Whitton Lineage
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Christopher Whitten/Whitton  (1214 on Ahnentafel Page)   b. ca. 1642 (prob. England); d. ca. Sept 1687 NJ; m. ______ b. ___, d. ca. 1687 prob. NJ. (See Sources Below)
    Their children:
    1.    James Whitton b. bef. Feb 1688-9; m. 27 4mo 1718 Philadelphia MM to Catherine/Kathrine Bedwort.   James Whitton m/1: Sarah Darkin (d/o Richard Darkin [whose will was dated 1707-8 and proved 1716] and Ann Darkin [whose will was  dated 1717]  As Ann did not mention daughter, Sarah, we can assume that Sarah d. bet.1707-1717.
           Children of James Whitton and Sarah (Salem MM Records):
           1.     Ann Whittan, dau. of James Whittan and Sarah, his wife, b. 12th or 15th da, 10th  mo, 1707.  Ann is not mentioned in further records - poss. d.y.
            2.    Joseph Whittan, son of James Whittan and Sarah, his wife, b. 9th da, 9th mo, 1709.  Joseph Whitton d. 1732
  *2.    Grace Whitton b. ca. 1670; m. Nathaniel Cripps
    3.    Sarah Whitton b. bef. Feb 1688/9
    4.    Mary Whitton b. bef. Feb 1688/9; m. 1 8mo 1705 Burlington Co., NJ to Christopher Wetherill who d. 25 1mo 1711 Burlington Co., NJ.

By the inventory of Christopher Whitton (see below),  he was deceased by Sept 1687 and by the  will of John Smith (see below),  we know that as of Feb. 1688-9 Christopher Whitton only had the four children and by the Salem MM (see below) we know that there were only four children at the time of the death of Christopher Whitton and his wife.

      (1) Inventory (1687 Sept. 19 - NJ Calendar of Wills)  of the personal estate of  Christopher Whitton, £46.4.3, a servant man, a 16 acre lot and the
            improvements of Ivey Point, not valued, nor amounts given of debts due the estate by Sam'l Hedge,  James Viccary, Rich'd Daniel, Roger Milton,
            Thomas Yorke, Richard Tindall and widow Nicholson; the estate owes £6.0.6 to James Nevill, Edw'd Champneys,  James Barrat, George
            Haslewood, John Smith of Smithfield, Christopher Saunders (for 1 month's work), Jo. Ireson, Benj. Knapton and Rich'd Wilkinson; made by
            Justices Worlidge and Deacon and James Nevill.  Salem Wills, A, p.11

(2)       Salem Monthly Meeting:
            26th da, 7th mo, 1687:  Christopher Whitton and his wife, being lately deceased  leaving four children, two of the children being young.  A girl being
            lame and the boy being bound to John Thompson.  Those appointed to look after them for a term of 13 years and at the end of time give the boy
            £10.  Christopher White to take the girl for seven years.  Grace Whitton, the eldest dau. to be hired to John Smith of  Amwelbury for one year
           and have for her hire £4 of merchant pay to begin the 29th day of present month.  Sarah Whitton, the next eldest dau. is set to William Cooper
            for three years and a half and at the end of time to have £4.10.
            Note:  Grace Whitton is my ancestress.  I had estimated her birthyear as 1670.  This may be very close as she was to be hired out for one year
            and this would have given her an age of 18 at the end of this term.   Let's assume (knowing that Grace was the eldest daughter and that there were
           four children and three were girls),  that James was the eldest.  For the sake of pinning down an approx. birthyear for Christopher, we can assume
           that James may have been b. ca. 1668.  We can estimate that Christopher  Whitton was about 25 when married and therefore b.ca. 1642.  26th
           da, 10th mo, 1687.  William Cooper to prepare an indenture for Sarah Whitton.
               Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM
            29th da, 8th mo, 1688.   William Cooper and his wife reported for their hard usage of Sarah Whitton, their servant.
               Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

               30th da, 8th mo, 1704.  A subscription for defraying debts for the meeting house was signed as follows:  James Whitton, Josias Whitton
              (Who is this Josias Whitton?)
               Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

            24th da, 12th mo, 1706.  Marriage of  James Witton [sic] and Sarah Darkin, dau. of Richard Darkin accomplished
              Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

            Ann Whittan, dau. of James Whittan and Sarah, his wife, b. 12th or 15th da, 10th mo, 1707.
              Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

            Joseph Whittan, son of James Whittan and Sarah, his wife, b. 9th da, 9th mo, 1709.
           Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

