Dino Skeletons


Given a picture of a dinosaur, students will be able to construct
its skeleton out of pipe cleaners.

pipe cleaners
picture of dinosaur scissors

1) Today we are going to learn about the way different dinosaurs are structured. We are going to look at their formations and build them with pipe cleaners.

2)  Do any of you have model dinosaur skeletons at home? Well today, we are going to make our own. What are some different
characteristics a dinosaur may have? ( horns, etc. ) Teacher will put these responses on the board.

3)  I will give each of you a picture of a dinosaur with its name. Study the picture to see what characteristics your dinosaur may have. Use the answers on the board as a guide. I will give you each five pipe cleaners (you may need more) to make your dinosaur's skeleton. You may need your scissors to cut the pipe cleaners to make horns or toes.

4)  Teacher will demonstrate each step with another dinosaur.

5)    We were able to do this by looking at a picture?  Do you think it is hard for scientists to put together the pieces of skeletons like these. How long do you think it takes them to put together all of the pieces of a dinosaur's skeleton? (many months, years sometimes)

6)  The finished products can be displayed as mobiles.


Teacher will assess the finished products based on its resemblance to the original and based on creativity and originality.