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Trying to prove David Price is the father of Sibyll Price who married Daniel Harry.

No. 1262 on my Ahnentafel Chart  David Price

"Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania - Some of the Founders", p. 203
"Price. "The children of David Price and Joan, his wife," of co. Brec.  Remd. to Penna., 1690."
"David Price, of co. Brec.  Remd. to Penna., 1690. Fd."
"Wife, Joan ---; liv. 1690."

[Ruby's note:  It is the above David and Joan ___ Price that I am attempting to prove are my ancestors - the parents of Sibyll Price who married Daniel Harry at Radnor Twp, PA]
[Ruby's Note:  From the "Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Certificates of Wales": (Abstracted - Price children, orphans of David and Joan Price, late of Brecknockshire, produced a certificate from Brecknockshire Monthly Meeting dated 1st da, 7th mo, 1690 - children not named..)

Also mentioned in above book is:
"David Price, of par. of Mothvey, co. Carm., gentleman; bro. James.  He purchased 300 a. ld. in Radnor, Penna., after 1682-3, from James Price, but soon after sold the same to Henry Rees (before 1700).  It is uncertain whether this David Price remd. to Penna., or not."

Brocknocke Shire the I st day of the 7th month 1690
This is to Certifie unto you from us whose nams are hereunder written as far as we doe understand concerning the children of David Price & Joan his wife, as for their honesty & civilty & good Behaviour we have not any thing to say to the Conterary But that they behaved themsealves very well & yt they come of a very honest family, And as Concerning any of the sid Childeren to be ingaged or contracted unto any one breathing we are Willing to Certifie & to pass or words as far as this That we doe neither hear of such a thing nor doe we suspect of them any thing of that Nature but that they are free to make their Joyne.
Witnesses: William Awbrey; Richard Awbrey; John Morgan; Richard Walter, Philip Williams, Arthur Prosser: Walter John; William Morgan; William Jeinkin; Ann Awbrey; Elizabeth Awbrey Junior-, Elizabeth Awbrey Senior

"Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Vol. 3" by John Pitts Launey
Radnor-Haverford-Merion Burials
Joan Price, widow, bur. 29th da, 7th mo, 1699 at Merion Meeting House burial ground.

The marriage of Daniel Harry at Radnor Townshipe in the Welsh Tract & Province of Pennsylvania; m. Sibyll Price late of Waun province - dated 4, 12mo 1690.   Among the witnesses of these names:
Evan Harry;  David Price;   Joan Price;   Joan Price; Kathrin Price

The marriage of James Pugh (see his will abstract below) and Joan Price listed following witnesses and it with these witnesses that I believe my Sybill Price and Joan Price are sisters.
David Price
Daniel Harry (who married my ancestress, Sybill Price)
Evan Bevan                                                 David Price                                               The Mark of James Pugh
John Stephen                                              Alexander Edwards                                 The Mark of Joan Pugh
Charles Hughs                                            Evan Roderch
Evan Harry                                                  David Phililps
John Jarman                                                Elis Pugh
Richard Miller                                             Ben: Humphrey
Rees Thomas                                              Daniel Medlicot
David Meredith                                          Sybill Harry (my ancestress)
John Ruana                                                 Magdelen Kinsy
Richard ____                                              Katherin Price
Howel James                                               Mary Price
Stephen ____                                             Martha Medlicot
                                                                      Elizabeth Price
                                                                      Martha Thomas

[RSM Note: I believe that Joan Price (late of Haverford) who m. James Pugh 1692 at Haverford MM is the sister to my Sybill Price and that they are the daughters of David Price and Joan ____, the immigrants.  Would like to hear from others who relate to this Price family.]

Ruby's Note:  From the "Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Radnor-Haverford-Merion Births": (Abstracted -   James Pugh and his wife Joan Price).
Children:  Margaret Pugh b. 1693
David Pugh b. 1694
James Pugh b. 1695/6
Joan Pugh b. 1696/7
Hugh Pugh b. 1699/1700
John Pugh b. 1701
Sybil Pugh b. 1704
AND from the "Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Radnor-Haverford-Merion Marriages": (Abstracted - James Pugh of Radnor Twp, bachelor, and Joan Price, formerly of Haverford, spinster, m. 23rd da. 4th mo, 1692 at the house of John Jarmans in Radnor)

Chester Co., PA Will states:
James Pugh will dated 7 Oct 1723 and proved 25 Aug 1724 Uchlan, Chester Co., PA lists:
Wife Joan
Joan m. William Williams
Sible/Sibilla m. John Edwards
Executors: sons Hugh and John; friends David Pugh and David Price assistants
[Source:   Wills of Chester Co., PA 1713-48 pub by Family Lines Pub.]