            31st da, 10th mo, 1733.   Joseph Dakin appointed in the place of James Whitton, dec'd. to assist Richard Smith
              Source:  Early Church Records of Salem Co., NJ - Salem MM

(3)       History and Genealogy of Fenwick's Colony by Thomas Shourd  p. 236-7   William, the son of Benjamin and Mary Shourds, married Martha,
            the daughter of Peter and Mary Andrews, of Mannington.  Peter was a native of Great Egg Harbor; his wife, Mary, was the daughter of Whitten
            and Martha Huddy Cripps, of Mannington...(note at bottom of page: "I have frequently alluded to the Cripps family without stating their ancestry.  It
                is an old family of England.  Nathaniel, the first that I have knowledge of, was the son of John Cripps, born about 1656.  He married, in England, Grace, sister
                of James Whitten, who located land in Lower Mannington, at the first settlement of Salem county.  Nathaniel and his wife, Grace Cripps, came to America in
               1678, and settled in Burlington county.  By tradition he was the founder of Mount Holly.  Nathaniel and Grace Cripps had six children - John, Benjamin,
               Samuel, Virginia, Theophla and Hannah Ann Cripps. -- John, the eldest son, married Mary Eves, of Haddonfield.   Benjamin, the second son, married Mary
               Hough.  Their children were Whitten, who in 1759 married Martha Huddy; John, their second son, died a minor; Hannah, married Samuel Mason of
               Mannington, in 1756, son of Thomas Mason, of the same place; Cyntha married James Bonsall, of Darby, Pennsylvania.  Whitten Cripps subsequently was
               the owner of the landed estate of his  great-uncle, James Whitten; he had two children - Benjamin, who married the daughter of Peter Carney, of Upper Penn's
               Neck; and Mary Cripps, who married Peter Andrews, a native of Egg Harbor")
           p.365-6-7     James Whittan purchased property in Mannington    After somewhat of a digression, I now come back to the Whittan family again in
          1712.  James Logan gave an order to Benjamin Acton to survey 100 acres of meadow for James Whittan, the said marsh being over the creek,
          opposite said Whittan's plantation, for which he paid £20 pounds, new currency.  James Whittan, I think died in 1730, leaving his estate to his
          daughter, Ann Whittan.  She married ("She married" has been crossed through)  Benjamin Cripps, and their son ("and their son" has been crossed
          through), Whittan Cripps, became the owner of the real estate of his mother, Martha Huddy ("Martha Huddy" has been put in parenthises and "wife"
          has been added after).  William ("William"  has been crossed through and Whitten written in) Cripps married and had two ("two" has been crossed
          through) children - Benjamin and Mary.  Mary married Peter Andrews.  He was a native of Egg Harbor.  Soon after their marriage they purchased
          a farm of Robert Johnson, being part of the Pledger property in Mannington.  Clark Lippincott is the present owner.  On that farm Peter and his wife
          resided.    Whilst they lived they had four children.  Their names were Clara, Martha, Isaac and Thomas Andrews.  After the death of Peter Andrews
          his widow and daughter, Clara, lived in Salem.  Both of them died there at an advanced age.   Martha Andrews' husband was William Shourds.
          They left four children - Rachel, Mary, Benjamin and William Shourds.  They all reside in Philadelphia except Rachel, her home is in Mount Holly.
          Isaac married the daughter of John Woodside, of Mannington.  They subsequently removed to the State of New York, near Rochester.  Thomas
          Andrews, likewise, went to the same neighborhood with his brother.  He, I believe, studied law............
          (rsm note:  I believe the author made the corrections that show in this article.  I will make the corrected notations in green throughout this article.There
          is quite a bit of information on the Whitton family in this book and it is suggested that, if you descend  through this family, you might invest in a copy
         of the book.)

