1953 Hudson Jet 1C Sedan #(1)245824

This Jet resides in Ohio. I do not have photos as this time, however, I know that it is dark green.

A November 2008 letter from the current owner was as follows:

It was purchased new by Mable Morrow of Wausson, Ohio in 1953. she ran up 22,000 miles on the odometer over the next twenty years. The second owner, Roscoe Lee also of Wausson purchased it from Miss Morrow's estate in 1974. Mr. Lee had some minor rust repair done and an enamel repaint shortly after purchasing it. I acquired it from Mr. Lee in 1991 as he could no longer drive. He had added only another 12,000 miles to the car. I have enjoyed driving it to the occasion car show and cruise-nite these past years, but have only added about 3,000 more miles. I do have it for sale at this time.

I have not had to do any of what I would call restoration, just mechanical maintenance. Particularly that created by not driving a vehicle often enough. The body and paint are still in very respectable condition and the interior is near mint. It has a over heating problem that will be dealt with when it comes out of winter storage. Would like to drive it to the National in Pontiac this summer. I also have a '26 and a '39 Hudson, also for sale. Need to thin the herd.

I have a bunch of parts from a couple of Super Jets I dismantled many years ago and will probably never need them. If any Jet lover out there is interested in accumulating more stuff, they can contact me anytime.

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