Burials at St. Anne's Cemetery, Church Circle, Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland

Name Relationships Dates
Greenberry, Nicholas (Col.)   1627-1697
Greenberry, Ann w/o Col. Nicholas Greenberry 1648-1698
Ridgely, Henry Jr.   1669-1699
Hammond, John (Major General)   1643-1707
Worthington, John (Capt.)   1650-1701
Hammond, Comfort w/o John Worthington, Jr. 1701-1740
Chew, Margaret w/o John B. Bordley 1773
Bordley, John Beale   1727-1804
Worthington, Nicholas Brice h/o Sophia Kerr Muse 1817-1884
Worthington, Sophia Kerr w/o NIcholas B. Worthington, d/o Dr. J. E. Muse 1820-1886
Worthington, Alice d/o Nicholas B. & Sophia K Worthington 1849-1885
Worthington, Daniel Dulany s/o Nicholas B. & Sophia K. Worthington 1849-1882
Worthington, Rosa d/o Nicholas B. & Sophia K. Worthington 1851-1852
Worthington, John Leeds (Capt.) s/o Nicholas B. & Sophia K Worthington 1858-1881
Claude, Sophia Muse Worthington w/o Gordon Claude, d/o Nicholas B. & Sophia K. Worthington 1864-1965
Worthington, Brice T.B. * 1820-1856
Worthington, Nicholas B. * s/o Nicholas J. & Hester A. Worthington 1846-1850
Worthington, Richard S. * 1849-1904
Worthington, Sarah Harwood d/o Geo. Fitzhugh & Elizabeth Harwood Worthington 1850-1930
Worthington, Frances Nelson * 1856-1934
Worthington, Nicholas J. * 1860
Kent, Rosalie Eugenia    

List Compiled with the help of Cousin Anne, myself, and Information St. Anne's Parish, Annapolis, Maryland

* from Parish information.

The Churchyard at St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland

A Burying Ground from 1695 to 1790

Among the tombstones in the churchyard are those of five seventeenth-century Marylanders: Colonel Nicholas Greenberry (1627-1697), acting governor in 1694, and Ann, his wife (1648-1698); Major General John Hammond (1643-1704); Captain John Worthington (1650-1701); and Henry Ridgely (1669-1700).

There are also gravestones of the first Mayor of Annapolis, Amos Garrett (1671-1727), and several other worthies, including: William Bladen (1670-1718), Benjamin Tasker, Sr. (1691-1768), who was President of the Council for thirty-two years and acting Governor of Maryland on several occasions; and his son, Benjamin Tasker, Jr. (1721-1760); Margaret Tilghman Carroll (1743-1817), widow of Charles Carroll, the Barrister (1723-1783); and of the last British Governor of Maryland, Sir Robert Eden (1741-1784), whom George III created "Baronet of Maryland". 

In recent years, the vault of Margaret Carroll was opened and the mortal remains of several members of the Carroll family were identified in addition to her own, including: Dr. Charles Carroll (1691-1755), and his second wife, Anne Plater Carroll (?-1766); his younger son, John Henry Carroll (1732-1754); his elder son, the eminent constitutional lawyer and patriot, Charles Carroll, the Barrister (1723-1783).

Many other interments are no longer marked by stones, including the Bordley family vault beneath the ground behind the east end of the church. Discovered recently when a hole was dug to plant a tree, the vault was opened and found to contain three coffins, one of which bears a silver plate with the name of Margaret Chew Bordley (died 1773), first wife of John Beale Bordley (1727-1804), the celebrated agriculturist and animal breeder. She was a sister of Molly Chew, the first wife of Governor William Paca (1740-1799). Another coffin contains what is believed to be the remains (with his yellow wig still intact) of the prominent lawyer and bon vivant, Stephen Bordley (c. 1710-1764). The third is believed to be that of his socially accomplished sister, Elizabeth Bordley (1717-1789), who lived with her unmarried brother in the Bordley House and managed his household, famous in its day for its hospitality and cuisine. In 1790, the parish received from Elizabeth Bordley a bequest of land on College Creek which since then replaced the church yard as St. Anne's Cemetery. It contains the interments of many prominent Annapolitans of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This information was taken from a flyer "For the Visitor, A brief introduction to St. Anne's Parish, Annapolis, Maryland
Text by The Rev. Canon A. Pierce Middleton

St. Anne's is an Episcopal Parish in the Diocese of Maryland

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