Biography of Dr. Paul Turse


Martial Arts Rank: 

        Judo—Shichidan (7th Degree “Black Belt”) USJA

        Jujitsu—Rokudan (6th Degree “Black Belt”) USJA


        BA      SUNY at Albany—English

        MA     TC-Columbia University—Speech

        Ed.D.  TC-Columbia University—Theatre Arts 

Present Affiliation     

        Toms River Judo Club, YMCA, Toms River, NJ—Judo Instructor                       

 Martial Arts Teaching Experience: 

        1961-1962      LaSalle School for Boys, Albany, NY—Wrestling coach  

        1964                     Clark AFB, PI—Judo Instructor

        1964-1966         Judo Inc., NYC—Judo Instructor

        1965-1966         Grand Central YMCA, NYC—Judo Instructor

        1967-1970        Blue Diamond Karate School, Peekskill, NY—Judo Instructor

        1970-1971          Asbury Park YMCA, Asbury Park, NJ—Judo Instructor

        1973                 Chelsea School, Long Branch, NJ—Judo Instructor

                                 Long Branch YMCA, Long Branch, NJ—Judo Instructor

                                 Fort Monmouth DYA, Fort Monmouth, NJ—Judo Instructor

                                 Red Bank Adult Ed., Red Bank, NJ—Self-Defense Instructor

        1985-1986          Eatontown Rec., Eatontown, NJ—Judo Instructor

        1988-1989          Community YMCA, Red Bank, NJ—Judo/Jujitsu Instructor

        1989-1990         Genjitsu Judokai, Toms River, NJ—Judo/Jujitsu Instructor

        1996                    PJK, Neptune, NJ--Jujitsu Instructor

        1975-2000         USMA Prep School, Fort Mon., NJ—Judo/Jujitsu Instructor

Martial Arts Training: 

        1957-1958        Peekskill Recreation Wrestling, Peekskill, NY

        1958-1960        Varsity Wrestling, SUNY at Albany, Albany, NY

        1963-1964        Sapporo Central Police Station, Sapporo, Japan

        1963-1965        Ryujukai, Sapporo, Japan (Sensei Jinnosuke Yanagizawa 9th Dan)

                               Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan

        1978                 Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan

                               Ryujukai, Sapporo, Japan

         1984                Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan

                               Ryujukai, Sapporo, Japan

 Masters Judo Competition: 

        1980                Senior Nationals, MSU, East Lansing, MI---3rd Place

        1981                Senior Nationals, Little Rock,  Aekansas---3rd Place.

 Past Martial Arts Projects: 

        Exploring Martial Arts, Storrs Cablevision, Ch 8

        USJA Jujitsu Steering Committee 

        The Magic Comb:  An animated martial arts fairly tale for children, presented May 2001 at the Monmouth County Library, Shrewsbury, NJ.

 Drug Programs: (Teaching)

        Chelsea School, Long Brach, NJ

        New Hope Manor, Graymoor Monastery, Garrison, NY

Other Relevant Teaching Experience:

        United States Military Academy Preparatory School, Fort Monmouth, NJ--

From 1975 – 2000, worked as an English teacher, helping many Army men and women to raise their SAT scores, achieve entrance to West Point, and eventually become officers in the U.S. Army.

Labor Relations Experience:

        National Federation of Federal Employees, Local 476—From 1983 – 2003, served as president, executive VP,  chief shop steward, and technical advisor for the local.  Represented employees in grievances, wrote and negotiated contracts, handled ULPs, and sat on partnership committees and various other management/union forums.

Technical Editing/Writing:

        From 2004 – present, under contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency at Fort Monmouth.  Duties include the following:  proofreading and editing satellite communications standards, military manuals, and various other Government documents.


        From 2001 – 2008, wrote and edited articles for,, Area Chica magazine, and Bay Area Sports Drive magazine.    






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