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Burning Bush Meetings
The Chapel on the Ledge

During the 1920s, meetings of the Metropolitan Church Association ("The Burning Bush") were held in Quakertown in the Chapel on the Ledge (built by Nathan Crouch sometime after 1914 for the purpose holding religious meetings). This photo of the "Sunday school" was taken ca. 1923.

Burning Bush Meeting, 1920s


Names of the people pictured are as follows:

  1. Paul Braxton
  2. Daniel Chesbro
  3. Claude Comrie
  4. Fred Whipple
  5. J. Alfred Whipple
  6. Rev. J. W. Hubbart
  7. Daniel L. Chesbro
  8. Grace Comrie
  9. Floyd Whipple
  10. Jennie Chesbro (Watrous)
  11. Ewell Clark
  12. Cynthia Watrous (Harvey)
  13. Muriel Whipple (Haddon)
  14. Unknown
  15. Unknown
  16. John Whipple
  1. Floyd Chesbro (Sr.)
  2. Walter Chesbro
  3. Geneva (Crouch) Comrie
  4. Ed Comrie
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. Ralph Comrie
  8. Eleanor Whipple (Blair)
  9. Wendell Comrie
  10. Clara (Crouch) Chesbro
  11. Unknown
  12. Angie Chesbro (Weigman)
  13. Phoebe (Crouch) Whipple
  14. Clarabell Chesbro (Jordan)
  15. Marie Watrous (Williams)
  16. Marybell Chesbro (Rooney)


Doris Whipple, 1925

A Wedding at the Chapel

The wedding of Floyd and Doris Whipple took place at the Chapel on the Ledge in March 1925. It was described, as follows, by Clara (Crouch) Chesbro in a letter to her daughter Jennie.

Additional information about the Chapel on the Ledge and about Doris and Floyd Whipple is available in "Remembering Quakertown," Doris Whipple's memoir of her childhood. View "Remembering Quakertown" by clicking here.

March 19, 1925, Mystic, CT

…Well, Doris' wedding has passed. It was a beautiful time. I wish you could have seen it. It was very interesting. We had to get Grandpa to take us all up as Dannie had just been having another sick spell. He sat up all night watching for hen thieves at Grandpa's, and next morning his stomach began paining him. Floyd W[hipple] was taken sick at the same time, the same way. We did not know as he would be well enough to be married, but everyone was there on time. The boys did not feel very good, but everything went off fine. They had Doris' piano and a pretty arch. I will try and make a rough sketch of the room:

Clara Chesbro's Sketch

Gertie Watrous played the wedding march. Mildred, Dottie Whipple, Eleanor W[hipple], and Marie Watrous were the flower girls. They carried white baskets of flowers and green leaves. They came in ahead of Doris and Muriel. M[uriel] was bride's maid with light blue dress, carrying [a] large bunch of pink carnations tied with wide pink ribbon. Dot was dressed in white shoes and all. Carried [a] large bunch of white roses tied with wide white ribbon. Floyd and Ralph came in together on the aisle next to his folks, Doris on the side next [to] her folks. They met at the arch with face[s] towards the platform, and Bro. Hubbart and Alfred read and prayed. Then after the ceremony, they turned around for congratulations, when nearly every one in turn went up and shook hands with them, wished them joy and happiness. They looked happy, too. After that, Doris played. Doris, Muriel, Myrtle C, Harriet, Bro. Clark, Floyd, [and] Ralph sang "Crown Him." We had quite a lot of visiting and music then. We had two kinds of cake, ice cream, and coffee. Got home about half past twelve. They were going to stay at Emerson's that night and start for Jersey City Tuesday. They had lots of nice presents. All the guests that were old enough signed their name on the certificate as guests. There were a lot of them…

Floyd and Doris Whipple on their wedding day, 1925 Floyd Whipple with his brother Ralph
Floyd and Doris Whipple on their wedding day, 1925. Floyd Whipple with his brother Ralph.



















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