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    18 February 2002

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The following is what we have actual proof of.  We welcome other children and, of course, documentation to supplement new information.  Although the name is very often found as Parrish, I will try and use just the one spelling, Parish for simplicity.

Joseph Parish b. ca. 1745 ; d. ca. 1796; m. (poss. Mary Priddy - see documentation)
Their children:
1.    Mary Parish b. ca. 1772 m. 1792  Mason Co., KY to Joseph Russell
2.    Sarah Parish b. ca. 1774 m. 13 Jan 1791 Mason Co., KY to John Kiger [Note:"Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Vol. III 1775-1800, p.27 states: R-78: John Kiger of Hampshire Co.  280 A on Chesnut Rg. on Allaganey Mt. in said Co.  Surv. Elias Poston.  8 Jan 1779.]
      [Marriage Bond signed by John Kiger and Joseph Parish Jr.] **
3.    Joseph Parish Jr. **
4.    Samuel H. Parish m. 18 Feb 1799 Campbell Co., KY to Margaret Utter
5.    Drusilla Parrish m. 20 Dec 1796 Campbell Co., KY to Joseph Wellman ***
6.    Ruth Parrish m. 10 Jan 1787 Orange Co., VA to Robert Dickinson
      [Not sure why she isn't mentioned in the deed, but there seemed to be only ONE Joseph Parish in Orange Co., VA and the marriage record definitely states that Ruth was the d/o Joseph Parish.  Until we find otherwise, I think she should be added as a child of Joseph and a sibling to Mary, Sarah, Joseph Jr., Samuel and Drusilla.]

Barrett Parrish m. 12 Jan 1807 Campbell Co., KY to Sarah Dickerson.   How do they relate to our Parrish family? Is it more than a coincidence that this is a Dickerson/Parrish marriage?  Is Sarah a d/o Robert and Ruth (No. 6 above)?


Descent from Child #1 above:
Mary Parish b. ca. 1772 VA (#35 on my Ahnentafel), d. prob. after 1809; m. 3 May 1792 Mason Co., KY to Joseph Russell b. 1765-70 VA, d. ca. 1811-12 Dearborn/Franklin Co., IN. (John Kiger was one of the witnesses to the marriage bond)   Resided 1800 Campbell Co., KY.  See Russell page  for info on that family.   John Kiger was administrator for the estate of Joseph Russell Sr. Joseph Russell and John Kiger apparently married Parish sisters.
Their children:
1.    Joseph Russell Jr. b. ca. 1798-9, d. ca. 1828 Franklin Co., IN
         [Was a minor/infant - under age in 1812 and over age in 1813]), d. intestate ca. 1828 Franklin Co., IN
       [See note below]
2.     Moses Russell b. 1792-1809; prob. d. infancy [Infancy which may infer under 21 years of age]
3.     Jehu Russell b. 1792-1809; d. prob. bef. 1837
4.     William A. (Ales) Russell b. 1807 Campbell Co., KY/Hamilton Co., OH; d. aft.1850
5.     Martha Russell b. 1792-1809; d. aft. 1837; m. E. Thompson
*6.    Mary Russell(#34 on Ancestor Chart  b. 17 May 1801 Campbell Co., KY, d. 29/31 March 1878 Preble Co., OH,
       bur. Westfield Cem.; m. 16 July 1823 by Rev. Clarke in Hamilton Co., OH to Jesse Simonson ; m. 23 July 1823
       Hamilton Co., OH to Jesse Simonson b. 5 Feb 1800 Essex Co., NJ,   d. 14 June 1881 Preble Co., OH, bur. next
       to his wife.
7.     Elizabeth Russell b. 14 June 1803 Campbell Co., KY, d. aft. 1885; m. Walter E.Kerr [See Note below]

