Walden Pond, Concord, Mass. USA (2006)

Doug Tanoury was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit.  He was raised by his grandparents who were turn of the twentieth century immigrants from Lebanon.  He attended Wayne State University and the University of Detroit.  Doug began writing poetry in elementary school and has been writing poetry all of his adult life.  He wrote for many years with a group of poets from around the Detroit area at the Macomb Fantasy Factory.  Doug has read his poetry in venues in Greenwich Village, NYC, London, UK and numerous locations around Detroit, including local Detroit television and radio readings.    

Doug began writing and publishing poetry on the Internet in 1996.  He founded Athens Avenue, a international group of Internet poets that write together and support each other in writer's colony fashion.  Doug's work has been featured in the New York Times Online, Yahoo Internet Life, The Detroit News and the Detroit Metro Times.  His publications credits include electronic as well as traditional ink and paper publications.  Simply tying TANOURY into any Internet search engine returns results that reveal a large amount of Doug's recent electronic publications.

Doug is the founder of Funky Dog Publishing that specializes in poetry publication in both electronic and traditional media..  Funky Dog Publishing has published both electronic and paperbound poetry chapbooks.  Doug's publication credits include Writer's Digest, Poetry Magazine, A Small Garlic Press, The Denver Quarterly, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Zuzu's Petals, Pif Magazine, Plum Ruby Review as well as many others.  Doug has published 17 electronic volumes of poetry that are featured on this site.  He is currently working on two new collections of poetry that will be published next year.