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17 Feb 1998
I have Mary E. Worrell no date Emma Harriet Worrell born 1874 she married (not related) John Andrew (Jack) Worrell born 1869 PA.  John W. Worrell born Dec. 3, 1869.  Mary Gertrude Worrell born May 21, 1893 She married a Elmer Louis Britt.
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18 November 1997
My line is as follows: John Worrall - Elizabeth ____________ ;   Peter Worrall - Mary _______________;  Peter Worrall - Elizabeth ___________;  Jonathan Worrall - Mary Taylor;  Seth Worrall - ___________Moore;   Phoebe Worrall - Jeremiah Burnight.     They were married 16 July 1802 in Chester, PA.   I am unable to find their marriage records.    Jeremiah was born in Scotland, came to the US in 1800 age 21.    I have the death records for Jeremiah Burnight.    I also have the death information for Phoebe Worrall Burnight Grafford.    She died in Iowa.
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16 November 1997
On 17 Oct, 1832, Benjamin Worrall, a resident of Penn Township, Morgan County, applied for a pension based on service in the Revolution.   He stated that he was 88 years old the previous March 22. He stated he served under Captain Weaver in the 10th Reg. commanded by Colonel Hampton, for more then three years.   At the time of his enlistment, he was a resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   Can anyone fill in more information on this man?   I think he might have been the father of my ancestor Hannah (Worral) Clendenon, born 3 Sep 1767 in Pennsylvania, died 21 Oct 1857, Penn Township, Morgan County, Ohio, married 21 Dec 1792, Isaac Clendenon.
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5 November 1997
I have the following Worrall relatives. Any further information would be appreciated.
1.  Peter Worrall, Upper Providence, Del. Co., Pa. died abt 1818 married to ?      2.  Susannah Worrall b. 1769 d. abt Sept 23, 1840 m. Jan 31, 1794 Jehu Richards b. abt 1763 d. May 31, 1835     2. Elias Worrall    2.   Abigail Worrall     2.   Sarah Worrall   1.   William H. Worrall m. Susannah G. Kirk    2.  William S. Worrall b. June 5, 1876 Kennett Square, Chester Co., a.( Undertaker ) m. April 17, 1906 Toughkenamon, Pa.    Elizabeth S. Richards b. May 27, 1876    3.  Elizabeth M. Worrall b. Dec 18, 1907.
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5 November 1997
There is a Joshua (s/o John decd of Marple) who m. 23 1mo 1727 at Springfield Mtg to Margaret Spoonly. Among witnesses: Henry Worrall; John Worrall; Peter Worrall; Elizabeth Worrall; John Worrall; Jonathan Worrall; Mary Worrall; Hannah Worrall; Bar: Coppock; Phebe Coppock.    Where does this Joshua fit into the family.    He would have been born poss. ca. 1700.
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5 November 1997
I have John Worrell (1658-1742) who married Sarah Goodwin (1690-1755). One of their daughters was Elizabeth Worrell (b. 1715) who married John Salkeld, Jr. (1709-1777) on January 13, 1731.   Elizabeth Worrell Salkeld is mentioned in John's will of 1767.     They owned and operated the "Black Bear Inn", a tavern on 3rd and Penn Streets in Chester, Pennsylvania.    It's license was granted in 1737.
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5 November 1997
     I have 4 Worrall/Worrells in my database, but not much about them. I am pretty sure that they are somehow connected to yours.   There are women who married into my family and I'm afraid I don't have anything on them in the way of dates or parents.   (1):  Sarah WorrEll m Daniel Broomall 2nd b 27 Jan 1789 s/o. Daniel Broomall 1st.b 1728. Dan'l 1st is my 4th Great Grandfather.     (2):  Sarah Worrall m John Taylor 2nd 1721-1756 s/o. John Taylor 1st & Mary Worrilow. Mary is my 6th Great grandmother and the grandmother of Daniel Broomall 1st through her 1st husband Joseph Baker Jr.. Sarah & John had John Taylor 3rd, Mary and Sarah.    (3):  Mary L. Worrall m Eli M. Broomall b 7 Jan 1836 d 8 Aug 1877 s/o. John Broomall 4th & Hannah Matson. John 4th is s/o. James, s/o . Daniel 1st.    (4):   Elizabeth Worrall m Thomas B. Temple s/o. Caleb Temple Sr & Rachel Broomall 1771-1841, d/o. Daniel 1st. Elizabeth & Thomas had: Elizabeth Temple Mary S Temple m Charles P. Smith John B. Temple m Mary John. He was a merchant in Lionville Pa. Attended West Chester Academy. Sallie Temple m Richard Baldwin of Chadds Ford.
     I would be interested in finding out more about these Worralls, if you have anything on them. Thanks very much. I have over 3000 names- lots of Delaware County Quaker relatives. I am researching Broomall/ Broomell/ Broomhall.
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Research Guide  EarlyQuaker Worralls
of  Cheshire and Pennsylvania

by Stewart Baldwin  sbaldw@mindspring.com

     The early Cheshire Quaker records show a number of people named Worrall, many of whom came to Pennsylvania during the early years of the colony. To make things confusing, there was another, almost certainly unrelated, Quaker Worrall (or Worrell) family which came from Berkshire to Pennsylvania at about the same time, although it usually not too difficult to decide which group they belonged to.

