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Hillside Cemetery - Page 2
Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York

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Chas I. Tompkins

Philip G. Pfannes

Doretha Chase

Phyllis Heath

Myrtle Purdy Meier

Marcell G. Meier

Bertha Travis Purdy

Morgan M. Purdy

Purdy - Meier

David H. Wright

Matilda W. Onorato

Albert B. Chase

Ruth L
Albert B. Chase

Hellyn E. Purdy

Virginia M. Knecht


Arthur J. Knecht

Charles L. Chase

Herbert Chase
Ida Keesler

Stanton C. Chase, Jr

Mary Keesler

Alice C. Nelson

Theodore Keesler

Horace B. Keesler

Lauretta A. Keesler

Hanford & Margaret Chase

Hanford Chase

Margaret Chase

Stanton C. Chase

Mary E. Chase

Emerson Keesler

Emerson Keesler
Horace Keesler, Jr
Viola M. Keesler

Viola M. Keesler

Hanford Chase

Mary Cronk

James A. Cronk Sr

Isabell W. Cronk

Jeannette H. Cronk
Donald A. Cronk

Christina M. Cronk

James A. Cronk

Hannah A. Purdy

Cora Tompkins

Charles Tompkins

Charles Pfannes
Laura Pfannes
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