(4)      Will (1688-9 Feb. 18 - NJ Calendar of Wills) of John Smith of Burlington, about to sail for England.  Mother, brother and sister to have the
           whole estate, real and personal, if he do not return in 3 years and if they come hither.  If they do not come nor any one of them, the children of
           Christopher Whitton of Salam to inherit, viz.: Grace, Sarah, Mary, James.  Executors -- Francis Davenport, yeoman, William Mires, butcher,
           and widow Rebecah Decow.    Witnesses -- Christoper Wetherill,  ohn Dow, James Hill.  Proved (date blank)  1700 March 27.  Inventory
           of the estate (£102.19.4, personal and £18 for 26-2/3 acres in town bounds and a town lot of 1/2 acres); made by Christopher Wetherill
           and Samuel Furnis.  1700 April 20.  Bond of Francis Davenport as executor.  Samuel Furnis fellow bondsman.  Rebecah Decow, according to
           a descendant RHilands@aol.com  was Rebeccah Whitton.  How she relates is unknown at this point, but to help determine this, the information
           that we find about her will be placed below under her name.  The descendant states that Rebecca m/1: Isaac Decow and m/2: Francis Davenport.
           We know that Christopher Wetherill's son, Christopher m. Mary Whitton and it seems to be that most of those involved in this will of John Smith
           were related to Christopher Whitton.  I would wonder if John Smith were related to Christopher or to Christopher's wife who, at this point, is
           unknown.  Was her maiden name "Smith"?

(5)       Will (1732, Nov. 3 - NJ Calendar of Wills) of James Whitton of Salem Co., yeoman.  Wife, Catherine.  Sons - Joseph, the plantation where I live
           and in case of death and no lawful issue same to my kinsman, Benjamin Cripps, and for want of his heirs, then to Samuel Cripps and his heirs, and
           falling in such to the daughters of Nathaniel Cripps.  If my son dies, Benjamin Cripps, if the said plantation comes into his hands, pay legacies to
           Sarah Jequat, Virgin Powell, Theophilus Gaskin, Ann and Hannah Cripps, the daugher of Peter and Sarah Jequat, Ann Cross, Susannah Wells,
           Rhina Johnson, Sarah Mason, Mary Walcot and Stephen Sinmans; also £10 for use of the meeting at Salem.  Executor - Son, Joseph.  Assistants,
           Samuel Wade and Joseph Darkin.  Witnesses - F. Gaudonett, Thomas Barrett, Thomas Smith, Sr. 1732, Nov. 25.  Mem.  My marsh in Penns
           Neck unto my son, Joseph Whitton.  Witnesses - Bartholomew Hyatt, John Powell.  Affirmed 10 Jan 1732.  Lib. 3 p.243    1732-3, 11 mo (Jan),
           4 da.  Inventory (£1104.17.11) includes clock, £7.10; 1,500 of  malt (£181.19.6); servant man (£5); cattle (£225).  Appraisers - Bartholomew
           Hyatt, David Morris.

(6)       Will (1732, March 2 - N.J. Calendar of Wills) of Joseph Whitton of Salem Co., yeoman.  Legacies to John Crips; the meeting at Salem, £10 (to be
            paid to Joseph Darkin for their use); Hannah and Sarah, daughers of Joseph Darkin; uncle JohnDarkins's three children, viz., Joel, Richard and
            Joseph.    Also to Mary, Henry and  Richard Hosier (to be paid to their father for their use), and Thomas Shepard.Residue of estate to my mother,
            Catherine Whitton.  Executors - uncle, David Morris, and Samuel Wade, Esq.   Witnesses - F. Gaudonett, Giles Gill-johnson,Michael Laimpstone.
            Proved 12 March, 1732.  Lib. 3, p.266.   1733, May 19.  Inventory (£ includes malt tub and malt mil, hair-clot and wool.  1,100, bushes
            of malt and sundry of do., cattle, wheat.  Appraisers - Joseph Darkin, Bartholomew Hyatt.

(7)       Will (1732, 1mo. (Mar) 7 da. - N.J. Calendar Wills) of Catherine Whitton (Whitten),  of Salem, widow.  Brother, Edward Williams.  Sister, Elizabeth
            Loyd and her children.  Mother-in-law, Jane Williams.  Jospeh Darkin, £10, for use of the meeting at Salem, to be laid out in fencing and repairing
            graveyard.  Legacies to Elizabeth Whatenby, John Richardson, Mongo Bull, Hannah Dent, and cousins -Rebecka Key, Elizabeth Simmns, Samuel
            Cripps.  Friend, Hugh Clifton.  Joel Darkin, "the bed that was Joseph Whitton's mother's to be delivered by her uncle, David Morris, when 18".
            Cousin, Richard Darkin (minor).  Cousin, Hannah Darkin.   Mentions Sarah Darkin, Mary Walcott and her sister Rhina Johnson; cousin  Gwen Evans,
            Hannah Maclawler, Esther Anderson and Samuel Wade.  Executors - Samuel Wade and David Morris, and they to have residue of estate.  Witnesses
            - F. Gaudonett, Anna Gaudnoett, Suanah Wells  Sworn and affirmed 19 May, 1733.  Lib.  3, p.318 1733, 3 mo (May), 2 da.  Inventory
            (1,132.8.2)  included malt tub, malt mill, hair  cloth, wool, 1,100 bushels malt, sundry in Philip Johnson's hands, cows, oxen andsteers.  Appraisers -
            Joseph Darkin, Bartholomew Hyatt.

