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Distinction   ~    Innovation  ~   Joie de Vivre



Distinction, innovation, and linquistic joie de vivre are important to TNPR. We agree with Frost about delight and wisdom. We believe in the value of rich sound.  We believe in the beautiful—even if that beauty is not in the situation of the poem but simply the sounds of the poem, the images, or (and, ideally,) the way a great poem returns to the reader's mind long after it's been read. We seek to enchant.

In addition, we seek to increase exposure and respect for our poets. We nominate to the Pushcart Prize  (Ted Kooser's poem from TNPR won a Pushcart Prize!), pay our poets for their work whenever possible, offer prize opportunities to help great poets build great reputations, and we provide copies of the magazine to key indexers, reviewers, editors, critics, and literary promotion organizations.

The American Humanities Index and the Index of American Periodical Verse index every issue of The National Poetry Review.