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Burlington Co., New Jersey Census [As found in the New Jersey Genesis Quarterly]
Northampton Township 1709

John Woolman        54   [b. ca. 1655]
Elizabeth                 44    [b. ca. 1665]
Samuell                   19
Mary                       17
Ann                          15
Hannah                     6
Hesther                    2
Isaac Saterthwait   17

         Woolman/Borton Marriage Record

     Whereas there hath been an Intention of Marriage newly published at two severall Monthly Meetings of People called Quakers in Burlington upon Ye River Dalaware in ye Province of West New Jersey in America between John Woollman of Northamton River ___ and ___ ye Elizabeth Bourton now of ye same Place all in ye Province aforesaid & In quiry being made & no obstruction appearing Also Ye Consent of Parentsbeing had, Ye meeting gave their consent unto ye same.
     Now thes may Certifie Ye ___ unto all who it may concerne, __ on ye Day of Ye Datte hear & off in our sight & hearingm & in an Asembly of Ye Lords People Ye said John Woollman did take & declare Ye said Elizabeth Bourton to be his wife & ye said Elizabeth Bourtondid take & declare ye said John Woollman to be her husband according to ye Example of ye Lords People Recorded in ye Scriptures of __, each of ___ capacity as husband & wife, & ___ of ye ____ of ____, ____ first of all subscribed their names & ___ as witnesses this eight day of ye eight month 1684.   Signed by John Woollman and Elizabeth Woollman
Witnesses: John Bourton; Thmas Borton; Tho: Ffrench; Tho. Olive; Wm. Evans; Rob: Dimsdall; Daniell Wills; Wm. Peachee; Tho: Harding; Ffreedom Lipincott; Jo: Hollingshead; Jo: Hanne?; Ann Bourton; Jane Bourton; Estor Bourton; Ann: Jeninge; Mary Wills; Brigett Guy; Grace Hollinshead; Mary Hutton; Mary Cooke; Mary Harding?; Benie M___; Henry Ballinger

           Burlington Monthly Meeting, Burlington Co., NJ
Hinshaw's Encyclopedia - Vol. II

Woolman, John and Elizabeth
Ch: Elizabeth b. 4-22-1685
       Samuel    b. 3-14-1690
       Mary       b. 3-7-1692
       John         b. 3-23-1694

Woolman, John d. 2mo 1718 ae 63
             Elizabeth d. 2mo 1718 [sic]

                    Early Church Records of Burlington Co., NJ by Charlotte D. Meldrum

Births and Deaths of Burlington Monthly Meeting:
Child of John and Elizabeth Woollman: Elizabeth Woollman b. 22nd da, 4th mo, 1685

John Woolman of Ancocus Creek, in Burlington County, came from Glousteshire in England, ca 1678, d. 1718 age 63 years.   His wife, Elizabeth was sister to John and William Borton, d. same week, age 55 years.

Samuel Woolman, son of said John and Elizabeth, b. 14th da, 3rd mo, 1690, d. 1750 age upward of 60 years.

John Woolman, a husbandman, and Elizabeth Bourton both of Northampton River, m. 8th da, 8th mo, 1684

William Hunt, of Bucks County, Penna and Mary Woolman, dau of John Woolman, late of Northampton, decs, m. 14th da, 2nd mo, 1720 


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