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Hillside Cemetery - Page 1
Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York

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Purdy Plot

Amy T. Jordan
wife of
Dewitt O. Chase

Oliver C. Chase
Mary C. Reinhardt

Calvin H. Purdy

Ann Augusta Travis
wife of
Solomon D. Purdy

Jackson Purdy
Ella V Purdy

Emily A
wife of
John A. Chase

Bert B. Chase
Ruth L. Chase

Grace I. Purdy
wife of
G.S. Adams

Willis Purdy


Virginia Purdy Kingston


Howard J. Chase


Erastus Haight


Gabriel S. Adams


Hannah E.
wife of
Willis Purdy


Douglas W. Purdy


Flora Gaylord
wife of
Howard J. Chase


Margaret Croft
wife of
Erastus Haight


Harriet Bleecker


Wright Plot


Old Saint Peter's Episcopal Church


Ellsworth Chase


Abraham A. Lent


Louise _____
wife of
Calvin H Purdy


Aubro H. Wright

Church Sign

Chauncey Chase

Elijah K. Lent

Isaac Purdy

Eugene W. Wright

Old Cemetery at Van Cortlandtville Sign

Ira Chase

Mary Jane Lent

John Henry Purdy

Henry B. Wright


DAR / SAR Tablet




Purdy Plot


Catherine F. Byrne
wife of
John H. Purdy


Henry R. Wright


Arthur, Ellsworth, Franklyn


Robert Chase
Barbara Ann Grant Chase


Susie Purdy
wife of
G. S. Adams


Theadorus Purdy


Jessie B. Wright

Anna E.
E. Leslie

Mildred F. Chase

Charlotte Purdy

Soloman Debevoise Purdy

James E. Wright
his wife
Sarah Augusta Owen

(6 listed)

Walter H. Chase

Elizabeth Purdy

Whitney Travis

Mary F. Wright

Dewitt O. Chase

Helene Odell
wife of
Walter H. Chase

  Please note:
There are two parts of this Cemetery. The headstones shown here are not seperated between the two
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