E.G. Price Motor Co. of San Bernardino, CA

216 "E" Street (from at least 1934-49) and later at 397 Baseline Street (from at least 1952-53).

E.G. Price Motor Co
1949 photo taken of the 216 "E" Street location. Building no longer there.

E.G. Price Motor Co., 216 "E" Street (Per 02/04/34 LA Times, 01/20/35 LA Times ad, 06/23/35 LA Examiner, and 12/08/35 LA Examiner.) as well as 1937 San Bernadino Valley College yearbook and then at 397 Baseline Street (Per 03/09/52 L.A. Times and 11/29/53 newspaper ad.) E.G. Price= Elwood Grant Price. Photo circa 1949. Sold Hudson from 1934-1957. Sold AMC through 1977?

397 Baseline 50s
New Hornet being delivered at 397 Baseline.

397 Baseline 2011
397 W. Baseline St. circa 2011.

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