*6.  Mary Russell b. 1801 Campbell Co., KY, d. 29-31 March1878 Preble Co., OH;  m. 1823 Hamilton Co., OH to Jesse Simonson b. 5 Feb 1800 Essex Co., NJ; d. 14 June 1881 Preble Co., OH.
Their children:
1.    Mary Catherine Simonson b. 31 Oct 1824 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 16 Mar 1833
      [It is possible that this daughter was named after Jesse's mother and Mary's mother]
2.    Elizabeth C. Simonson b. 21 Feb 1826 Hamilton Co., OH, d. 10 Oct 1886 Eldorado Co., MO; m. 21 Aug 1849
      Preble Co., OH to Paul Gans
3.    Charlotte Simonson b. 6 May 1828 Hamilton Co., OH, d. 29 July 1828
      [This is the first time the name "Charlotte"  appears in our family.]
4.    Ruth A. Simonson b. 27 June 1829 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 2 July 1829
        [This is the first time the name "Ruth" appears in our family.]
5.    Robert S. Simonson b. 13 June 1830 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 16 Mar 1833
      [This is the first time the name "Robert" appears in our family.]
6.    William R. Simonson b. 23 June 1832 Preble Co., OH; d. 16 Mar 1833
7.    Jesse Russell Simonson b. 2 Mar 1834 Preble Co., OH, d. 29 Sept 1877 Marshall Co., IL; m. 16 Feb 1860 Preble
      Co., OH to Mary Brown Moore
8.    Martha Laura Simonson b. 26 Jan 1836 Preble Co., OH; d. 8 Feb 1895 Preble Co., OH; unm.
9.    John Deem Simonson b. 19 Sept 1837 Preble Co., OH, d. 7 Jan 1916 Iola, KS; m.20 Mar 1862 Preble Co., OH to
      Nancy Broadbury
        [The Deem family was also known to have been in Campbell Co., KY at the time our Russells and Parrish
      families were there.  Assume just John Deem was  named after the family's friends.]
10.   Charles B. Simonson b. 22 Sept 1839 Preble Co., OH, d. 19 Feb 1898 Summerville, OH; m. Keziah Osborn

Descendant of #7 (Jesse Russell Simonson):

Hamilton Co., OH History; Preble Co., OH History; Cemetery Records; Hamilton Co., OH  Marriage Records; Handwritten book by Mary Simonson Major, d/o John Deem Simonson.
Franklin Co., IN court records; Mason Co., KY Marriage Records; Campbell Co., KY tax records; History of Dearborn Co., IN, its people and institutions; Estate of Joseph Russell Jr. in Supreme Court records.



**" To the Clerk of Mason County This shall be your defence in granting a License to Mr. John Kiger to be Joined in Matrimony unto my Daughter Sarah Parrish given unto my hand this 13th Day of Jan 1791.
Test: Joseph Parrish Jr.
Joseph Parrish Sr."

***"I Joseph Wellman of Pendleton County and state of Kentucky as heir at law of Joseph Parish dec'd do hereby for full Value Rec'd assign over all my part and Claim of my part of sd dec'd land Especially my part as legatee to sd Joseph Parish dec'd in a bond given sd dec'd by Richard Cridington Webb of Virginia for fifteen hundred acres of land in above state to Robert Elrod as witness my hand and seal this 12th day of March 1801.
Joseph Wellman
Mitchel Wellman
John Wellman"

Sources for children of Joseph Parish:  Montgomery Co., KY Deed (FHL Film #252348 p.23-26):
State of Kentucky, Campbell County. Whereas Joseph Parish dec'd late of this State and of Mason County before his dec'd & in the year one Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Two August the Sixth took an obligation upon Rich'd Crittenden Webb of Virginia, Orange County oblig'd him the sd Webb to convey one thousand five hundred acres of land to said Joseph Parrish now dec'd his heirs & sufferance to which obligation may be had (and whereaswe the underneath Subscribers Heirs to sd Joseph dec'd have this day bargained and sold to John Grant of Campbell County our full Interest & right to our different shares in sd Land for full Value rec'd of him the sd Grant & do hereby freely empower the sd Grant to recover sd Land or otherwise settle the affair as he pleases to his own use and for such purpose as he shall choose as surely as if it were ourselves and do hereby fully and forever Relinquish all interest or part to Sd land or any Claim on Sd R. C. Webb for the Said Land but it is to be understood that the Sd Grant is to have no recourse on us for any damages should he fail in Getting anything of Sd. Webb or on Sd Bond in testemony we have hereunto Set our hands and Seals this date before Mentioned 24th July 1800.
In presence of:
J. V. Grant                                                        Joseph Russell
Test.                                                              John Kiger
Susannah Grant                                                     Samuel H. Parrish

[Note: Why wouldn't any other children of Joseph Parish (Joseph Jr. and perhaps Ruth)  be mentioned in the above document dated July 1800?  Were they already deceased?]

