Road & Track, June 1953DISCLAIMER: The following article exerpt was provided courtesy of Road & Track, June 1953. Vol. 4, No. 10. Please note, this is only an exerpt and not the full article.

"Our approach to the new Hudson Jet was one of mild interest - prehaps even condescension. When we completed the road test our general opinion was completely reversed. No fair minded driver can give this car a trial without coming to a definate set of favourable conclusions for here is a scrappy little car that is going to give both the bg 3 (Chevrolet, For and Plymouth) and the little 3 (Henry J, Rambler and Willys) some real competition."

"For a car featuring 'step-down' design, we thought 7 inches more overal height than a Studebaker harly justifies calling this a low car. On the other ahnd, the seats are very comfortable and visibility is excellent."

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