Digging Up Dinosaurs
A WebQuest of a Dinosaur Excavation


Objective - SWBAT use cooperative learning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to identify "dinosaur fossils."

Materials -
Digging Up Dinosaurs WebQuest website
4 boxes
dirt (or sand)
clay - to make fossil models based on those from the EnchantedLearning website
4 digital cameras (substitute with box or polaroid cameras)
digging "tools"

Procedures -
1)  Teacher will have students in teams of four in order for them to act as a dinosaur expert team consisting of a paleontologist, a worker, a draftsman, and a photographer - all jobs described in Digging Up Dinosaurs by, Aliki.

2)  Teacher will have prepared four clay models of dinosaur teeth, using the "Dinosaur Teeth" website by EnchantedLearning  as a guide.  The fossil models should be buried in boxes of dirt (or sand) that are place around the room as separate stations.

3)  The students will travel from station to station performing their assigned task as described in the WebQuest.

4)  Students will use the resources linked from the WebQuest to identify the found dinosaur fossils as well as to provide some information about the identified dinosaur.

5) Students can be staggered in order to accommodate a one-computer classroom.

Evaluation -
In teams, students will present their findings to the class (museum board) and then describe their experiences with the class.
The students will be evaluated based on the finished productand on the process.