Christmas Tales

Do your 2010 Christmas shopping early!

A Christmas Season to Be Jolly

By Paul Turse

Dear Agent/Publisher:

        It’s time to do your Christmas shopping early!  If you are looking for stories that will fill your readers’ hearts with the Christmas spirit, as well as make a memorable stocking stuffer, you might be interested in previewing the following tales.  Although the stories are designed for youngsters, the spirit that pervades each story and the messages delineated will surely appeal to "oldsters" as well. 

        Here are some brief synopses of the contents.

"The Christmas Coal"

Copyright © 2004 Paul Turse.  All rights reserved.

        Children would never wish for coal in their Christmas stockings, let alone as a gift left under a Christmas tree, for coal would symbolize that they have been bad.  Such a worthless gift would make them feel that they, too, are of little value.  So it is for little Elvis, an orphan who lives in a home for boys.  When he receives an enormous bag of coal for Christmas, not only does he feel worthless but also unloved.  However, when the temperature suddenly plummets to the lowest freezing point ever recorded in history, the price of coal increases proportionately and becomes a valuable commodity.  What should he do with his newly found wealth?  Buy a coveted red bicycle or heat the home of an elderly couple, the Sannicks.  The choice that Elvis eventually makes will send the message to youngsters that the value of things is not always immediately discerned and that making a sacrifice might very well be the greatest gift of all.


"Crasher, the Unknown Reindeer"

Copyright © 2004 Paul Turse.  All rights reserved.

        Crasher runs away to the other side of the North Pole, where he encounters the evil twin brother of Santa, who has his own elves, workshop, and reindeer, everything that the good Santa has--all except one thing: his reindeer can’t fly.  If Crasher can steal the secret of flight from the good Santa and give it to the evil one, Crasher will be rewarded by being able to lead the evil Santa’s sleigh and thus become famous.  Crasher’s decision will demonstrate that fame is no substitute for honor and that very often the most courageous are not always the most famous.  In fact, they are often unknown.

        (Crasher, the Unknown Reindeer also exists in play form. )


"The Christmas Mantis"

Copyright © 1986 Paul Turse.  All rights reserved.

        Word has traveled down into the lowly insect world that a new King is to be born in a far away place called Bethlehem.  This King promises a world where all creatures great and small will be treated equally regardless of their station in life.  It would be fitting if a member of the insect world could be there at His birth to honor the new King.  At the great insect conclave, however, none of the bugs have the courage to make the journey, except for Manti, a praying mantis, who is determined to brave all odds in order to meet this King.  He sets off with nothing but the fighting skills of his preying hands.  Later, when the Baby Jesus is being harassed by two dragonflies, the Wisemen declare that there will be no peace on earth if the Baby cannot sleep.  Thus, Manti must choose to stay in safety or to come out of hiding and protect the Baby.  Manti’s ultimate choice will thrill the hearts of young and old and exemplify the spirit of Christmas.


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