1954 Hudson JetLiner (3D) Sedan #(3)3051049

This Jet resides in New Hampshire.

This Jet Liner rolled off the assembly line in June of 1954 and doesn't look anythink like it did back then.

This car was turned into a dirt track car some time in the 1980's and was going to be raced at Devil's Bowl Speedway in Vermont. It was meant to be in a "low-budget" class where guys had restrictions in what they could run to keep it competitive and affordable. The class never really took off, and was cancelled after only a few races due to a small field of cars so the story goes. The original numbers on the car have been concealed per the previous owners family requesting that not to be revealed.

It ran with a Hudson Hornet 308 (most likely with the Twin-H set-up), hooked to a Ford flathead 3 speed transmission.

It also had a Ford banjo rear-end (still has the torque tube in it) with parallel leaf springs and floater 3/4 ton truck axles (12 spline).

Master Cylinder On Firewall Used As Hydraulic Clutch

Current owner is planning to re-do the car, and make it road legal. The only real big change planned is to put a Chevy 292 engine in it since one was readily available.

As of March 7, 2014: Owner picked up an original Offenhauser transmission adapter and mated everything up to put it in the car. Clearance looks like it will work with the firewall beng a little tricky. Custom motor mounts being made with the plans of using the holes at the front of the block to mount it, instead of the regular side mounts.

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