Motor World, April 24 1953

DISCLAIMER: The following article exerpt was provided courtesy of Motor World Magazine, April 24, 1953. Please note, this is only an exerpt and not the full article.

The new Hudson Jet can best be described as the performance surprise of the year. This latest entry into the low-priced field combines the utility of the family sedan with the handling characteristics and roadability of a European sports tourer. And the acceleration and top speed of teh Jet will astonish all who drive it.

Its performance during the road test was so spectacular for a car of its relatively small displacement that the testing equipment was subjected to several checks to verify the accuracy of the results.

...However, when the quiet engine is started and the transmission engaged, one thing is immediately apparent - this is truly a hot car, to be handle with care.

The test car was equipped with the 114 bhp engine which gets its 10 hp bost over the stock from the optional equipment mentioned (Twin-H power). In theory, the 202 cubic inch engine, smaller than the Ford V-8, Chevrolet or Plymouth would not seem to be adequate in output to handle the automatic transmission. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Using Lo range on the transmission, the Jet will spin its rear wheels on macadam and luch out in the best drag strip tradition. Driving through traffic in fourth gear, a kickdown into third will pin the driver to the seat while a slight twitch of the steering wheel will jump the car into a clear lane. The center point steering is very firm; practically no road shock is apparent at normal speeds over pitted roads. The car will smother any bump, go over grade crossing tracks with only the whisper of a rumble (and the test car was not undercoated) and come out of a dip without pitching or rocking.

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