     The problem of deducing the relationships within the early Cheshire family has not been adequately solved. One detailed attempt to tie these Worralls together is the short Worrall genealogy which appears in the Alfred R. Justice collection (Film number 517232 at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, abbreviated FHL#517232 hereafter). Unfortunately, this genealogy not only leaves out several important members of the family, but several people have been assigned the wrong parents (including some chronological impossibilities).

     The following outline should not be considered as a finished genealogy, but only as a guide to further research. I have still not checked much of the American records, which I tentatively quote from the Justice account. I have attempted to include all known Worralls from the Cheshire Quaker records, and those from the Pennsylvania records who are not a part of the Berkshire family, up through those born before (approximately) 1720. Roughly speaking, earlier generations are higher on the list, but I do not know enough relationships to put everybody in a precise order. I have not included all information given by Justice on these people, just the data which is of relevance in determining relationships. For convenience, those individuals mentioned by Justice will be followed by a number in brackets ([J1], [J2], etc.), which shows the number assigned to each individual in Justice's numbering system. Because of the many mistakes in Justice, I have not attempted to keep them in the same order. A person without a number does not appear in Justice.

Much work still needs to be done, and some of the Needed parish registers seem to be only available in England. I have quite a bit of information from the Bishop's Transcripts of some of the relevant parishes (Great Budworth, Weaverham, Davenham, and other nearby parishes), and also some Cheshire probate records, but except for the four probate records involving people mentioned in the Cheshire Quaker records, I have not included that information here, since more data is needed before it can be accurately sorted out. There were a lot of Worralls in the relevant part of Cheshire, and it seems that they must have had a rule that two of the sons in every Worrall family in Cheshire had to be named John and Peter.

     [Added note: When I first wrote this, I had not yet had a chance to examine the material in the Gilbert Cope Collection. This material clears up some of the relationships among the Worralls of Marple, but does not seem to add much on the other branches. I have not examined the Cope material in much detail, so it might be that further details are available there.]

     Please remember. This is only a GUIDE toward further research. I would appreciate being informed about any errors.   Please note that my own interest in the family is because of Eleanor, wife of George Pownall, who was either a sister of Peter Worrall of Makefield township, Bucks co., PA, or of his wife Mary Gardner.   Thus, I am mainly interested in Worralls of Cheshire, and the very early Worralls of PA. I have almost no data on the later generations.

Guide to the Worralls:

HUGH (living 1680, 1685)
There was a Hugh Worrall who signed some of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting marriage certificates in the period 1680-1685, who is otherwise unknown. All other Worrall signers of these Cheshire marriage certificates can be plausibly identified with one or more of the individuals below.
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting (items taken from these records are marked "Cheshire QM"), Family History Library film number 814836 (hereafter abbreviated in the form FHL#814836)]

JOHN, of Sutton, near Middlewich.
[perhaps the same person as John of Occleston or John of Acton]
       1. Isaac Worrall, bur. 30 8mo. 1660 (Cheshire QM).
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836]

JOHN, of Occleston (d. 1673)
John Worrall, of Occleston, bur. 22 12mo. [Feb] 1672/3 (Cheshire QM). On 16 Aug 1673, administration of his estate was granted to his widow Elizabeth.
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836; Admon of John Worrall, Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, FHL#90047]

JOHN, of Acton (ca. 1618-1703) [J0]
John Worrall, of Acton, Cheshire (not the parish of the name, but the town near Northwich), b. ca. 1618 (see note below) (age 85 at death), d. 4 7mo. [Sep] 1703, bur. 8 7mo. at Newton, Cheshire (Cheshire QM), md. Elizabeth, who was bur. 15 4mo. [June] 1670 (Cheshire QM). The will of John Worrall, of Acton, was written 24 July 1703, and proved 5 Oct 1703, and named his son Peter, son-in-law Joseph Heyes (Hayes in most other records) and his wife Mary, grandchildren Sarah, Jonathan, and Martha Heyes, and daughter Elizabeth Worrall. Also mentioned, without giving relationships, were Mary Griffie, Mary Barber, and the executors Richard Smith (called a "kinsman" in the will of his daughter Elizabeth) and Alice Rawland. Witnesses were Robert Ansdell and Thomas Lawrancson, and the inventory was taken on 30 Sep 1703 by Peter Done and John Worrall (unidentified).
     Children of John and Elizabeth Worrall:
     +1. Elizabeth Worrall, b. ca. 1652 (age 54 at death), d. 6 bur. 9 9mo. 1706 (Cheshire QM).
     +2. John Worrall, b. 18 7mo. 1658 (Cheshire QM), d. 1742, aged 84, md. 1st, 3 10mo. 1683, Chester MM, PA,            Frances (Yardley) Taylor, md. 2nd, 9 4mo. 1714, Chester MM, PA, Sarah Goodwin.
       3. Sarah Worrall, b. 17 12mo. 1661/2 (Cheshire QM), bur. 2mo. 1687, Whitley (Cheshire QM).
     +4. Peter Worrall, b. 22 6mo. 1663 (Cheshire QM)
       5. daughter (probably Mary), md. Joseph Hayes. Possible additional daughter:
     +6? Martha Worrall, md. Samuel Darke (see below).
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836; will of John Worrall, Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, FHL#164877] [Note: The parish records show at least three feasible baptisms for John Worrall, showing how difficult the problem is. They are John, son of John Worrall, baptized 17 Aug 1618 at Davenham, John, son of Peter Wyrall of Leigh, baptized 14 Sep 1617 at Great Budworth, and John, son of Peter Wyrral the younger of Leigh, baptized 19 Apr 1618 at Great Budworth. These all fit the age at death, and may not even be the only possibilities, since some relevant parish records are still not easily available. The daughter who married Joseph Hayes was probably the Mary who appears in his will, but the available evidence seems to leave open the possibility that this Mary was Joseph's second wife, and that he had previously been married to a daughter of John Worrall. A brief check on the genealogy of this Hayes family might clear up this minor matter.]

