SWBAT use resources of the Internet, cooperative learning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to identify "dinosaur fossils."
SWBAT use the Internet to search for and then develop answers to dinosaur questions.
Given the proper materials, student will make an imprint in plaster of paris.
Students will use observation skills to compare and contrast the imprint with a real fossil print.
Students will construct a model of rock layers and infer the relative ages of the layers within the model. They will complete a KWL using Kidspiration to express what they have learned.
Given pictures, students will be able to:
-define a glacier.
-identify forces such as, wind,  moving water, glaciers, earthquakes, floods, and people, that cause change on Earth
-present their presentation orally.
Given a picture of a dinosaur, students will be able to construct
its skeleton out of pipe cleaners.
SWBAT graph the length of a variety of dinosaurs using cooperative learning skills.
SWBAT conduct a survey to determine the dinosaur that is the favorite among other students.
SWBAT use Writer's Workshop to develop a journal of daily events of their favorite dinosaur to then share and compare with students from around the world.
SWBAT break apart dinosaur names to understand the actual meaning of the word and then use that knowledge to create a made-up dinosaur using KidPix.
SWBAT identify and classify the types of food eaten by dinosaurs using Kidspiration and the ways that these can be detected using the Enchanted Learning Website.
SWBAT use their background knowledge developed throughout the unit to identify the names of dinosaurs based on their descriptions and make basketball shots for each one known.