Motor Trend August 1953DISCLAIMER: The following article exerpt was provided courtesy of Motor Trend, August 1953. Please note, this is only an exerpt and not the full article.

"MT's Jet... averaged slightly better in overall mileage per gallon on Mobilgas regular fuel than many other cars in its class with automatic transmission."

"MT's test car, with full Twin-H Power equipment (8.1:1 aluminum head and twin carburetors), proved to be a real jet in acceleration and speed checks. A standing start, quarter mile time of 19.9 seconds placed it well outin front of tis competirors. The jet repeated this performance in its 0-60 mph runs, when it stopped the sweep-hand at 15.2 seconds, nearly six seconds faster than the average speed of others in its class. the car also proved it was well named by turning in a surprising 95.88 mph bettering the best in its class."

"A responsive steering system which requires four turns of the wheel lock to lock, and a short overall length (slightly less than its class average) make the Super Jet an easy car to drive. It can be moved around quickly in traffic, its extremely easy to park because of tis compactness, and Hydra-Matic takes the strain out of stop-and-go driving."

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