Thomas Worrall, otherwise unknown, was the father of the following three children, mentioned as cousins in the will of Martha (Worrall) Darke (see below). Since Martha (Worrall) Darke seems to have been a daughter of John Worrall of Acton (next above), it is reasonable to conclude that Thomas was probably a brother or other close relative of John Worrall of Acton.
       1. Ellen Worrall, md. William Mead.
     +2. Elizabeth Worrall, md. Joseph Warder.
       3. Martha Worrall.
[Source: Will abstract of Martha Darke]

JOSHUA, of Newton (ca. 1636-1703) [J1]
[parentage unknown, but brother of Peter, next below]
Joshua Worrall, of Newton, Cheshire, b. ca. 1636 (age 67 at death, see note below), d. 25 5mo. 1703, bur. 27 5mo. at Newton. The name of his wife is unknown. His will, written 12 July 1703, proved 20 Sep 1703, named his son-in- law John Sarrat and daughter Ellin Sarrat.   The named executors were John Merrick of Eadsbury and Roger Roe of Newton (two Quakers who appear frequently in the Cheshire QM records), who refused to administer, and the estate was administered by Thomas Brodge. The statements made by Justice regarding his relationship to the Pennsylvania Worralls seem to be pure guesswork, and contain numerous errors. He was certainly not the father of John Worrall of Marple (d. 1716) [J5], as Justice claims. (The said John Worrall was in fact Joshua's nephew.)      Children of Joshua Worrall:
     1. John Worrall, d. 17 bur. 20 4mo. 1692 (Cheshire QM).
     2. Ellen Worrall, md. John Sarrat.
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836; will of Joshua Worrall, Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, FHL#164877]
[Note: The Bishop's Transcripts of Great Budworth show a "Josuah", son of John Wyrrall of Leigh, baptized in 1634 (exact date not readable). Although it is not a perfect fit with the age given at death, it is close enough to consider as a reasonable possibility.]

PETER, of Crudelanes, Cheshire, later of Marple (living 1699, deceased 1712)
[parentage unknown, but brother of Joshua, next above. Possibly the same as Peter, next below.]
Peter Worrall, of Crudelanes in Cheshire, was, with his brother Joshua, a purchaser of 300 acres in PA, which he conveyed in 1699 to his sons Peter and John.
     Children of Peter Worrall:
     +1. John Worrall, of Marple, md. Mary Lewis.
     +2. Peter Worrall, of Marple, md. Elizabeth _____.
[Source: Cope Collection]

PETER (living 1679) Elizabeth, wife of Peter Worrall, bur. 26 3mo. 1679 (Cheshire QM).
[Note: This cannot be the same person as Peter Worrall of Makefield township below, since Peter Worrall and Mary Gardner were married in 1671. However, he could be the same person as Peter Worrall of Crudelanes and Marple, next above.]
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836]

MARY, of Middlewich (md. 1683)
Mary Worrall, of Middlewich, spinster, md. 13 7mo. 1683 (Cheshire QM), Thomas Whitehead of Browton, co. Somerset, clothier. Two John Worralls witnessed the marriage, one of them as the first witness on the list, the other further down. This is the only Worrall marriage which appears in the records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting (at least through the early 1700's).
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836]

PETER, of Makefield township, Bucks co., PA (d. 1704/5)
[parentage unknown]
Peter Worrall, of Dutton, Cheshire, and Makefield township, Bucks co., PA, wheelwright, md. 6 Dec 1671, Aston by Sutton, Cheshire, Mary Gardner. He came to America in 1687 aboard the ship Ann & Elizabeth, and was an active member of the Falls Monthly Meeting. Peter Worrall was elected to the Assembly in 1704, but drowned soon after in an accident in the Delaware River. He was possibly the brother of Eleanor, successively wife of George Pownall and Joshua Hoopes, two other early Quaker immigrants to PA, although there is some chance that Eleanor was a sister of Peter's wife Mary instead. His will was written 25 3mo.1703, and proved 23 May 1705, with his wife Mary as sole heir and executrix. There was apparently a problem with this will, because several years later a similar earlier will, written 3 6mo. 1694, was proved on 8 Sep 1716. It would appear that Peter and Mary Worrall had no surviving children. Peter's widow, Mary Worrall, md. 2nd, 11 4mo. 1706, at the Falls Monthly Meeting, John Smith of Chester co., PA. Witnesses signing the right hand column were Samll. Darke, Reuben Pownal, Tho. Pearson, Daniel Willamson (sic) Joshua Hoops, Elenor Hoops, Richd. Fletcher, Joseph Worrell (unidentified), Wm. Paxton, Martha Dark, Margery Pearson, and Mary Williamson. Child: 1. Mary Worrall, b. 6 11mo. 1684/5 (Cheshire QM), not mentioned in father's will.
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836; Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania, vol. 1, pp. 771-2; Abstracts of Bucks co., PA wills; Falls MM marriage record, FHL#387860]

