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1953 Hudson Super Jet 2C Sedan Vin: 250166

In May 2012, this Jet met its demise as a resident of Buckeye, Arizona. A motorcyclist crossed the centerline at a high rate of speed around a corner, forcing the jet off the road.

The previous owner of this Super Jet had the following to share before parting with his beloved Super Jet...

"My dad was a real car nut before me. He drove Hupmobiles before Hudsons, back in the teens. My first long distance ride was in dad's 1926 Hudson Touring car from Belgrade, Nebraska to Sterling, Colorado. That's a distance of 325 miles in '26, before any paved roads in the midwest. I remember the trip like it was yesterday. I was 3 then and have longed for Hudsons ever since.

Dad was a Hudson dealer in the 1930's while I was in high school, 1934 thru 1938. This was no doubt the worst years to be a new car dealer in this century because of the depression.

2007 Western Regional MeetI drove Hudsons up until I went to the navy in 1943 and drove them again after returning back to Nebraska where I met and married my wife, Patricia, a young registered nurse at that time. I sold Hudsons for the dealer in Grand Island, Nebraska from 1948 to 1954 as an outside salesman and always drove Commodore 8's. I was #1 salesman even thoguh I was not a full time emplyee. I was also a Pontiac-Honda dealder in Grand Island and Toyota-Volvo-BmW dealer in North Platte, Nebraska before moving to retire in Arizona in 1984.

I found the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club in the 1970's and became a member of the Nebraska Chapter. I have also been a past president of the Arizona Grand Canyon Chapter of HET. I got people together to form this local chapter in 1990. We have a great chapter, lots of good car people. Found two of the cars my dad had sold, a '35 Suburban sedan and a '36 rumble seat coupe. I collected 1930's cars from surrounding states and at one time owned 80 plus, all '32 to '39's. Restored some and parted with the rest to people who would restore them. I have restored a number of stepdowns and three AM Motors Hudson. Missed buying several Jets along the way.

In 2002, on the computer, appeared this '53 Super Jet already restored. I bid it to $11,000 and it did not reach minimum. The owner, Joel Birner, told me that he had over $25,000 in the car and was not willing to take that much loss. I thought about this beautiful two-tone blue and white sedan every once in a while. In 2006, I thought about the car and called the man who had put it on the internet for Joel and asked if he had ever decided to sell the car. Mike told me that Joel had been diagnosed with cancer in November 2005 and passed away within a month. He also told me that Joel's wife, Cleo, and son, Mark, wanted to sell the car and remembered that I was remembered by their loved one and was sure he would want me to have the car. The phone number was forwarded to the son in Arizona who called me and asked if I was still a buyer for the Jet. I told him I was, and had thought about the car often for the past 4 years. They told me that Joel had driven the car every month for 5 or 6 miles to keep all the seals soft. I was told by the storage building owner, who had put the car on eBay, that there was not a sign of oil leak and the car was much better than new. So, I bought it without seeing the car. The car is complete except for a continental kit. I am hoping I can find one. It has 12 volt, AC, and radial tires. I love the Jet.

In 2007, I gave the original two cars my dad sold in 1935 and 1936 rumble seat coupe to my daughters in Wyoming and Nebraska. They will keep them until 2035 when they will then go to the grandsons as the cars will have been in our family for 100 years."

-Galen Moon

1953 Hudson Super Jet

68,000 miles, 4 Door, White-walled Tires
6 cylinder engine, 3-speed manual transmission, 4-core radiator
3:56 Rear gears
12 volt conversion, air conditioning
Fender Skirts
Tinted Glass, seat belts

2007 Western Regional Meet
The insurance company deemed this Jet a complete loss after a roll-over accident in 2012.

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