Reese Price residing near Philadelphia... widower and Elizabeth Williams late of the township of Radnor declared their intentions of Marriage. Witnesses included:
Daniel Harry;  Rees Price Junior;  David Price;  Evan Harry;  Elizabeth Price

Radnor the 20th day of the 10month 1688
Reese Price residing near Philadelphia, widdower, and Elizabeth Williams late of the township of Radnor declared their Marriage. Signed by mark of Rees Price and Elizabeth Price.
Witnesses-. Steven Evans; John Jarman; Rees Peter; John Richard-, Daniel Harry-, Rees Jones; William David, Griffith Miles; Richard Moore; Rees Price Junior; David Price-, Alexander Edward; Ellis Pugh; David Evan-, David Meredith, James James; Williarn Jarnes; Samuel Miles; Philip Evan; Evan Harry; Howell Jarnes- John Owen, Joshuah Owen-, William Thomas; Thomas Jons; Philip Philips; John Longworthy; Elizabeth Price-, Magdalen Kinsey, Phebe Stephen-, Mary Jones; Elizabeth Humphrey; Mary Evans, Ann Jones

[Ruby's Note:   According to "Merion in the Welsh Tract" p.96-7 I extract the following:  Edward Rees, alias Prees, or Price, by which last name his descendants called themselves, and by which he was frequently designated, came to Meriod with Dr. Edward Jones, in August 1681...  The Will of Edward Rees is dated 28 Nov 1728 and proved at Philadelphia 1727-8.  Mentions son Rees Prees, grandson, Edward, and cousins, Peter, David and Jane Evans, etc.  He m/1: in Wales, Mably, d/o Owen ap Hugh....  She d. in 1699;  Edward Rees m/2: Rebecca Humphrey.  By his first wife he had Rees Prees (alias Price b. 11th 1678; Catharine bur. Merion 1681; Jane b. 9th mo 11th, 1682; m/1 Jonathan Hayes; m/2: ___ Maries.....    Rees Price m/1: Radnor 10 6th 1705 to Sarah Meredith and m/2: 10mo 9th 1718 to Elizabeth Ellis, d/o Ellis Ellis."      So, on Reese Price, I see no relationship but they must have been close as my Daniel Harry was at the wedding of Reese Price and Elizabeth Williams above.  I do believe that Daniel Harry was related to Ellis Ellis in some way however.  It is possible that we are also talking of two different men named Reese Price and I welcome descendants of Reese to enlighten me.]

Thomas Rees of Haverford and Francis Price late of same in Chester county - 27 2mo 1692
Among witnesses:
Philip Price;  Isaac Price
[Ruby's Note:  From the "Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Radnor-Haverford-Merion Births": (Abstracted - Thomas Rees and his wife Frances (Price).  Children born in Haverford: Samue b. 1693; Sarah b. 1694; Daniel b. 1696; Mary b. 1698; David b. 1700; Isaac b. 1702.)

Who is:
Katherine Price of Merion who m. David Pugh 1698
[Ruby's Note:  From the "Early Church Records of Delaware Co., PA - Radnor-Haverford-Merion Marriages": (Abstracted - David Pugh of Merion Twp, Philadelphia Co., widower, and Katherine (Price) of the same place, spinster, m. 26th da. 6th mo. 1698 at Merion Meeting House, Philadelphia.)

Who is:
Sarah Price of Merion who m. John Lewis 1696

Who is:
Mary Price of Radnor who m. Abel Roberts 1701
[Note:  Received the following via the internet:]
Hi Ruby,
    Saw your question one night while I was cruising the internet looking for genealogy.
Who is:
Mary Price of Radnor who married Abel Roberts 1701
Answer:  July 1998
    She was the daughter of Isaac Price, immigrant from Wales.  He died in February 1706/07 in Chester Co., PA.  Will probated 1 March 1706/07.  Mary Price had a brother Isaac and a sister Gwen. She married again after Abel Roberts death to Roger Roberts.  Katherine Price was her daughter to Abel Roberts and married John Lewis, the son of Henry Lewis, 6 January 1725 at Radnor Mtg.  Katherine was born 28 October 1702 in Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA.  Abel Roberts and Mary Price also had another daughter, Rachel who married Evan Evans.
    I picked up on this question because she is one of my ancestors.  I hope my answer helps with your research.
    Good luck with your research,  Alice Beard

Who is:
Rees Prees of Merion m. Sarah Meredith 1705

How are they related to each other and (hopefully) Sybill?

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