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1954 Hudson Super Jet (2D) Club Sedan #267849

Last known location was in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania as of September 2008. The transmission is automatic. Seats, headliner, and door panels have been updated. Carpet was also added. The directional switch was replaced with an after market one that almost looks orginal down to the teardrop handle. At that time, the drums had been turned and new brake shoes put on. An electric fuel pump was installed to charge fuel system. (There is a hidden switch under dash.) This prevents having to really crank the 6 volt starter to prime fuel system, although it runs fine on mechanical pump. There is a second switch hidden under the dash to turn on head lights, since the head light switch is only working to turn on the parking lights. There is a little rust on the driver's side floor on the edge by sill where it's become spongy. On the rear quarter driver side, under by bumper were it ends as a single sheet, a 6 or 8 inch piece is bubbling.

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