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Detroit Jazz Festival 

e-books at Project Gutenberg

Scarab Club 

American Buddhist Temple

WRCJ 90.9 FM 

The Purple Rose Theater

Ember Swift

Studio Theater 

Adobe e-books Library 

Jill Jack

Detroit Derby Girls 

Globusz Publishing

Vicente's Cuban Cafe 

Plowshares Theater Company

Atlas Global Bistro 

Cass Cafe

Rocky Peanut Company 

Web Books

Hilberry Theater 

Detroit Eastern Market

Tanoury Poetry - Sister Site 

Henry The Hatter 

ebooks At Planet PDF 

The Persuasions

Athens Avenue - A History 

Hot Dog Love

The Language Of Dreamers 

Diesel ebooks 

American Coney Island

The New York Times - On The Web 

Literary Colony 

Detroit Opera House 

Mario's Restaurant

University Cultural Center Association 

 Hour Detroit 

Majestic Cafe

Detroit Mexican Town 

Detroit Festival of the Arts 

Model D 

Detroit Music Hall

Roma Cafe 

Bonstelle Theater 

ebooks At The University Of Virginia

The Masonic

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The Metropolitan Opera

Christ Church Cranbrook

The Fox Theater

Fire Fabulon

The Guardian Building 

ebooks At Microsoft

FBI Files On Famous People 

Found Magazine 

Luminous Dog Shit 

Bartleby - Great Books Online 

ebook Mall 

The Word Spy

Primo Carnera Foundation

White Dwarf Research Corporation

The Physics Room

Nobel e Museum

Thomas Merton Foundation

Cheap Thoughts

American Civil Liberties Union

Detroit River

Albert Einstein Quotes

City Lights Bookstore

Stephen Hawking

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics


Michigan Department of Corrections

Classic Movies

On Art

Billiard Artwork

Hugo's Frog Bar

Poissons De Babel

Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Emily Young

Washington Street Gallery

Harlem Renaissance

Poetry Magazine

Cajun - Zydeco

Carmel By The Sea


Web Del Sol

Detroit's Heidelberg Project

Leon Redbone

Chicago Artists' Coalition

Encyclopedia Mythic

Lighthouses of the Great Lakes

Chicken Shack

FBI Fugitives at Large

Web Museum

Athens Avenue

Southern Comfort
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Natalie Merchant

The City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies

Buddy's Pizza

Poets Against The War

Diego Rivera Web Museum

Great Lakes Shipping

Detroit's Old Miami Bar

Bill Monroe Bluegrass

Beaver Island Arts

Detroit's Laikon Cafe

The Fabulous Ruins Of Detroit

Detroit's Old St. Mary's Church

Detroit's Belle Isle Botanical Society

Great Lakes Artist Leo Kuschel

Detroit's Friends Of Belle Isle

Humphrey Bogart Tribute Site

Detroit Artist's Market

Buckwheat Zydeco

Holy Name Cathedral

The Cyber-Cemetery

Elliott's Oyster House

The Golden Years

Detroit Public Library

Photographs From The Chicago Daily News

University Of Virginia's ebook Library

Detroit Institute Of Art

Cutty Sark
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Detroit's Nativity Of Our Lord Church

Detroit Photo Gallery

Detroit Historical Museum

Megan Kitchen Gallery

Edith Piaf

Bill Schwab

City of Detroit

Copper Harbor, Michigan

Robert Bradley

Los Angeles Buddhist - Catholic Dialogue

Bare Naked Ladies

Great Lakes Shipping Collection Database

Made In Detroit

Pioneer Square

Grand Marais

U.S. National Archives
And Record Administration

The Cranberries

St. Mark's Bookstore

Brian Pike

Louis Prima

Abstract Earth

Stained Glass Photography

WDET 101.9 FM

The Adams Residence

Pesci De Babele

Alfred Hitchcock

Domestic Problems

Spencer Tracy

Hank Williams Sr.

Detroit Buildings

Karen Alkalay-Gut

Charlie Chaplin

Chris Smither

Port Aransas, Texas

Hank Williams Jr.

Detroit Poets Against The War

Art History Resources

Hank Williams III

Bentley Historical Library
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Detroit's Russell Street Deli

Ward Kelley

Pescados De Babel

Turner Classic Movies

Dostoevsky Research Station

King Galleries

U.S. Library Of Congress
Virtual Reference Shelf

Poetry Superhighway

The Virtual Motor City Collection

Detroit - The City That Was 

The King Solomon Burke

University Cultural Center

The Quotations Page

Saul Bellow

Detroit Art Deco Society

Malcolm Muggeridge

Blues World

Robert A. Heinlein

Carl G. Jung

Detroit's Corktown

Alan Watts

Andre Norton

Democratic National Committee

Norman Mailer

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ralph Ellison

Detroit's Woodward Avenue

Kurt Vonnegut

Detroit's Ambassador Bridge

Amelia Earhart

Detroit's Alger Theater

Albert Einstein

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

American Verse Project

Classical Chinese Poetry

Amnesty International USA

Birmingham Unitarian Church

Mikhail Lermontov

Gospel Blues

Wendy Morris

Jain Society of Greater Detroit

Detroit's Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple

The Victoria Art Gallery

Jeep Wrangler

Terra Museum

Art Institute of Chicago

Poetry In The Arts

American Civil Liberties Union - Michigan 

The Ark

Reel Classics

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum 

John Prine 

The Firefly Club