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Old Quaker - Baptist Burying Ground
Oyster Bay, New York

This information was found at the Oyster Bay Village Historical Society
Entered from #64 Orchard Street, Oyster Bay Village. Now maintained by the Town. Said to be the oldest burial place in Oyster Bay; original Indian purchaser Peter Wright is probably buried here. It stands on the lot laid out to Nicholas Wright, the Andros Petentee and brother of Peter, in 1653. In 1720 William Wright deeded 40 feet square to the Baptist Society. Early Quaker and Baptists were similar in creed and probably both used it.
Copied November 12, 1961
Julia, daughter of John and Sophia Wright, July 3, 1854 - Jan. 18, 1934
Albert A., son of John and Sophia Wirght, d. Jan 28, 1865, aged 24 years, 9 months, 5 days
Fannie, youngest daughter of John and Sophia Wright, d. Sept. 13, 1882, aged 25 years, 9 months, 4 days
Myra, youngest daughter of John and Sophia Wright, d. Sept. 9, 1877 aged 27 years 9 months 23 days
John Wright, Oct. 20, 1820 - July 5, 1905
Sophia, wife of John Wright, d. Jan. 16, 1876 in her 58th year
William, son of John and Sophia Wright, d. Oct. 11, 1854 aged 3 years. 5 ds.
Mary Hill, d. June 20, 1894 aged 86 years 3 months
Henry, son of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, Dec. 3, 1798 - May 8, 1879
Rev. Marmaduke Earle, 50 Years Baptist minister at Oyster Bay, d. 1851
Mary, wife of Rev. Marmaduke Earle, d. June 25, 1832 aged 63 years 21 days
Ann M., daughter of Rev. Marmaduke and Mary Earle, d. Jan. 5, 1832 in her 55th year
Mary Ferris, daughter of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, June 10, 1806 - June 3, 1874
Mary Bockus, wife of William Wright, Jan. 32, 1811 - May 31, 1891
Charles Caleb, son of William and Mary B. Wright, d. Nov. 5, 1863 in his 22nd year
William Wright, d. Sept. 22, 1846 aged 29 years 2 months
Sarah, wife of Caleb Wright, d. Feb. 18, 1878 aged 82 years 6 months
Caleb, son of William and Elizabeth Wright, d. Feb. 9, 1847 aged 59 years 7 months 4 days
Susan, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright, d. July 18, 1843 aged 59 years - months 22 days
Mary, daughter of Caleb and Sarah Wright, Mar. 26, 1823 - Dec. 17, 1907
In Memory of Robert Crooker who departed this life March 24, 1773 in the 82nd year of his age
Alfo Dianah, the Wife of Robert Crooker; who departed this Life May the 8th 1773 in the 81st Year of her Age. (red sandstone)
In Memory of Sarah Butler, who Died Octr 4th 1790 Aged 66 years (red sandstone)
Here Lies the Body of Isaiah Townsend son of Mr John and Mrs Sarah Towsend Aged 2 Years lacking three Days then Departed this Life January y 20th day A D 1749/50 an Epitaph O Happy Babe so early fled away, From this vile earth to realms .. hast thou known ... (gray slate - rest below ground)
Here Lies y Body of William Wright, Eldest Son of Mr John & Mrs Zerviah Wright Who Departed this Life September y 12th 1740 Aged 3 Years 6 Mo & 9 D .. (gray slate, angel - broken off)
(gray slate stone - sunken except for angel at top)
In Memory of Zeruiah Wright Wife of John Wright who departed this ... (red sandstone, angel, broken off)
John Wright of Cedar Swamp, d. 16 Jan. 1813 in his 76 year
William Wright d. 18 ..? ... (very worn marble)
Elizabeth, his wife ? d. 1841 ? (very worn marble)
Mary, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright ... (worn)
--- mory of Nancy, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Wright who died Aug. 15th 1793 Aged 3 Years 4 M 12 D. (red sandstone, crumbling)
In Memory of a still born Infant a Son of Docr. Juftus & Sally Storrs AD 1787 (red sandstone - angel)
In Memory of Joseph Cooper who departed this life Nov. 25th 1778 ... (red sandstone, angel) (note: Cooper ____ of Coopers Bluff, Cove Neck)
In Memory of Mary Cooper Wife of Joseph Cooper who departed this life Aug 22 1778 in the 65th Year of his age. (red sandstone, angel) (note: her uncle was Rev. Caleb Wright)
In Memory of Elizabeth, the once Amiable consort of Doctr Thomas Wright of Eastchester Who Deptd This Life Jany 12th 1755 Aged 20 Years .. (red sandstone, angel)
Here lies the Body of Martha Cooper Daur of Mr Joseph & Mrs Mary Cooper Ages 12 Years 4 Months & 20 Days ... parted this Life ... 15, 1749. (gray slate, angel, half buried)
Here lies the Body of Mary Cooper Daur of Mr Joseph & Mrs Mary Cooper Born February ye 7th 1749/50 and Deceased ye same Day (gray slate, angel, fallen)
In Memory of Esther Wheeler Wife of Amaziah Wheeler who departed this life Feb. 11th 1778 in the 34th Year of her Age. (red Sandstone, angel) (note: she was dau. of Joseph and Mary Cooper)
In M...ory of Will ... right ... (red sandstone - angel)
In Memory of Elizabeth Wright Wife of William Wright who departed this life ---8th ---, (broken stone)
4 illegible fieldstones
.... of .... ..igh. .... 168. (fieldstone: with chalk the preceding letters became clear. Supposed by the compilers to mark the grave of Andros Patentee Nicholas Wright, who first owned this land, and who d. in 1681 or 1682)
broken red stone
Doct. Justus Storrs, d. Dec. 3, 1818 aged 62
Sarah, Relict of Justus Storrs, d. Feb. 23, 1835 aged 83
Here Lyes the Body of Mr. Caleb Wright Preacher of the Gospel Departed this Life October the 27th The Year of our Lord 1752 Aged 22 Years & 17 Days. This Pious Herald Quits the dusty Stage To Joyn the Choir Above ...