ELEANOR (Worrall?/Gardner?), md. George Pownall
[sister either of Peter, next above, or of Peter's wife Mary Gardner.]
Eleanor, perhaps a Worrall, md. 1st, in Cheshire, George Pownall, md. 2nd, PA, Joshua Hoopes. Until recently, Eleanor's maiden name was apparently unknown. She was almost certainly either a sister of Peter Worrall or of his wife Mary Gardner. Full details will appear in a forthcoming article in "The American Genealogist".

ELIZABETH, of Barnton or Weaverham (ca. 1652-1706)
[daughter of John and Elizabeth Worrall, of Acton, above]
Elizabeth Worrall, of Barnton (will) or Weaverham (death record), b. ca. 1652 (age 54 at death), d. unmarried 6 bur. 9 9mo. 1706 (Cheshire QM). Her will, written 9 June 1705, and proved 30 Nov 1706, mentioned, among several others, John Worrall (son of her brother John of Pennsylvania), brother Peter, Joseph Hayes and his wife Mary, several children of Joseph Hayes (Jonathan, Sarah, Martha, Joseph, and Rebeckah), and Mary and Ruth Smith (children of Richard Smith of Weaverham). One of the executors was her "kinsman" Richard Smith of Weaverham.
[Sources: Records of the Cheshire and Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting, FHL#814836; will of Elizabeth Worrall, Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, FHL#164883]

JOHN, of Edgmont township, Chester co., PA (1658-1742) [J2]
[son of John and Elizabeth Worrall, of Acton, above]
John Worrall, b. 18 7mo. 1658 (Cheshire QM), d. 1742, aged 84 (Justice, no source stated). md. 1st, 3 10mo. 1683, Chester MM, Mrs. Frances (Yardley) Taylor, widow of Thomas Taylor, of Worthenby, Flintshire (Source given by Justice as Friends Hist. Journal XII, p. 28), md. 2nd, 9 4mo. 1714, Chester MM, Sarah Goodwin, daughter of Thomas Goodwin of Edgmont township. Among those signing the right hand column of the marriage certificate were Peter Worrall, Susannah Worrall, Marth (sic) Hayes, Jonathan Hayes, and Ann Hayes. These signatures, along with the English wills of John and Elizabeth Worrall, leave no doubt about his parentage. He was much older than the children by his second wife. His will (abstracted in Justice), written 7 Apr 1741, proved 6 Sep 1742, mentioned as relatives his wife Sarah, children John, Peter, Thomas, Sarah, and Elizabeth Salkield, grandson John Salkield, and cousin Martha Tannior (unidentified). Sarah's will (in Justice), written 28 9mo. 1750, proved 2 July 1755, mentioned children Elizabeth Salkield, John, Sarah Taylor, Peter, and Thomas, two grandchildren, two sisters, and a cousin.
     Child of John Worrall and Frances (Yardley) (Taylor) Worrall:
       1. John Worrall, b. 26 7mo. 1685, d. 18 12mo. 1705.
     Children of John Worrall and Sarah (Goodwin) Worrall:
       2. Elizabeth Worrall [J6], b. 29 1mo. 1715, md. 13 11mo. 1731, Middletown Meeting, John Salkield.
       3. Mary Worrall [J7], b. 27 4mo. 1717, d. young.
       4. John Worrall (twin) [J8], b. 26 8mo. 1719, md. 18 4mo. 1741, Chester Meeting, Priscilla Lewis.
     +5. Peter Worrall (twin) [J9], b. 26 8mo. 1719, d. 1772, md. 27 4mo. 1757, Hockessing Meeting, Abigail Pyle. 6. Thomas Worrall, b. 21 9mo. 1724, d. infancy. 7. Thomas Worrall, b. 29 5mo. 1728, md. 1750, Mary Pierce. 8. Mary Worrall, b. 24 12mo. 1730/1.
[Sources: Justice, except for the information on the marriage certificate of John Worrall and Sarah Goodwin.]

