Name: Sam Tsui

Age: 17 (Birthday May 2)

Location:Blue Bell, PA, USA

Occupation:  a Student, currently a senior at Wissahickon High School

Education:  So far, as far as art goes, I'm pretty mcuh self-taught - though I've learned a lot from many of the inspiring artists that can be found under "Links"

Hobbies/Interests: Illustration (Obviously), Classical Studies (i.e., Greek and Latin), Music , Theater , Video Games (Yeah Earthbound!), reading (Fan of Terry Pratchett!), writing , being constantly busy with school (okay, so that's not a hobby. But it's true!)

What program do I use?: Most of the illustrations on my website are created with Photoshop of some edition. Many are made with Elements, which is a great simple program to use. The newer ones are created with Photoshop CS, in my opinion the most versatile program for digital illustration.

You can reach me at:>