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The TNPR Book Prize Series



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Submit 45-80 pages of poetry with a $27 reading fee, a cover letter with your bio and your manuscript's acknowledgments  (no SASEs please; manuscripts will be recycled. Check website for winners.).  Please do not folder, bind, fasten, or clip your manuscript in any way.

Postmark Deadline:  August 31, 2015.  

We strongly prefer electronic submissions. Instructions:

1.  Click on the PayPal button to send your fee, then

2.  To email your entry, put your name in the subject line, include a copy of your PayPal paid receipt, and send to

Please place all manuscript documents in ONE attachment. 


The winner of The National Poetry Review Book Prize will receive $1000 plus publication and 15 copies of the book. All entrants will be considered for publication. 

Please note that due to the nature of this offering, there can be no refunds for any reason.



If you do not have internet access and therefore absolutely must enter the TNPR Book Prize by postal mail:

Make checks payable to "TNPR"
and send to

The National Poetry Review Book Series

PO Box 2080
Aptos, CA  95001-2080


Previous Winners:

Bryan Penberthy, James Haug, Dorinne Jennette, Ravi Shankar, Angela Vogel, John Mann

Previous Runners-Up, also published: 

Dan Kaplan, Karl Elder, Sarah E. Barber, James Grinwis, Betsy Wheeler, Michael Tyrell, Elizabeth Hughey


Please note that students, close friends, and family of the editors are not eligible for the prize.  We believe that this policy promotes objectivity in judging and fairness in publication.


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