PETER, of Philadelphia (in will) (of Marple, acc. To Justice) [J4]
[son of John and Elizabeth Worrall, of Acton, above]
Peter Worrall, of Philadelphia, glover and tanner, b. 22 6mo. 1663 (Cheshire QM), d. 7 5mo. 1722 (sic - Justice), Middletown, md. Susannah, whose maiden name is unknown. The will of Peter Worrell (sic) of Philadelphia, written 25 Sep 1722, proved 5 Oct 1722, mentioned his wife Susannah, brother John Worrell, and nephew Peter Worrell. Justice (probably incorrectly) gives him three sons, John [J14], James [J15], and Benjamin [J16], but it is more likely that these were among the sons of Peter [J18] and Elizabeth Worrall (certainly in the case of John). Judging from his will, Peter Worrall probably died without issue.
[Sources: Justice, except for the abstract from Philadelphia will book D, p. 77]

MARTHA (d. 1729/32), md. Samuel Darke [sister of John Worrall of Chester co., prob. dau. of John of Acton] Martha Worrall, of Falls township, Bucks co., PA, d.1729/32, md. 6 12mo. 1685/6, Middletown MM, PA, Samuel Darke. She was still alive in 1729 when she signed the marriage certificate of Elizabeth Worrall and Joseph Warder (next below). Her will, written 7 Mar 1725/6,and proved 26 Dec 1732, mentioned her brother John Worrall of Chester county (see note), cousins Ellin, Elizabeth, and Martha, daughters of Thomas Worrall, Martha daughter of Robert Thomas of North Wales, and Mary Darke. She appears from various marriage certificates to have been a close relative of Peter and Mary Worrall of Makefield township, Bucks co., PA (see above).
[Sources: Will abstract of Martha Worrall; Falls MM marriage records (mentioned under Peter Worrall, above, and Elizabeth Worrall, next below), FHL#387860]
[Note: When Martha Darke wrote her will in 1725, there were only two living adult John Woralls of Chester co., PA that I am aware of, John Worrall of Edgmont township, above, and John Worrall of Marple, Chester co., PA, who married Hannah Taylor in 1723. Of these, the former seems to be a much more likely brother for Martha Darke, because of age. However, without knowing the birthdate of the other John Worrall, we cannot rule out the other possibility, since John Worrall could have married Hannah Taylor in his forties or fifties, for all we know.

ELIZABETH, of Makefield township, Bucks co., PA.
[possibly daughter of THOMAS, above]
Elizabeth Worrall, of Makefield township, Bucks co., PA, md. 8 8mo. 1729, Falls MM, PA, Joseph Warder, son of Solomon Warder of Falls township, Bucks co. She was probably the cousin whom Martha Darke (see next above) mentioned in her will. Witnesses signing the relatives column were Solomon Warder, Mary Worrall, Wm. Meade, Ellin Meade (the bride's sister), Martha Darke, Richd. Howell, and Samll. Baker, Jr.
[Source: Falls MM marriage record, FHL#387860]

JOHN, of Marple, Chester co., PA. [J5]
[son of Peter of Crudelanes and Marple, above. Incorrectly stated by Justice to be son of Joshua [J1]]
John Worrall, of Marple, Chester co., PA, d. 1716, md. ca. 1700 (Justice gives no good reason for this date - it could have been earlier), Mary Lewis, daughter of Harry and Abigail Lewis. Since Joshua Worrall [J1] had a son named John who died in 1692, he was clearly not the father of John Worrall of Marple. John Worrall wrote his will on 3 3mo. 1716, proved 25 3mo. 1716, mentioning sons John and Peter, daughters Mary and Hannah (both under 21), son Joshua, son Henry (under 21), wife Mary, and brother-in-law Harry Lewis. His widow, Mary (Lewis) Worrall, md. 2nd, John Bromfield, of Whiteland, Philadelphia co., PA.
     Children of John Worrall and Mary (Lewis) Worrall:
     +1. John Worrall.
     +2. Peter Worrall.
       3. Mary Worrall.
       4. Hannah Worrall.
     +5. Joshua Worrall, md. 3 1mo. 1727, Margaret Spoonley.
     +6. Henry Worrall, d. unmarried 1727.
[Source: Justice, Cope Collection]
[Note: Justice incorrectly made the sons John and Peter the same as John of Ridley [J17] and Peter of Marple [J18]. Although John had sons of those names, we cannot accept Justice's attempts to identify them. His account of this branch of the family is very confused.]

JOHN, of Ridley, Chester co., PA (d. 1760) [J17]
[parentage uncertain, son of John of Marple and Mary Lewis, according to Justice]
John Worrall, d. 1760, md. Ruth Calvert. His birthdate is given by Justice as 26 8mo. 1719, which, if true, would make him the son of John and Sarah (Goodwin) Worrall born on that date (see above), and not the son of John Worrall of Marple (who d. 1716). Until further research is done, I consider his parentage uncertain. The date of "circa 1740" for his marriage given by Justice is almost certainly to late, for he name seven children in his will dated 9 Dec 1748. This will, proved 28 Oct 1760, named his wife Ruth and children Joseph, John, Thomas, Edward, Ruth, Mary, and Eleanor.
[Source: Justice]

Begin part 5 of 5

PETER, of Marple [J18]
[son of Peter of Crudelanes and Marple, above. Incorrectly stated by Justice to be son of John Worrall of Marple and Mary Lewis]
Peter Worrall, of Marple, md. Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unknown. Both were alive in 1723, when they signed the marriage certificate of their son John.
     Children of Peter and Elizabeth Worrall (acc. to Justice):
     +1. John Worrall, md. 1723, Hannah Taylor.
       2. Jonathan Worrall.
       3. Peter Worrall.
       4. James Worrall, md. 1735, Hannah Calvert.
       5. Joseph Worrall.
       6. Mary Worrall.
       7. Patience Worrall.
     +8. Benjamin Worrall, md. 1743, Phebe Edwards.
[Sources: Justice; Marriage certificate of John Worrall and Hannah Taylor; Cope Collection]

