Doctors Who Misdiagnose Lyme Disease



Feb 4, 2011


Dear Chairman Regan,


You heard testimony from numerous constituents who have been harmed by faulty Lyme diagnostic tests. When asked the question, “How many have been misdiagnosed” every Lyme patient attending yesterday’s public hearing raised their hand. Patients repeatedly referred to Dartmouth Hitchcock physicians as those who are habitually responsible.


Dr Jose Montero, Director of Health and Human Services was presented five case studies alerting him to the crisis in July of 2009.


Letter to Dr Montero

 A follow up letter was sent alerting Governor John Lynch: 

Letter to Governor Lynch

 Correspondence to the Attorney General’s office: 

Letter to Attorney General Michael Delaney

 Deputy Attorney General: 

First letter to Deputy Attorney General Bud Fitch


Second letter to Deputy Attorney General Bud Fitch


We have a medical community practicing industrial medicine with a playbook that’s drastically flawed causing harm to your constituents as you witnessed first hand.


My personal testimony included a copy of a 2005 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University concluding that Lyme diagnostic tests were only 50% reliable at best.

Physician’s are interpreting test results based on unreliable Elisa and misleading Western blot missing the narrow window of opportunity for successful short term treatment. 

The medical community, Health and Human Services and the Governor have chosen to bury their heads in the sand over this serious health crisis.


What has to be done to realign testing for Lyme and educate those practitioners who are under the impression that existing methods are effective? Patients are repeatedly refused the more specific Western blot and told that insurance will not pay for this sensitive test.


If your automobile had defective brakes and could cause harm or death to you or your loved ones would you continue to drive that vehicle? Of course not! The manufacturer would step in, issue a recall and perform corrective action.


If you had a faulty gas burner allowing carbon monoxide to enter your home would you continue to live in that house with the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning? No one would take that chance. The local fire department would be called in to inspect the faulty heating system and a burner technician would repair the malfunction.


Why then do we continue to use faulty Lyme diagnostic tests that are causing serious harm to New Hampshire constituents? Who do we call in to repair the defects? If it’s not our elected officials or Department of Health, then who do we involve? No one is exempt from this disease and misdiagnosis is rampant. 


Responsibility rests on the shoulders of those that have been made aware that the problem exists. How many additional citizens will suffer the debilitating affects of Lyme disease while our elected officials and the medical community are in denial.




The New Hampshire Lyme Community


-Carl Tuttle 


P.S. The CDC's Barbara Johnson has a patent interest in the Lyme ELISA. Guess what test the CDC (through IDSA) recommends as an initial test for Lyme?

Carl Tuttle