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  • Congratulations to Caroline Manring, winner of the 2012 National Poetry Review Book Prize, and to Stacy Kidd, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, and Brent Terry, three of the runners-up whose books we will also publish in this series.

  • Errata:  Mary Biddinger 's book, Saint Monica, is only $9, not $22, and is published by Black Lawrence Press, not Copper Canyon.

  • Congratulations to John Mann, winner of the 2011 National Poetry Review Book Prize, and to Michael Tyrell and Elizabeth Hughey, whose books will also be published. 

  • Just released:  Angela Vogel's Fort Gorgeous.  Next up:  Betsy Wheeler's Loud Dreaming in a Quite Room.

  • The Laureate Prize has been canceled. If you entered in 2011, please email for information on how to receive a refund or to apply your fee to the book prize at no extra cost.

  • The National Poetry Review welcomes T. R. Hummer, our new Contributing Editor.

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