clinton County, Ohio.  On 30 May 1798 he married Mary Nickerson in Madison county, Kentucky.  And that is it for him.
    Neither do I have a group sheet for Samuels' brother, William who raised the orphan girl Betsy Stivers.  He was born in 1776, went to Kentucky with the family and lived in Washington County, apparently the balance of his life.   He bought and sold several pieces of land.  He married a girl named Mary, I don't know when, where or her maiden name.  They had no children.  he died between February and May 1814....

The lineage of Charles Paris is:
Samuel Paris b. 30 Mar 1777 Harford, MD; d. 20 Mar 1875 Grayson, KY, bur. Paris Famiy Cem., Grayson, CO, KY (son of William Paris and Sabinah ___); m. 18 Feb 1802 Madison Co., KY to Nancy Ann Mings (d/o Jospeh Mings nad Margaret Butrum).
Their children:  Sibbina; William A.; Mary "Polly"; Jospeh; Margaret; Moses b. 10 June 1814 m. 1839 Eliza Depanna Prewitt; Jane; Isabel; Dabner C.; Elender; Thomas G.

William Paris (f/o Samuel Paris above) will (Will Book "B", pages 285 & 286) dated 11 Feb 1814 and reads, in part:  "I William Paris of Washington County, KY...
wife:  Polly Paris
Negro man named Major
Negro woman named Dina
Orphan girl I have raised Betsy Stevers one horse
Nathanial Clark who intermarried my sister Sussana
Negro boy Ivey
Moses Paris
Samuel Paris
sisters Racheal Kirk
Sister Kisiah Verto
sister Rebekah Paris
sister Sally Reed
sister Sibinor Hornback
sister Polly Hornback
children my sister Elizabeth Bradley had by Thomas Parks (?) deceased
brother Samuel Paris
extrs: friends John Grundy and Robert (?)Fogle

From Virginia Families (Wm. & Mary) - Vol. IV -.25
In the Douglas Register are found in St. James Northam Parish, Gooochland --
Joel Parish & Elizabeth Hill, Dec. 26, 1757
Moses Parish & Mary Hill Jan. 29, 1761
Nanny Parish & Nathaniel Hill - Sept. 3, 1767

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