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Edith Watrous, 1996

The Autograph Book of Edith Watrous

Below are the pages of an autograph book kept by Edith Watrous (1909-2000) during the 1920s and 30s. Many people associated with Quakertown wrote in the book, including, among others, Cynthia (Crouch) Watrous, Mary Crouch, Gertrude Watrous, Rena (Crouch) Crandall, Halsey Crouch, Angie (Chesbro) Watrous, Clara (Whipple) Watrous, and Wendell Comrie.


Following the pages is a tribute to Edith Watrous written by her niece Pearl Watrous and read during a memorial service held in May 2000. (To skip directly to the tribute, please click here.)








Tribute to


Edith Watrous



written by Pearl Watrous (1929-2005)

and read during a memorial service at the Ledyard First Assembly of God,

May 3, 2000



AUNT EDIE WAS a special person to me and to my brothers and sisters. She came, upon my father's request, to our home and helped run the household of eleven children, with a wonderful ability to manage with limited income. She was able to make a nourishing meal out of practically nothing. Aunt Edie was a wonderful Christian person and taught us from the Bible on a regular basis. Aunt Edie was very generous with her time and talents, always trying to help some in some way.


Doris (Roath) Watrous, Edith Watrous, and Everell Watrous

After moving to Florida, she continued in her work for the Lord in Tampa, trying to help others as she could. She has always loved to help anyone in her extended family. Anyone that came to Tampa always wanted to see Aunt Edie who greeted all with her love and warmth. Aunt Edie was a good piano player and continued to play in various churches in Florida after she was legally blind. She had Bible studies and prayer in her home. She took a great interest in her many family members, trying to keep abreast of each and every one.


Aunt Edie had many friends as well as many family members who will miss her terribly but will always remember her as a truly wonderful Christian person. Aunt Edie loved Florida with warm sunshine, and she loved flowers. She was buried in the Tampa Cemetery in the Garden of Memories.



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