Here Lyes the Body of Isaac Wright Son to Caleb & Freelove Wright Departed This Life September the 26, 1752 Aged 13 Months and 3 Days. Sleep on Sweet Babe Til Gabrils Trump Shall Sound to wake the Rightious ... (red sandstone, top broken off)
John A. Hammond, D. Feb. 23, 1826 aged 35?
(4 stones unreadable as they are directly against the fence)
(the following stones are outside the main fence)
In Memory of Sarah Townsend who died April th 27th 1780 Ages 61 years *
In Memory of John Townsend who died ye 22d of December 1786 in the 83d Year of his age .. (these 2 are very large, red sandstone) *
Ephraim Townsend, died 13 Feb. 1799 AE 47 This monument ... by order of his daughter Sarah W. Townsend, whose remains we deposited ... Lloyds Neck were she died 30 April 1819 (marble)
John T. Underhill, son of Jacob and Sarah, d. Aug. 18, 1838 aged 36 years 9 months 26 days. (son of Jacob and Sarah Silleck Underhill; lived in Mill Neck and Brooklyn)
Catherine, wife of John T. Underhill, d. Sept. 8, 1843 in her 42nd year. (she was dau. of Crowell and Frances Marsh Evans)
Joseph E. Underhill, May 11, 1827 - May 28, 1869. The Strife is Over. (prob. a son of John T.)
Catherine M. Underhill, d. June 5, 1878 aged 73 years 8 months 4 days. At Rest (maiden name Mannell; wid. of Peter S. Underhill below)
Peter S. Underhill, d. May 10, 1877 aged 70 years 1 month 5 days. He giveth His beloved sleep. (son of Isaac and Betsey, he lived in Brooklyn)
Elizabeth S. Underhill, daughter of Peter S. and Matilda Underhill, Nov. 5, 1835 - Nov. --, 1850 (verse)
Isaac Underhill, d. Sept. 18, 1831 aged 54 years 5 days. (Father of Peter S., above. He was son of Peter and Etherlinda Underhill)
Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Underhill, d. March 2, 1832 (or 1822) aged ... (41) .. (She was Isaac's wife, dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck, for whom see index. was called Betsey.)
Phebe Durling, relict of Henry Durling, d. Jan. 25, 1846 in her 85th year. (she was dau. of house carpenter Daniel Underhill of Oyster Bay Cove, niece of Rev. Peter Underhill below. no issue)
Elizabeth, wife of Henry Durlin, d. Nov. 24, c 1821 aged 51 (red sandstone. Rev. Peter's daughter, and Henry's first wife)
Henry Durling, d. Sept. 17, 1843 in his 80th years
Rev. Peter Underhill, d. June 24, 1806 aged 69 years 5 months (son of Peter and Penelope Underhill, and Baptist minister in Oyster Bay) *
M---- ---- of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, d. May 9, 19805 aged 7 months. (red sandstone)
Jacob Underhill, d. April 24, 1842 aged 35. (fallen stone. This is problem the son of Rev. Peter and father of John T., though he is sup by the book to have d. July 21, 1812. Lived Oyster Bay)
Sarah Underhill, wife of Jacob Underhill, d. Dec. 7, 1822 aged 46 years 10 months 21 day s. (This is definetely Rev. Peter's daughter-in-law and John T.'s mother She was a dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck)
illegible sandstone
Ethelinda, --- the Rev. --- Underhill who departed this life Aprill 18, 1803 aged 62 years 9 monthe 18 days. (red sandstone; fallen and out of place; she was Rev. Peter's wife; maiden name Townsend) *
Elizabeth, wife of James Rice d. Dec. 6, 1855 aged 43 years
Elizabeth, Relict of Abraham Van Wyck, died Jan. 21, 1823 Ae 81. Be ye not slothfull, but followers of them who throught faith and patience inherit the provide (maiden name Wright. Her husb. was Captain in the Provincial Militia and a Troy. In 1787 they settle at West Neck, Huntington. Sup. she outlived him by many years and came back to her family at O.B.)
NOTE: Rev. Peter Underhill m. Ethelinda, dau. of John and Sarah (Wright) Townsend. Peter was Elder of the Baptist Chruch, but "Madam" Townsend, a woman preacher," was manifestly the ruling spirit." per Charles S. Nightman's Hisotry of the Baptist Chruch, 1873.
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