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1954 Hudson Super Jet #4619

If you noticed the serial, this 4-door sedan is off the Canadian assembly line and is located in Nova Scotia. The owner bought it from a fellow in Victoria, B.C., whose father bought it new in Edmonton, Alberta. It hadnít run for many years and the engine was seized. Bored out, oversized pistons, head planed, and totally restored in Fanny Bay, north of Nanaimo, British Columbia by a cousin. Drove it to Ontario, then to Nova Scotia. If youíre not current on your geography, B.C. and N.S. are on opposite coasts of Canada! Anticipate a complete story on the restoration process along with pictures at a later date. The owner would love to find a good-working radio and is also looking into replacing his headliner and possibly door panels.

Hudson Super Jet 4058

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