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This a a list of names that appear on the individual Cemetery pages. It is hoped that it will help you see if we have a photo of the headstone.

If you see (Mrs) after a female name, its because we do not have her birth surname.

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Name Cemetery
Adams, Gabriel S. Hillside
Andrew, Martha A. Walworth
Applebey, Edward Milltown
Applebey, Nettie Milltown
Arvis, Charlotte Ann Hustis
Bleeker, Harriet Hillside
Boris, Ethel Hustis
Bucklee, Phebe Milltown
Burk, Wm C. Walworth
Byrne, Catherine F. Hillside
Cargill, Addie Hustis
Cargill, Eva Hustis
Chase, Alanzo Palmyra
Chase, Albert B Hillside
Chase, Anna E. Hillside
Chase, Arthur Hillside
Chase, Augustus Walworth
Chase, Benjamin Furnace Woods
Chase, Bert B. Hillside
Chase, Charles G. Walworth
Chase, Charles J. Bethel
Chase, Charles L. Hillside
Chase, Chauncey Hillside
Chase, Daniel H. Furnace Woods
Chase, Dewitt O. Hillside
Chase, Doretha (Mrs. - wife of Philip) Hillside
Chase, E. Leslie Hillside
Chase, Edna May Furnace Woods
Chase, Elizabeth (Mrs. - wife of Benjamin) Furnace Woods
Chase, Elizabeth (Mrs. - wife of John) Furnace Woods
Chase, Ellsworth Hillside
Chase, Ellsworth Hillside
Chase, Emily A. (Mrs. - wife of John A.) Hillside
Chase, Esther G. Walworth
Chase, Franklyn Hillside
Chase, George Walworth
Chase, Gilmer Walworth
Chase, Hanford Hillside
Chase, Hattie A. Walworth
Chase, Herbert Hillside
Chase, Herbert M. Bethel *
Chase, Howard J. Hillside
Chase, Ira Hillside
Chase, Ira Theresa Hillside
Chase, James Furnace Woods
Chase, John Furnace Woods
Chase, John A. Furnace Woods
Chase, John D. Furnace Woods
Chase, Lucinda J. Furnace Woods
Chase, Lyman Walworth
Chase, Lyman, Jr Walworth
Chase, Margaret (Mrs. - wife of Hanford) Hillside
Chase, Margaret Allison Bethel *
Chase, Margaret Clarke Bethel *
Chase, Mary E. Walworth
Chase, Mary E. Hillside
Chase, Mildred F. Hillside
Chase, Obadiah Carmel
Chase, Oliver C. Hillside
Chase, Rebecca W. (Mrs. - wife of John D.) Furnace Woods
Chase, Robert Hillside
Chase, Ruth (Mrs. - wife of Alvin) Carmel
Chase, Ruth L. (Mrs. - wife of Albert B.) Hillside
Chase, Ruth L. (Mrs. - wife of Bert B.) Hillside
Chase, Stanton C. Hillside
Chase, Stanton C. Jr Hillside
Chase, Theresa Hillside
Chase, Walter H. Hillside
Chase, Willie C. Furnace Woods
Chase, Wright Furnace Woods
Clark, Rebecca J. Furnace Woods
Croft, Margaret Hillside
Cronk, Christina J. Hillside
Cronk, Donald A. Hillside
Cronk, Isabell W. Hillside
Cronk, James A. Hillside
Cronk, James A. Sr Hillside
Cronk, Jeannette H. Hillside
Cronk, Mary Hillside
Davenport, Emeline F. Hustis
Esley, Ernest A. Walworth
Esley, Ernest B. Walworth
Esley, Mable P. (Mrs. - wife of Ernest B.) Walworth
Esley, Marjorie Joan Walworth
Fowler, Carrie R. Furnace Woods
Fowler, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. - wife of Joel W.) Furnace Woods
Gaylord, Flora Hillside
Gilbert, Sarah J. Walworth
Grant, Barbara Ann Hillside
Grant, Robert Hillside  
Green, Comfort Walworth
Grogan, Josie Bethel *
Haight, Abigail D. Hustis
Haight, Arthur Hustis
Haight, Charles D. Hustis
Haight, Charles H. Hustis
Haight, David Hustis
Haight, Emma Estelle Hustis
Haight, Erastus Hillside
Haight, Esther Hustis
Haight, Franklin Hustis
Haight, Fredrick Arvis Hustis
Haight, Jacob Hustis
Haight, Mary Hustis
Haight, Mary Hustis
Haight, Philora Furnace Woods
Haight, Sarah E. (Mrs. - wife of Samuel) Hustis
Haight, Stephen Hustis
Haight, Susan A. Hustis
Haight, Theorodorus Hustis
Heath, Phyllis M. Hillside
Hoyt, Daniel Walworth
Hoyt, Frank M. Walworth
Hoyt, Marietta (Mrs. - wife of Daniel) Walworth
Hoyt, Myron Walworth
Hustis, Alice A. Hustis
Hustis, Ann E. (Mrs. - wife of Franklin) Hustis
Hustis, Bessie I. Hustis
Hustis, Caleb Hustis
Hustis, David Hustis