(8)        James Whitton of the county of Salem in the Western division of Nove Casarea or New Jersey, yeoman, and Catherine Bedward, daughter of
             William Bedward late of Meirian, in the county of Philadelphia, mar. this 10th day of the 5th month, 1718.
            Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750

(9)       26/3/1718 - James Whitten to marry Katherine Bedwort - from Salem
               Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750

Rebecca Whitton DeCow Davenport

Could Rebecca Whitton DeCow Davenport be a sister/cousin of Christopher Whitton?

I have in Burlington County at same time period,  Rebecca Whitten m/1 Isaac Decou/Decow and m/2  Frances Davenport.  At the marriage of Rebecca (Whitten) Decou to Francis Davenport on 12th Aug 1692 one of the witnesses was Grace Whitten.   I am not descended from Rebecca (Whitton) (Decow) Davenport.  I am descended from Francis Davenport
and his 1st wife Sarah Brown and their oldest child, dau, Sarah Davenport m Gervas HALL.  Francis Davenport & Sarah Brown had several children.
Bob McKeon RHilands@aol.com

    I received the above query in March of 1998 and am very interested in who was she and how  she relates to our Whitton family.  Bob McKeon will be sending me information that he has gathered and, hopefully, with help from other Whitton researchers we can solve the Whitton ancestry and unite Whitton "cousins".
    The following research may shed some light and I invite anyone who may add information to please contact me.  RubyMc@attbi.com

Will (1686-7 23da 11mo (Jan). Calendar of Wills NJ) of Isaac Decoo, of Chelsey, New Chelsey Co., Penna.  Wife Rebecca.  Children - Elizabeth, Jacob, John, Isaac, Susanna.  Real property bought of Wm. Penn, home farm in Chelsey, land in Skelton, Parish of Houlden, Co. of Yourke, 1000 acres bought of Wm. Penn, land in Barlby, 1000 acres in Penna., bought of Wm. Penn., lease land in Langdrax, Parish of Drax, Co. of York...  Executor - borther Jacob Decow with Thomas Langhorne as trustee for sons Jacob and Isaac, brother Robert Ashton for son John, daughter Elizabeth to remain with mother, until the same should remarry, then Elizabeth is to go to Grace, wife of Thomas Longshorne.  Witnesses - Jacob Decow, Robert Ashton, Rebecca Decow.  Recorded January 10, 1687-8.  Lib. 2, p.37 and Salem Wills.

1688-9 March 6.  Thomas Budd of Philadelphia to Robert Ashton of Chelsey, New Castle Co., Penna., yeoman, surviving feoffee in trust for Jacob Decowe, son of Isaac Decowe, late of Chelsey, yeoman, dec'd, for 600 acres at Mattacopeny, Burlington Co., now in the tenure of John Chapman, 500 a. thereof being part of a 600 a. lot bo't of Samuel Jenings March 25, 1681, and along Assiscunck Cr., adjoining John Butcher and John Shinn....
Sources:  New Jersey Colonial Documents - West Jersey Records, Liber B, part I.

3rd da, 8th mo 1692.  Francis Davenport and Rebecca Decow proposed the 2nd time, 3rd da, 8th mo, 1692.  Source:  "Early Church Records of Burlington Co.,NJ"  Marriage References of Burlington MM

12th da, 8th mo, 1692.  Francis Davenport, of Chesterfield, widower and Rebecca Decow, relict of Isaac Decow at Burlington.   Source:  "Early Church Records of Burlington Co.,NJ"  Marriage References of Burlington MM

Children of Francis and Rebecca Davenport:  Isaac Davenport, b. 17th da, 5th mo, 1693; Rebecca Davenport, b. 19th da, 9th mo, 1696.   Sources:  "Early Church Records of Burlington Co., NJ" Chesterfield MM - Births/Deaths

Will (1697 Nov 10. Calendar of Wills NJ) of Susanna Decoo, dau. of Isaac Decoo of New Castle Co., Penna., yeoman, dec'd.  Bond of Francis Davenport as guardian of, with consent of her mother.  Burlington Wills

3rd da, 2nd mo, 1707.  Francis Davenport deceased.  Sources:  "Early Church Records of Burlington Co., NJ" Chesterfield MM - Births/Deaths

Francis Davenport, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ.  Will proved 16 Apr 1707.  Inventory dated 15th 2mo 1707.  List of goods sold at auction 14/15 Nov 1720.  8 Aug 1727 mentions "Left w'th the Widdow for her Use... No necessary to her & children".
So widow of Francis Davenport, Rebecca Whitton Decow Davenport living as of 1727.