Land: (FHL Microfilm #252348 pg. 23-26)
This is to Certify that I Richard Cridington Webb of Orange County do oblige myself my heirs or assigns to make a good lawful right to one half the Quanty of three thousand acres of land by a warrant bearing dates the first day of August 1782, No. 13036 to Joseph Parish his heirs or assigns of the same County Which Warrant sd Bill is to get located & Surveyed on the best terms he can & sd Parish his heirs & assigns to pay half of the Expense the sd Webb has to pay. In witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 6th day August 1782.
Test.: Edmd Row
Richd C. Webb
Wm. B.Webb

Orange Co. Deed Book 15, p.501-02
"On Margin.  "Delvd to T. Craig Sen 6 Nov 1772"
 Indenture 25 May 1772 between John Campbell and Mary, his wife, and Alexander Spotswood of one part and JOSEPH PARISH of other .. to rent 200 acres .. during natural lives of his sons John and Joseph or longest liver .. pay 25th Dec. rent .. 800 pounds Tobo and Cask ..
Signed by Alexander Spotswood
James Lewis, Jos. Brock, Tolever Craig Jr., Joseph Brock Jr., Aaron Denney, Andrew Shepherd.
Recorded Orange County 25th June 1772."
Can we assume that Joseph Parrish had two sons, John and Joseph?  Does anyone have info on this family?

Military:  "Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution" 1775-1783 by John H. Gwathmey - p.603
Parish, Joseph, Orange Co. Mil., recorded as Ensign 7 Feb 1777, oath 23 Oct 1777.

Residences:  1782 - Orange Co., VA
             1790 - Mason Co., KY
             1800 - Campbell Co., KY

This information was provided through another researcher's diligence and I want to give credit to Vonda L. Cooper for sharing.  It's through the unselfish gift of sharing that we all may be able to find our illusive answers and add to our family tree.

NOTE #1:   Joseph Russell Jr. (s/o Joseph Russell and Mary Parish) #3 above:
John Rockefeller was guardian for Joseph Russell Jr.   Not sure what relationship John Rockefeller (or his wife Mary Thrope) had to the Russell family, if any.

NOTE #2:  Elizabeth Russell (d/o Joseph Russell and Mary Parish) #6 above:
Bernie Cullen, a descendant of Elizabeth Russell provided a copy of this letter - it was written by a daughter of Elizabeth Russell and Walter Kerr (have lost contact with Bernie - anyone know her new address?):

"Letter Elizabeth Kerr to Anna Louise Kerr Winkler March 18, 1924 - Transcribed by John B. Cullen III, August 1995.
Letter written in green ink or green writing paper, one folded sheet (four sides), one half sheet (two sides).
Rising Sun Ind
March 18, 1924
'My Dear Neice I was much surprised to get a letter from you but was pleased to hear from you once more.   it is so seldon we hear anything at all from Dearborn co that we appreciate a letter.   But I must tell you that we heard one little scrap of news and that was that you were married but from your letter head and signature that was a mistaken report can it be that it is one of your sisters that is married.    Now about the information you are wanting it is very meager indeed.  grandmother Kerr talked quite a good deal about her Father and Mother living in Ky, and after they moved to ohio, although she was but four years old when they both died, just one day apart, but she never mentioned abut having a grandmother or aunts and uncles nor when nor where they came from when they came to Ky.   That is all blank.   Rose says she and grandmother used to talk and she says grandmothers name before she was married was Mary Parish and her fathers name was Joseph Russel, I have heard her say in fun that she could claim "kin" to Lord Russel of England.  They were of English descent they (Russels were) but there is nothing to tell us if her father was the only one who came here or when or was he married when he came is unknown she was too young to remember. She was born in Campbell Co Kentucky in 1803 and five years later they moved to near Whitewater Hamilton Co Ohio where her parents died leaving three sons and three daughters her brother Joseph Russel was in the war of 1812 with General Hall and died a prisnor of war her son Charles Kerr was in the Civil War and died at Vicksburg, her son William was in the same war but lived through and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. Now Anna Louise I have done the best I could and have given you all the information I have at hand. In some Encyclopedias there are histories of families given maybe of the Russels who knows.    Rose and I are having better health this winter so far than we have had for two years but I never go away from home only across the yard to see a neighbor or two maybe when the weather gets warm I can make some trips abroad.   I hope this may find you people all well.    With best regards to all
Your Aunt
Elizabeth Kerr

Lincoln Co., KY 1790 Tax List - Joseph Russell
Campbell Co., KY 1797-98; 1800-01-02-03-05 Tax List - Joseph Russell
Campbell Co., KY formed 1795 from Mason Co., KY
Mason Co., KY formed 1789 from Bourbon Co., KY
Franklin Co., IN formed 1811 from Dearborn Co., IN

A researcher mentioned that "Lucile Rupley Weil (Believed to be a descendant of Joseph and Mary [Parish] Russell, is known to have written a book named 'Russell's, Then and Now'."    If anyone has informationn on where I can obtain a copy of this book, please let me know.

