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Jeduthan Whipple, 1916 or 1917

Jeduthan Whipple (Oct. 31, 1827-Nov. 25, 1920), named for a musician referred to in 1 Chronicles and in the Psalms, was the son of Samuel and Hannah (Cushman) Whipple. Clara McGuigan (Antecedents and Descendants of Noah Whipple, 64) provides the following background: “Samuel and his wife Harriet… died of tuberculosis [1836] when the oldest child was only 16 years old and the youngest an infant. The near relatives raised them.


“Seven of the children grew to manhood and womanhood and all married but Jeduthan. He conducted a singing school in Quakertown and all neighborhood children attended and learned to sing by note. All called him ‘Uncle Jeduthan.’ On his little farm, he had two small houses, one plain and one more elaborate, his week-day and Sunday houses. Visitors were received in his Sunday house. He raised small fruits and vegetables.”


To this, Muriel Whipple adds (Homespun Lore, 31): “Uncle Jeduthan Whipple was good at caring for sick people… Once he took Sammy Gates [Whipple] to his house and nursed him through a severe case of smallpox. Sammy Gates had come home from a job very ill.”  This likely took place sometime during the 1860s or 1870s.


The photograph above was taken in his 89th year, in other words, 1916-17. Jeduthan Whipple is buried in Ledyard Union Cemetery, Quakertown.



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