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Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted unread.


Likely the first literary magazine in recent times to embark upon such a project,  since 2008 The National Poetry Review, in an effort to increase appreciation for contemporary 
poetry, has sought to gather and publish explications of contemporary poems.
To submit an explication, please send a copy of the poem you are explicating and a signed permission-to-reprint letter from the poem’s author along with your 
explication.  Please submit queries and explications during our open reading period.  

Poems in which we are especially interested include:

Jeffrey Skinner’s “The Climbers”
Mary Ann Samyn’s “Wish and What Happens”

and poets in whose work we are especially interested include:

Mary Jo Bang
Heather McHugh
Fleda Brown
Nance Van Winckel
Mary Ruefle
If considering an explication of another author, you may want to query by email to 
ascertain our interest:  
tnprsubmissions AT yahoo DOT com. (Replace AT with @ and DOT com with .com) 



We accept for consideration unsolicited submissions from non-subscribers during the months of December, January, and February ONLY.  We regret that we cannot respond to submissions made outside the reading period.  Do not submit a new group of work before receiving a response to the previous one.    Subscribers may submit anytime during the year; in such cases, please write "SUBSCRIBER" in the subject line of your e-mail.

All submissions must be by email to tnprsubmissions AT yahoo DOT com. (Replace AT with @ and DOT com with .com)  We trust that submitters will not misuse or abuse the privilege, but we reserve the right to delete without response and / or block those who do abuse it.   Please paste submissions into the body of the email only -- no attachments.  Please be sure to include your name in the subject line of your email submission.  Our responses to submissions during the open reading period may take from one day to three months.

Send your best, most distinctive poems.

A few editor favorites are John Brehm's "Songbird," Kimberly Johnson's "Sonnet," Mary Oliver's "Poppies," Karen Volkman's sonnets, Margot Schilpp's "Manifesto" and "Laws of My Nature,"  and Eric Rawson's "A Leopard Hanging in a Tree."

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable IF: 1) you mention that fact in your cover letter; 2) you are prepared to withdraw the work from other places if we accept it (keep in mind that TNPR is quick with responses); and 3) you let us know immediately if the work gets accepted elsewhere.

No previously published poems, explications, reviews, or other prose, please. This includes work that has appeared on the Internet.



The National Poetry Review seeks great books for possible review. Please send review copies to our Reviews Editor:

Douglas Basford
Department of English
306 Clemens Hall
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Buffalo, NY 14260

The National Poetry Review acquires first rights for all work published. Reprint rights revert to the author after publication in TNPR; please include first publication acknowledgments to The National Poetry Review in subsequent publications. Payment is one copy of the issue in which your work appears, along with a small honorarium when funds are available.

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