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1954 Hudson Hornet Convertible #(7)287576

This Hornet resides in Indiana, sold new in 1954 from a dealership in Waynedale, Indiana, a suburb of Fort Wayne. This Hudson boasts about every option available that year including power windows, power steering, power brakes and Twin H-Power. This car has been in the same family since the early '70's.

Donaldson Hudson
Above, Duane Donaldson of Donaldson Hudson Sales and Service, poses with two new '54 Hudsons in his showroom... the only two convertibles he sold that year.

The other convertible had a 7X ordered in for it, but it didn't stay in that car forever. The engine was used at a local circle track later in a different car... one that Duane drove... and he soon found out he didn't like driving race cars. The dual exhaust manifold was separated from the rest of the 7X and ended up on a Wasp and was eventually lost. The remainder of the 7X has found a home with the owner of the main convertible featured.

Donaldson Hudson and Lady Friend
Local legend is that Duane and a striking woman were an item until she left town allegedly driving the other '54 convertible. Neither she nor the car were again seen in Fort Wayne. The photo above shows the woman who was reputed to be the female Duane says, "She left in my Hudson convertible." On a side note, the Hornet behind the couple appears to be a hardtop.

Duane Donaldson and Gentlemen
Duane Donaldson poses with two men who might have been salesmen at the dealership.

Duane Donaldson CounterDuane Donaldson Counter

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