JOSHUA, of Marple (d. 1728) [J21]
[son of John and Mary (Lewis) Worrall, above]
Joshua Worrall, of Marple, d. 1728, md. 23 1mo. 1727, Springfield Meeting, Margaret Spoonley, daughter of Lewis Spoonley of Marple. Witnesses signing in the relative's column were Henry Worrall, John Worrall, Abraham Prutt, Peter Worrall, Elizabeth Worrall, Susannah Thomas, John Worrall, Jonathan Worrall, Lewis Thomas, and Mary Worrall. His will, written 13 Nov 1728, and proved 11 Dec 1728, mentioned his wife Margaret, a possible unborn child, sisters Mary and Hannah Worrall, brother Peter Worrall, sister Mary Bromfield, and brothers John and Thomas Bromfield.
[Sources: Justice; Marriage certificate of Joshua Worrall and Margaret Spoonley]

HENRY, of Marple (d. 1727) [J22]
[son of John and Mary (Lewis) Worrall, above]
Henry Worrall, of Marple, Chester co., PA, d. 1727, unmarried. His will was written 1 7mo. 1727, and proved 7 Oct 1727, and mentioned his father-in-law (i.e. stepfather) John Bromfield, mother Mary Bromfield, brothers Joshua Worrall and Peter Worrall, and sisters Mary and Hannah Worral.
[Source: Justice]

JOHN, of Middletown (d. ca. 1760) [J14]
[son of Peter and Elizabeth of Marple, above]
John Worrall, of Middletown, d. ca. 1760, md. 20 4mo. 1723, at Springfield Meeting, Hannah Taylor, b. 12 Sep 1703, d. 1791, daughter of Jonathan Taylor. Witnesses signing the relative's column were Peter Worrall, Elizabeth Worrall, Peter Worrall Jr., Patience Worrall, Phebe Coppock, Hannah Massey, and several Taylors. John Worrall died intestate before 17 June 1760.
     Children of John Worrall and Hannah (Taylor) Worrall:
       1. Jonathan Worrall [J23], d. 1801, md. ca. 1749, Elizabeth Davis.
       2. George Worrall, m. Priscilla David.
       3. John Worrall, d. 1781.
       4. Peter Worrall.
       5. Thomas Worrall.
       6. Joshua Worrall.
       7. Hanna Worrall, md. _____ Nuzum.
       8. Esther Worrall, md. Joshua Kirk. 9. Benjamin Worrall.
[Source: Justice]

BENJAMIN, of Marple (d. 1765) [J16]
[son of Peter and Elizabeth of Marple, above]
Benjamin Worrall, of Marple, d. 1765, md. 23 4mo. 1743, Phebe Edwards. Children mentioned in will: Amos, Nathan, John, Aaron, Elizabeth.
[Source: Justice]

PETER, of Middletown, Chester co., PA (1719-1772)
[son of John, of Edgmont township, above]
Peter Worrall, of Middletown, Chester co., PA, b. 26 8mo. 1719, d. 1772, md. 27 4mo. 1757, Hockessing Meeting, Abigail Pyle. His will, written 19 3mo. 1772, and proved 20 May 1772, mentioned wife Abigail, son John, daughters Sarah, Rachel, Abigail, Mary, and Elizabeth, all under 21.
[Source: Justice]

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Documentation and Lineages

This deed below is the earliest Worrell/Worrall ancestor I can actually prove with documentation. If anyone has earlier generations - with documentation - I welcome the information.    Anyone who would like to have their direct lineage from this Worrall ancestor may do so via email.    Please send any documentation you may have in order to avoid duplication in research.

(#1248 on my Ahnentafel Chart)

            Deed   Record

Peter Worrall )       THIS INDENTURE made the eleventh day of the tenth Month ano
                       )       1699 between PeterWorrall of Marple in the county of Chester,
                       )     Tanner of the one part and Peter Worrall of the the same place,
                         )       Son & Heir of the said Peter Worrall of the other part.
Peter Worrall  )