Hustis, Edgar Hustis
Hustis, Elizabeth Hustis
Hustis, Martha Jane Hustis
Hustis, Minerva A. Hustis
Hustis, Minerva J. Hustis
Hustis, Sarah Hustis
Hustis, Sarah Jannette Hustis
Hustis, Susan E. Hustis
Hustis, Warren R. Hustis
Hustis, Warren W. Hustis
Hustis, William J. Hustis
Jaycox, Isaac P. Hustis
Jordan, Amy T. Hillside
Keesler, Emerson Hillside
Keesler, Horace B. Hillside
Keesler, Horace Jr Hillside
Keesler, Lauretta A. Hillside
Keesler, Mary Hillside
Keesler, Theodore Hillside
Keesler, Viola M. Hillside
Kessler, Ida Hillside
Kingston, Virginia Purdy Hillside
Knapp, Charles Walworth
Knapp, Hannah (Mrs. - wife of David) Hustis
Knapp, Homer Hustis
Knapp, Isaac B. Hustis
Knapp, James Hustis
Knapp, Mary H. Hustis
Knapp, Melissa A. Hustis
Knapp, Peter C. Hustis
Knapp, Ruth A (Mrs. wife of Charles) Walworth
Knapp, William Hustis
Knapp, William H. Hustis
Knecht, Arthur J. Hillside
Knecht, Virginia M. Hillside
Lee, Daniel Hoyt Walworth
Lent, Abraham A. Hillside
Lent, Elijah K. Hillside
Lent, Mary Jane Hillside
Lockwood, Beverly J. Hustis
Lockwood, Deborah N. Hustis
Lockwood, George L. Hustis
Manchester, Margaret J. Bethel *
Mason, Charles W. Furnace Woods
McCord, Ellen A Furnace Woods
McCord, Ellen A. Furnace Woods
Mead, Robert Hustis
Meier, Marcell G. Hillside
Meier, Myrtle Purdy Hillside
Mekeel, Philena Hustis
Mosher, Alson Hustis
Mosher, Alson C. Hustis
Mosher, Clarence Hustis
Mosher, Coles Hustis
Mosher, Josephine Hustis
Mosher, Rachel (Mrs. - wife of Coles) Hustis
Nelson, Alice C. Hillside
Odell, Helene Hillside
Onorato, Matilda W. Hillside
Owen, Sarah Augusta Hillside
Paddock, Mary K. Milltown
Peterson, Mary Jane Furnace Woods
Peterson, Sarah (Mrs. - wife of Samuel) Furnace Woods
Pfannes, Charles Hillside
Pfannes, Laura (Mrs - wife of Charles) Hillside
Pfannes, Philip G. Hillside
Post, George A. Furnace Woods
Purdy, Abram Bethel *
Purdy, Annice K. Milltown
Purdy, Bertha Travis Hillside
Purdy, Calvin H. Hillside
Purdy, Charles Milltown
Purdy, Charlotte Hillside
Purdy, Daniel Milltown
Purdy, Douglas W. Hillside
Purdy, Ebenezer 2nd Milltown
Purdy, Edith M. Marion *
Purdy, Elizabeth Hillside
Purdy, Ella V. (Mrs. wife of Jackson) Hillside
Purdy, Elmer J. Marion *
Purdy, Elsie Knox Milltown
Purdy, Grace I. Hillside
Purdy, Hannah E. (Mrs. - wife of Willis) Hillside
Purdy, Hannah, A. Hillside
Purdy, Hellyn E. Hillside
Purdy, Henry R. Milltown
Purdy, Isaac Hillside
Purdy, Jackson Hillside
Purdy, John Henry Hillside
Purdy, Louise (Mrs. - wife of Calvin) Hillside
Purdy, Mary S. (Mrs. - wife of Abram) Bethel *
Purdy, Morgan M. Hillside
Purdy, Sarah Hustis
Purdy, Sarah M. (Mrs. - wife of Stanley) Marion *
Purdy, Soloman Debevoise Hillside
Purdy, Stanley W. Marion *
Purdy, Susie Hillside
Purdy, Theadorus Hillside
Purdy, Virginia (Kingston) Hillside
Purdy, Willis Hillside
Reeve, Carrie W. Hustis
Reeves, David Palmyra
Reinhardt, Mary C. Hillside
Sampson, Hannah Palmyra
Secor, Ann Hustis
Tompkins, Charles Hillside
Tompkins, Chas I. Hillside
Tompkins, Cora Hillside
Travis, Ann Augusta Hillside
Travis, Whitney Hillside
Volt, Elisha Furnace Woods
Vought, Elijah C. Hustis
Warren, Susan A. Hustis
Welch, Alice Mary Palmyra
Wood, Agnes H. Hustis
Wright, Aubro H. Hillside
Wright, Catherine Hustis
Wright, Catherine Hustis
Wright, Charles Hustis
Wright, David H. Hillside
Wright, Eugene W. Hillside
Wright, Henry B. Hillside
Wright, Henry R. Hillside
Wright, James E. Hillside
Wright, Jessie B. Hillside
Wright, John Oyster Bay
Wright, John H. Hustis
Wright, Julia Oyster Bay
Wright, Martha (Mrs. - wife of Stephen) Hustis
Wright, Mary F. Hillside
Wright, Mary J. Hustis
Wright, Sarah Oyster Bay
Wright, Sarah (Mrs. - wife of Charles) Hustis
Wright, Thomas Hustis
Wright, William Hustis
Wright, William H. Hustis
Wright, Zeruiah Oyster Bay
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