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Have a Jet sitting without an engine and/or tranny and looking for a way to make it mobile again? Or perhaps you're looking for inspiration on a custom paint job? See what other Jet owners have done!

click here to view more pictures of this car! Flat black primer and scallops are only the first glimpse of the changes that have been made to this 1954 Jet. A MOPAR motor has replaced the Hudson 202 and the rear end's been changed out as well. Click here for the full story!
Note the unique trim on this Jet, especially the extension of chrome onto the quarter! Looks to mimic the side trim of a 1956 Dodge Custom Royal. Click here for more pictures! Click here to view more pictures of this car!
Click here to view more pictures of this car! This Jet has some MUST SEE changes including a Chevy V6 transplant! Check out the 262 CU IN (Chevy 350 minus 2 cylinders; V6, 4.3L), 4-spd automatic 700-R4 tranny, traction masters, 2nd gear rubber, and disc brakes. Click here to view close-up pictures of these modifications!
A 1978 Corvette engine now sits in the front end of this Jet, without adjustment to inner fenders! Click here for more pictures and further details! Click here to view more pictures of this car!
Click here to view more pictures of this car! Custom chop job appears to be of '70's era. Click here to view more pictures and a few details on the changes made to this Jet!


Commodore on Durango Chassis
Believe it or not, this 1949 Commodore is sitting on a Dodge Durango chassis! Click for more details!


Home Depot Hudson
Although this is really cool, it's only a photoshopped image, made to advertise the timelessness of NASCAR.

Custom Hudson
Located in Washington.

Custom Hudson Trunk Closer
Power trunk closer: The mechanism moves sideways toward the front of the car to draw the lid down. The switch is hidden behind the gas cap door.


1946 Hudson Truck
1946 Hudson Pick-Up - As displayed at 2009 H-E-T National in Pontiac, MI - More photos to come soon!


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