English Marriage Certificates

Rebecca Whitton:
Isaak Decow of Drax Abba did take wife Rebecka Whitton of Bramham in a Meeting of Friends at ye house of Christof Edwards in ye County of York ye 24th of ye 8th mo 1680 in ye presence of these & many other witnesses:
Robert Scott; Anthony Colier; John Leake; John Walker; George Canby; William Millinton; Jacob Decow; Ann Whitton; Sarah Prockter &c

[A duplicate record has a longer list of names, as follows.]
     Signatures to the marriage certificate of Isaac and Rebeckah (Whitton) Decow
24. VIII. 1680 in Christopher Edward's house. Wording of certificate same as in the case of Jacob Decow.
Robert Scott                                                      Isaak     }
Antho Collier                                                                   } Decow
                                                                         Rebecca }
George Canby                                                                  }
John Walker                                          Jacob Decow      }
Richard Robinson                                  Hanna Decow      }
Christopher Edwards                             John Decow         }  Relacions
John Bucklle                                         Ann Whitton       }
Luke Wright                                          Sarah Procter        }
John Scott                                              __________________
William Millington                                   Hester Scott
Tho: Ackers                                           Ellinor Leake
John Morley                                           Ann Edwards
George Savidge                                      Elizabeth Canby
John Leake                                             Bridgett Moirley
Zacheus Canbye                                     Katheran Ackers *
      (Domerset House, London, Non-parochial Registers, Society of Friends, 1336, 40 and 1605, 113)
*The women's names are on this side for reasons of space, since Zacheus Canby's name comes at the bottom of the page.    It may have been the custom, however, for the women to sign last..

  Who are the following Whittons and how do they relate to any of the above?

Mar  27, 1737, William Whitton, Evesham, husbandman, and Mary Hammett, spinster, daughter of Sarah Hammett, widow.
Source:  Upper Springfield MM, Burlington Co., NJ

p.95.  Stephen Whitten, of Northampton.  April 9, 1728.  Proved April 23, 1728.  Wife Sarah and nephew James Whitten, exrs.  Wit:  Robert Heaton, John Shaw, Daniel Brock.
Source:  Abstracts of Bucks Co., PA Wills 1685-1785

John Loftus, late of Chester Co., now of Phila., Planter.  6/31/1695.  December 2, 1695  A.324.  Legacies to John Hart, late of Phila., but now of Bucks Co., yeoman; to James Jacobs of Phila., cordwainer; to Ann Pickering, widow, and to Rachell Furnis the daughter of Henry Furnis.  Thomas Tress, Thomas Pert, James Poulter and William Snowdon, John Gardiner of Phila. Co. and Robert Whitten of Chester Co.
Source:  Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills 1682-1726

p. 291.  William Spencer, of Northampton, Yeoman.  Feby. 29, 1756.  Proved Apr. 22, 1756.  Wife Elizabeth and son James, exrs.  Sons Thomas, Samuel, Enoch, Job, and Abel.  Daus. Ann and Sarah, and child unborn.  Eldest son James, Plantation formerly my uncle Richard Whitton's in Lower Duplin Twp, Phila. Co. 150 acres when 24.  Plantation I live on to be divided between sons Samuel (100 acres in Warminster and 50 acres in Northampton), Thomas (part in Northampton adj. John Beard on which Leonard Kroesen lives), Enoch (remainder adj. Garret and Derrick Kroesen where Elizabeth Dean lives).  Jonathan Willet.  Wit:  Jos. Hart, Leonard Kroesen, and John Hart.
Source:  Abstracts of Bucks Co., PA Wills 1685-1785

26/11/1712 - Richard Whitten, to marry Elizabeth YJyliff - from Abington.
Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750

31/10/1686 - A certificate for Robert Whitton from Snape meeting in Yorkshire.
Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750

30/11/1712 - Richard Whitten and Elisabeth Jylife declare their intentions to marry, the young man bringing with him a certificte from Abington Monthly Meeting.
Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750

Sources:  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA - Vol. 1 1682-1750