The below is speculation and any proofs would be appreciated.

(SEE BELOW)   Mary Priddy b. 1756 NC; m.  6 May 1777 Goochland Co., VA to Joseph Parish and made their home in Goochland Co and Fluvanna Co., VA.     It is this couple I hope to establish as my ancestors. [LDS IGI - Film 0031650; Batch 8707001, Sheet 81, Source Film #1396316; Batch 8433313, Sheet 36, Source Film #1395899 ]

William Priddy b. ca. 1734; m. 5 Feb 1755 St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co., VA ; m. Jean Hunter b. ca. 1732 and soon after marriage moved to Granville Co., NC and after death of his father returned to Goochland Co., VA until 1778 - this land sold 1779 after he had moved to Fluvanna Co., VA.  William Priddy Sr. wrote his will 5 May 1792 - probated in Fluvanna Co., VA 30 Oct 1792.  His wife, Jean Hunter, left deed dated 1804 listing heirs as Charles and his wife  Judith Priddy Hunter; John and his wife Martha Rowe Priddy; Pleasant Bybee and wife Mildred "Milley" Priddy Bybee; Littleberry and wife Nancy Hughes Priddy; William Priddy and wife Fanny Priddy; Joseph and wife Martha Priddy Parish.  She is listed as Mary Priddy in the above list.    [Sources: LDS Ancestral File; Priddy Family of America.   I have been informed that there are errors in the "Priddy Family of America" but everything can be used as a clue until proven by other sources.]
Their children:
  * 1.    Mary Priddy b. 1756 NC; m. 1776 to Joseph Parish and made their home in Goochland Co and Fluvanna  Co., VA
    2.    Judith Priddy m. 1757; m. Charles Hunter and lived in Fluvanna and Albemarle Co., VA
    3.    John Priddy b. 8 April 1758 Granville Co., NC; d. 8 Apr 1857 Fayette Co., OH; m. Martha Rowe 1790 Louisa
          Co., VA, d.1847 Fayette Co., OH
    4.    Mildred "Milley" Priddy b. 1759 NC, d. 1841 Fluvanna Co., VA; m. 1789 Pleasant Bybee who served in Rev.
          War veteran
    5.    Littleberry Priddy b. 9 Apr 1762 VA; m. Nancy Hughes 1795 who after Littleberry died in 1815; m.
          William Davis ca. 1815-6
    6.    George Priddy b. 1764, d. 1801 Fluvanna Co., VA
    7.    Sally Priddy b. 1 Oct 1766 d. before father's will of 1792
    8.    William Priddy Jr. b. 8 Jan 1768; m. 5 Mar 1790 to Fanny Priddy in Granville Co., NC - lived in Fluvanna
          Co., VA until ca. 1809

Robert Priddy Sr.  b. __, d. ___ (will adm. Dec 1759 Granville Co., NC and refers to money owed him by a John Jones of Louisa Co., VA); m. Susannah Harlow .   Resided  Louisa Co., VA (1743 deed "to Robert Priddy of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa Co.") (1752 deed "bounding land of Robert Priddy")   (1756 deed "Robert Priddy of St. Martin's Parish Louisa Co. - witnesses: Andrew Hunter, Stephen Hunter, Peter Hunter, Susannah Priddy, wife of Robert Priddy").    [Source:  The Priddy Family in America]
Their children:
    1.    Susanna Priddy
    2.    Frances Priddy m. Dudley Glass
    3.    Patience Priddy
    4.    Robert Priddy Jr. m. Elenor ____
    5.    George Priddy m. Penelope Davis
  * 6.    William Priddy m. Jean Hunter
    7.    Thomas Priddy m. Mary Snead
    8.    Richard Priddy m. Judith Forester

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