WITNESSETH that the said Peter Worrall for the natural love and affection he bears to his said son, Peter, and in consideration of the Rents and convenants herein after mentioned & reserved, Hath given granted ___ ___ and confirmed by these present Doth give grant ___ ___ and confirm unto his said son Peter Worrall all the messuage or tenement and plantation where he the said Peter the father now dwells with one hundred and fifty acres of the Land thereto belonging situate in Marple aforesaid Beginning at a corner post standing by the Road side being a corner of James Stanfields Land and hence along by the said Road side North by West one hundred and fifteen perches to a corner stone being the corner of Jonathan Hays Land then down a line of trees being the line of Jonathan Hays and John Bevans south west by west one hundred twenty four perches to a white Oak sapling standing in the said line by the said Peter Worral’s well run then up the several corses of the Run ninety two perches to a marked post thence south by East twenty six perches to a marked black Oak standing in James Stanfields line then by the same line of marked trees East and by east fifty six perches to the first mentioned post then down the said line of Jonathan Hayes and John Bevans land sixty five perches to a corner stone by the great run side his land begins again and runs down the said line south west by west four hundred forty six perches to a corner White oak by Crum Creek then down the creek side sixty two perches to a corner Plum tree then up a line of marked trees North East by East four hundred and forty perches to a corner Chesnut tree standing by the said great run up the run seventy perches to the said stone containing one hundred and fifty acres. It being the moiety of three hundred acres of land belonging to the said Peter Worrall the father joynt perchaser with his brother Joshua Worrall of five hundred acres sold and granted unto them by the Proprietor William Penn as by his indentures of lease & release bearing date the one and twentyth & two twentyth days of March 1681 made between him the said William Penn of the one part and the said Worrall and Joshua Worrall of the other part recorded in the Rolls Office at Philadelphia in Book B vol. 2, page 271, may appear. Together with all the ways waters buildings orchards improvements privileges and appurtenances to the hereby granted premises belonging and all the estate right title and interest of him the said Peter Worrall the father of in & to the said messuage and one hundred and fifty acres of land and premises aforesaid and reveneons & remainders Rents & Profits thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said messuage with the said one hundred & fifty acres of land & other the premises hereby granted with their appurtenances unto the said Peter Worrall the son and his heirs to the use of him the said Peter his heirs and assigns forever. Yielding & paying therefore unto the said Peter Worrall the father of his assigns the rent or sum of five pounds curancy silver money of Pennsylvania on the fifth and twentyeth day of the first month yearly the term of the said Peter Worrall the elder natural life provided always and under condition nevertheless that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Peter Worrall the father to profits and enjoy all the dwelling House where he now lives with one halfe of the orchard for and during the term of his natural life without any molestation of his said son, Peter, his heirs executors or assigns anything herein contained to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding and the said Peter Worrall the son for himself his heirs, excutors and administrators do covenant promise and anant to and with his said father Peter Worrell his executor, administrator and assigns by these present the said Peter Worrall his son his heirs executors administrators and assigns or some of them and will and duly pay the said yearly rent hereby reserved unto the said Peter Worrall and his assigns according to the true meaning hereof and of the parties hereunto and the said Peter Worrall the father and his heirs the said messuage land and premises hereby granted under the rent and condition herein above mentioned and reserved and under the yearly quitrent accruing to the said Proprietary for the said land unto the said Peter Worrall the son his heirs and assigns against him the said Peter ye father and his heirs and against all other persons lawfully claiming or to claime by from or under him them or any of them shall and will warrant and forever by these present IN WITNESS whereof the said parties to these present have interchangeable set their Hands and seals hereunto the day & year first above written.

                                                                                                                                                           Peter Worrall {Seal}

Sealed & delivered in the presence of us Jonathan Hayes, Robert Barbar, David Lloyd.

Acknowledged in Open Court and certified under the Clerks Hand and county seal the thirteenth day of the tenth Month Anno Dom 1699. John Childe Clarke of the County of Chester.

Recorded the seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and twenty…..

Ruby's Note:  From the above deed we know -
In 1681 Peter (with his brother Joshua) received 500 acres from William Penn and in 1699 Peter Worrall was alive and had a brother named Joshua and a son named Peter so this family (as currently known) would be:
Unknown parents of:
1.     Peter Worrall (a tanner) was living 1699 in Chester Co., PA
2.     Joshua Worrall was a joint purchaser (with his brother Peter) in the above deed

#1 Peter Worrall above would have been b. prior to 1699 and to receive land probably aged over infancy (14 years) and possibly no longer a minor (21 years) when he received 150 acres of land from his father.

 Will of Peter Worrall Senr.

[Register of Wills: Clerk of the Orphan's Court, West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania - Book C page 158]

     Be it Remembered [sic] on ye twenty third day of april in ye year of our Lord one hundred Seven hundred & forty seven, I peter worrall Senr of Marple in ye County of Chester and province of Pennsylvania, yeoman being aged and calling to mind ye uncertainty of this life do make and put in writing this my last will and Testiment -- in manner and form following that is to say First I recommend my soul to almighty god and my body to Earth to be decently buried at ye discretion of my executors herein after named and as touching the disposall of such worldly estate as the lord in his mercy hat bestowed on me I give depose & bequeath thereof as followeth
     First I will that all my Just Debts  funerall charges be paid & discharged
     Also I give & bequeath unto my Son John worrall five Shillings and to my son Jonathan two Shillings & to my son Peter two Shillings & to my Son James two Shillings and to my Son Joseph two Shillings & to my Daughter Mary Moore two Shillings and to my Daughter Patience Powell two Shillings
     Also as touching my land all that I have not already confirmed by deed my will is I give & bequeath to my son James & Benjamin to be Equally Divided between them Share and Share alike each to have their Share next adjoying to their Dwelling houses where they now live to hold to them and their heirs and assigns forever
     And as touching all ye remainder of my Estate of what kind nature degree & quality Soever & wheresoever to be found I give and bequeath ye same to my loving wife Elizabeth Worrall to her own proper use & behoof for & during her natural life (Excepting wearing Apparell which I give & bequeath to my son Benjamin)
     Also I give to my sd Son Benjamin my cart plow & plow irons and the geers thereunto belonging to hold to him his heirs & assigns provided always that my sd son Benjamin (Shall find and provide sufficient firewood from time to time cut & hauld for use of his mother during her naturall life and after my said wifes decease my will is that all that Shall remain of my said personall estate Shall be Equally Divided between my Children hereafter named to wit Peter Patience Joseph James and Johnathan Share & Share alike, & I do hereby nominate and appoint my friend & Neighbour Robbert Taylor and William Fell Executors of this my last will & Testament - revoking all former  & other wills by me made & declaring this to be my last will & testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal ye day & year above writen.
      Signed by Peter Worrall

