Lambtown School

OVER THE YEARS, many Quakertown young people attended this one-room school.

Located in Ledyard, Connecticut, on Lambtown Road (mid-way between Route 117 and Col. Ledyard Highway, on what is now the lot of a house built during the 1960s), Lambtown School educated generations of neighborhood young people before its closing in 1949. According to Historic Ledyard, Volume V (Ledyard Historical Society, 2006), the building's "construction and original boards" suggested it had been built in the 1850s (118).

The Town of Ledyard closed the school when it opened a modern consolidated grammar school in Ledyard Center, and the Lambtown School building was demolished sometime during the middle 1960s.


  • Lambtown Red Schoolhouse Association -- This group of former pupils and teachers met annually from 1925 at least into the 1950s. "The Rev. George P. Jones... expressed his pleasure at the high character of the exercises of the day and his respect for the old fashioned school which had produced such results"
  • NEW ! Lambtown School Poems -- Two poems written during the first part of the twentieth century to memorialize Lambtown School. "But when grim winter froze the ponds / Oh then, we had some fun; / The moment school was out at noon / We started on the run."
  • Memories of Lambtown School -- By Irene Watrous Schultz. "On real cold days we all sat down in front near the fire until the room warmed up"
  • Ledyard Annual Reports -- Excerpts relevant to Lambtown School, 1930-1949. "Mrs. Eleanor B. Whipple... was able to interest the children in good attendance records and further made of the school a most pleasant place in which to be. If it were not so why did so many show up every day in the year regardless of weather conditions?"
  • Dr. McGuigan's School Days -- Her account given in Antecedents and Descendants of Noah Whipple. "We began Latin and algebra early with Samuel Lamb and most of the scholars thrived on it"
  • Fiftieth Anniversary of the Teaching of Samuel S. Lamb -- Complete text of the commemorative booklet printed following the 1883 celebration and containing a record of its proceedings. "Rising one thousand pupils, first and last, have been under his instruction, for which he received about $7,000, or, on an average, $140 per year"
  • Souvenir of the 1897-98 School Year -- Presented by teacher Mary Lamb to all students at the close of the school year, this two-board keepsake includes a list of all forty students then enrolled in the school

'Little Red Schoolhouse'


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Former location of the Lambtown School

Site of the Lambtown School, now site of a private house.

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