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1954 Hudson JetLiner Sedan (3D) #280201
Your browsing has led you to the webmaster's car! How did I become interested in old cars? Some auto enthusiasts may have quite the story to answer that question. For me, I suppose it simply began as the allure of the unknown, a curiousity of a time gone past,... next thing you know... you're "car crazy," as the saying goes. When it was time to own one, I wanted something not so common and brought home my first restoration project, the following 1954 Hudson JetLiner.

In July of 2004, my husband and I bought a set of Jets for $660 off of eBay, a 1953 Super Jet and a 1954 Jetliner. At the time of purchase, the Jetliner was described as having already had the following work done: Rebuilt 202 engine, rebuilt OD tranny, clutch and brakes, recored radiator, and rewired for 12V. It also had new radial tires, u joints, and rear end seals. We took it back down to bare metal and had a body shop to the restoration work with the exception of the interior, done by myself. This Jet resides in Washington.

Hudson Jet

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