The within written will was Signed Sealed Published & declared by Peter Worrall Senr to be his Last will and Testament in the presence of us the subscribers -
Robert ("R" his mark) Caldwell)
Jonathan Maris                           )  22nd Sept 1749
Benj Talbot                                  )  Affirmed and Assigned

Will Proved 22nd September 1749

Sources for Worralls: Family History Library Film #020459 - Alfred Justice Collection - Vol. 24; Worrell Family Album; Robert Taylor Family p.28; Delaware Co., PA Wills; Chester MM Records; Exeter MM Records;

(#1248 on Ahnentafel Chart)    Unknown parents
     Their children:
   *1.     Peter Worrall b. ca. 1670 (see below)
     2.     Joshua Worrall

(#624 on Ahnentafel Chart)     Peter Worrall b. ca. 1670; wd 23 Apr 1747 - wp 22 Sept 1749; m. Elizabeth
     Their children:
   *1.     John Worrall (See below)
     2.     Jonathan Worrall
     3.     Peter Worrall
     4.     James Worrall
     5.     Joseph Worrall
     6.     Mary Worrall; m. ___ Moore
     7.     Patience Worrall; m. ____ Powell
     8.     Benjamin Worrall

(#312 on Ahnentafel Chart)    John Worrall b. ca. 1700, d. ca. 1762; m. 20 4mo 1723 Springfield Mtg, Chester Co., PA to Hannah Taylor (d/o Jonathan and Martha).   On marriage record following are shown as Relations: Peter Worrall; Elizabeth Worrall; Thomas Taylor; Jonathan Taylor; Peter Worrall Jur; Patience Worrall; Thomas Taylor; Jacob Taylor; Phebe Coppock; Deborah Taylor; Susannah Taylor; Esther Taylor; Hannah Massey
     Their children:
   *1.     Jonathan Worrell (See below) b. 10mo 1724
     2.     George Worrall d. 1764; m. 10mo 1753 Priscilla David
     3.     John Worrall Jr. ; m. Susanna ___
     4.     Peter Worrall d. 1767
     5.     Thomas Worrall b. 1732 Upper Providence, Delaware Co., PA; m. 1762 Prov. MM to Lydia Vernon
     6.     Joshua Worrall
     7.     Hannah Worral; m. 1760 Richard Nuzum
     8.     Esther Worrall; m/1: Edward Worrall; m/2: Philip Kirk
     9.     Benjamin Worrall; m/1: ca. 1767 (dis. mou); m/2: 1780 Mary Howard (d/o John Howard and Elizabeth Perry)

(#156 on Ahnentafel Chart)    Jonathan Worrall b. 10 mo 1724; d. Oct. 1801 Robeson Twp, Berks Co., PA; m.  1748 Elizabeth David b. ca. 1724
     Their children:
     1.     Benjamin Worrall b. ca. 1748; d. 1798; m. 1779 Berks Co., PA to Elinor Morris
   *2.     George Worrall b. 15 12mo 1748 (below)
     3.     Phebe Worrall m. ___ Moore
     4.     Keziah/Kiziah Worrall d. 1839 New Hope Mtg, TN; m. 1788 Middle Creek Mtg, VA to Samuel Ellis
     5.     Hester/Esther Worrall b. 14 7mo 1766; d. East Caln Mtg, PA; m. John R. Moyer
     6.     Lydia Worrall d. 1836 Robeson Mtg, PA; unm.
     7.     Hannah Worrall m. 15 5mo 1778 Berks Co., PA to Edward Morris

(#48 on Ahnentafel Chart)     George Worrall b. 15 12mo 1748 Berks Co., PA; m. 12 5mo 1779 Berks Co., PA to Deborah Starr
     Their children:
     1.     Esther Worrall b. 30 1mo 1780
     2.     Deborah Worrall b. 28 4mo 1781
     3.     Hannah Worrall b. 7 9mo 1786
     4.     Sarah Worrall b. 2 10mo 1788
     5.     Rebeckah Worrall b. 21 9mo 1790
     6.     George Worrall b. 16 2mo 1794
(#39 on Ahnentafel Chart)    Sarah Worrall b. 2 10mo 1788 PA; m. 4 5mo 1809 to Isaac Wiley
Deborah Starr Wiley     b. 16 1mo 1810 Berks Co., PA; m. ca. 1834 to Samuel Brown Moore
Mary Brown Moore b. 1841 Preble Co., OH; m. Jesse Russell Simonson
Jesse Russell Simonson b. 1874 IL; m. 1897 to Ella Talbott
William Russell Simonson b. 1909 WA; m. Doris Mary Fay
Ruby Louise Simonson b. 1937 WA; m. Duane Leslie McNeill

Submitted (11/97) by: Ruby Simonson McNeill


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