Auto Sport Review September 1953DISCLAIMER: The following article exerpt was provided courtesy of Auto Sport Review Magazine, September 1953. Please note, this is only an exerpt and not the full article.

"Though it used the 'step-down' design, with the floor recessed below the level of the frame members. Hudson has chosen to keep the seats reasonably high and the head room ample."

"The car looks neat and uncluttered but you wonder if the styling department couldn't ahve worked out something a bit more inspired... The grille is simple (but without much character) and the dummy air scoop on the Super Jet's hood is just plain silly."

"As far as the reduction in size is concerned, the Jet is the shortest U.S. four door sedans (180.7 inches over all) has the shortest wheelbase (104.4 inches) is the narrowest (67.1 inches). It also has the least rear seat knee room (9 inches)."

"These cold figures might indicated the Jet is cramped, but that isn't the impression you get. Actually, the hip room is only 9/10 of an inch less than Mercury's. The rear seat knee room is the only dimension where the Jet is noticeably squeezed."

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